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The Abilene Wildcats emblem is memorable and intimidating. The Abilene Christian Wildcats logo, consisting of two parts, harmoniously combines image and text. It symbolizes the possession of an insurmountable drive for victory, cunning, persistence, and vitality.

Abilene Christian Wildcats: Brand overview

Abilene, Texas, U.S.
Abilene Christian Wildcats is a united sports organization of Abilene Christian University from Abilene, Texas. The organization was founded in 1906 and comprised 16 university teams. It is a member of the Southland Conference and represents NCAA Division I.

Meaning and History

Abilene Christian Wildcats Logo History

Throughout the university’s history, its teams had two logos. Both consist of two parts – graphic and verbal. The textual sign is associated with the university’s name and is the acronym for Abilene Christian University. The emblem from 1997-2012 features a serif font. In the 2013 version, there are no more serifs: the letters only have points at the top, reminiscent of fangs. The signs slightly touch each other and are read from top to bottom.

The graphic symbol is the university’s mascot, which appeared much earlier along with it. The wildcat is depicted with an aggressive snarl to scare off competitors. In the debut version, the cat is positioned face-on with its paws extended forward with claws – in profile with ears laid back. The mouth is wide open, and the front row of teeth with fangs is visible. In the early version, the animal is beige-spotted, with a red tongue, and in the current one, purple and white, in the university’s brand colors. The university’s abbreviated name, ACU, is colored similarly.

What is Abilene Christian Wildcats?

Abilene Christian Wildcats is the sports division of Abilene Christian University in Texas. It participated in NCAA Division I and joined the Western Athletic Conference in 2021 (previously part of the Southland Conference). The collegiate program, founded in 1906, consists of 16 teams, the most famous of which are men’s soccer and basketball.

1997 – 2012

Abilene Christian Wildcats Logo 1997-2012

2013 – today

Abilene Christian Wildcats Logo 2013-Present

Abilene Christian Wildcats Football

Abilene Christian Wildcats emblem

The university football team was established in 1919. It is currently part of the Southland Conference. It plays on the Anthony Field at the Wildcats Stadium. Since 2017, its head coach has been Adam Dorrel.

Abilene Christian Wildcats: Interesting Facts

The Abilene Christian University (ACU) Wildcats, from Abilene, Texas, are good at college sports.

  1. Big League Play: Since 2013, the Wildcats have been playing in the NCAA Division I, which means they compete in the big leagues of college sports as part of the Western Athletic Conference.
  2. Track and Field Stars: They’re famous for their amazing track and field skills, winning many national championships, and even sending athletes to the Olympics.
  3. Football Wins: The Wildcats’ football team has won several championships. Moving up to Division I FCS in 2013 allowed them to play against some of the best college teams in the country.
  4. Famous Graduates: Some Wildcats have become professional athletes. A famous one is Bobby Morrow, who was fast and won three gold medals in the 1956 Olympics.
  5. Great Places to Play: ACU ensures its athletes have awesome places to train and compete, like the Teague Special Events Center and Wildcat Stadium.
  6. Smart Athletes: It’s not all about sports; they do well in school. ACU makes sure its athletes also get good grades and win academic awards.
  7. Helping Out: The Wildcats love to help in the Abilene community with different projects, showing they care about more than just sports.
  8. Never Give Up: Whether playing football, basketball, or any sport, the Wildcats are known for trying their hardest and never giving up. Willie the Wildcat, their mascot, shows that fighting spirit.
  9. Champions in Other Sports: They’re not just track and field champions; they’ve also won national titles in tennis for both men and women, showing their versatility in various sports.
  10. Looking to the Future: Joining the Western Athletic Conference is part of ACU’s plan to improve sports, attract talent, and become more well-known.

In short, the ACU Wildcats are all about being great in sports, doing well in school, and helping out in their community.

Font and Colors

Abilene Christian Wildcats Logo Color Codes:

Primary colors

  • Purple: Hex code: #4F2170; RGB: (79, 33, 112); CMYK: (29, 71, 0, 56); Pantone: PMS 2617 C
  • White: Hex code: #FFFFFF; RGB: (255, 255, 255); CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 0); Pantone: P 1-1 C

Secondary color

  • Gray: Hex code: #C5C6C8; RGB: (197, 198, 200); CMYK: (1, 1, 0, 22); Pantone: PMS 420 C