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The ABC News logo is timeless and stands out for its simplicity against other emblems. It has a memorable contrast, and its simplicity makes it versatile and easy to integrate into any design. It also serves as a benchmark that illustrates the effective interplay of form and content.

ABC News: Brand overview

ABC News is one of three divisions of the American Broadcasting Company, owned by the Walt Disney Corporation through its subsidiary Disney Media Networks. It handles news and other specialized content broadcast on its channels: television, digital, and radio. The division was established in 1945 and was headquartered in the Manhattan neighborhood of New York City. Regular broadcasting began in 1948. Some of the most famous programs include Good Morning America (aired since 1975), ABC World News Tonight (since 1978), This Week (since 1981), 20/20 (since 1978), and many others.

Meaning and History

ABC News Logo History

The American Broadcasting Company, after naming its three divisions (ABC, ABC News, ABC Studios), also shared its logo by adding the name of each division’s broadcasting service. The success was influenced not only by the theme of the work but also by the logo. It played a crucial role in shaping the iconic brand. Although the emblem has undergone many changes, it remains true to its round shape, easily recognizable and well-received by the audience, experts say. This simple symbol is easy to remember and suitable for any context – on TV, radio, on the Internet.

It has become an iconic tool of modern design and marketing, allowing the broadcaster to reach unprecedented heights. It all started with graphic designer Paul Rand, who, in 1962, was commissioned to design a minimalist logo of three black and white letters. The designer used all his creative genius and created a symbol that has remained relevant for half a century.

What is ABC News?

ABC News is one of the three main divisions of the American Broadcasting Company, along with ABC and ABC Studios, forming the eponymous brand. It was established in 1945 but did not begin regular operations until 1948 when its internal structure was finalized. Currently, it includes a broadcasting channel, television, and digital channels, broadcasting news of the country and the world 24 hours a day. The main office is located in New York City, Manhattan.

1956 – 1962

ABC News Logo 1956

During this period, the emblem did not yet have its own company circle – only the brand name, which occupied two levels. Each part has its own distinctive style. The upper word is typed in lowercase font with strongly rounded letters. The inscription in the lower row has a stricter design: geometric glyphs with straight edges and many angles. The letters are elongated vertically, making them very tall. The font is distinguished by its massiveness, boldness, and black color.

1962 – 1966

ABC News Logo 1962

By introducing the round logo to American Broadcasting Company, the parent corporation designated all of its divisions by changing the ABC News emblem. The emblem is now a black disk with white lettering in lowercase font. This is the main part, and an additional part indicating the logo’s connection to the news service is on the right side. The second half remains formal, businesslike, and geometric, characterized by inside corners and flat edges at the ends of the letters.

1966 – 1976

ABC News Logo 1966

For the next ten years, the channel’s identity featured a logo with a double background: a white circle inside a black square containing the abbreviation “abc” typed in lowercase. Below is the name of the broadcasting division – “News.” It is, on the contrary, bolded in upper case. The upper and lower parts of the emblem are united by the same thickness of letters, the absence of serifs, and the minimum distance between the letters. All this makes the emblem stylish, modern, and elegant.

1976 – 1978

ABC News Logo 1976

Designers further modernized the emblem by adding just one element. As a result, in front of the dark circle with a light-colored inscription, “abc” appeared the same abbreviation but in a larger form – with capital block letters. They match the size of the word in the bottom line, making the emblem seem unusually large and suitable for a news service. The black color emphasizes the business nature of the emblem.

1978 – 1999

ABC News Logo 1978

During this period, the emblem underwent dramatic changes:

  • It lacks the trademark round symbol with an internal abbreviation.
  • The font has changed; it is now a serif font.
  • The name occupies one line, stretched horizontally.

Among other features – the combination of the words “ABC” and “News,” as well as a different color of the first and second parts of the name. The color scheme now features black and blue, which balances the visual image and infuses it with energy.

1999 – today

ABC News Logo 1999

The emblem has a classic look: a black disk with white lowercase letters without serifs, symbolizing global reach and universal design. On the right is the second part of the name of the subsidiary division. Unlike previous versions, the text is in Roman script and centered in a circle.

1999 – 2007

ABC News Logo 1999-2007

This logo is almost completely identical to the previous version. The only difference is the font, which is a typed abbreviation in the center of the circle. Now, it is not as wide as before. Also, the vertical stroke of the letter “b” has been shortened.

2007 – 2013

ABC News Logo 2007

The two-dimensional logo gave way to a three-dimensional one. To demonstrate its depth, designers slightly brightened the black circle and added shadows and bright highlights, making it look like a shiny bead. The three-dimensional format is balanced by the classic inscription on the right, made in serif font. The abbreviation “abc” is maximized, occupying almost the entire interior space.

2013 – 2021

ABC News Logo 2013

To make it easier to download and display the logo on digital media of various sizes, it was decided to remove the 3D effect. Despite this, the developers kept the gradient transition from black to gray and lightened spots, replacing the light highlights.

2021 – today

ABC News Logo

The news service restored the old logo used from 1999 to 2007. The design remained the same – austere, businesslike, monochromatic. This step back was done to maintain the iconic style and emphasize the versatility of the mark and the connection to the parent company.

Font and Colors

ABC News Emblem

Throughout the existence of the ABC News logo, the style of the lettering has remained largely unchanged. The abbreviation has always been typed in a rounded, lowercase, sans-serif font. The second part of the name varied from bold sans-serif to thin serif. Univers and Plantin Bold fonts predominate.

ABC News Symbol

The simplicity of the design is emphasized by the minimalistic color palette, with a special preference for the classic black-and-white combination. There was a period when light blue and gray colors were also present in the emblem.

ABC News Logo Color Codes:

  • Black: Pantone: PMS Black C; Hex: #000000; RGB: (0, 0, 0); CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 100)


What does the ABC channel logo represent?

Designed by Paul Rand in 1962, the ABC logo has undergone only minor changes since its introduction. The lowercase letters “abc” are set against a solid black circle. The logo was first unveiled on October 19 of that year and fully implemented the following spring.

Who designed the ABC logo?

The iconic ABC logo was designed by renowned graphic designer Paul Rand in 1962. Over time, the emblem underwent minor changes, including changes in color, gloss, and angles, in keeping with shifting advertising paradigms.

When did ABC change its emblem?

As of January 23, 2023, ABC changed its logo to replicate the 1960s flat design but with minor refinements to the outlines. The glossy and gradient elements were removed, and the circle reverted to a clean, solid black color.

What country does ABC News belong to?

ABC News is part of the American Broadcasting Company, a commercial television network in the United States. The parent company is The Walt Disney Company, which has owned ABC since 1996.