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The formidable rattlesnake is the mascot of Florin University’s sports association. A symbol of cunning, lightning-fast reaction, and victorious tactics, it is a primary element forming the logo of the Florida A&M Rattlers.

Florida A&M Rattlers: Brand overview

Tallahassee, Florida, U.S.
Florida A&M University has a sports program that covers volleyball, track and field, tennis, swimming, softball, basketball, golf, football, and baseball. It has eleven teams, united under the common name Florida A&M Rattlers. The teams participate in NCAA Division I and are part of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference.

Meaning and History

Florida A&M Rattlers Logo History

The central image of the Florida A&M Rattlers logo is a rattlesnake, as athletes have chosen this reptile as their mascot. In the 2000-2012 brand, it is depicted in full length. The body bends into rings, the head is raised, and the mouth is open. Artists have detailed the skin texture, emphasizing the fork-shaped tongue and two sharp fangs. At the top, in the form of a semicircle, is the acronym “FAMU,” formed from the university’s name. The palette includes yellow and green colors.

In 2013, the sports teams adopted a new logo. Essentially, it’s a mini-fragment of the previous version: the head of a rattlesnake with an open mouth. As before, it shows teeth and sticks out a thin tongue. The skin looks realistic: the logo creators detailed the black patterns and scales.

What is Florida A&M Rattlers?

Florida A&M Rattlers represent Florida A&M University in intercollegiate program competitions. The university’s sports department consists of 13 student teams and is a member of the Southwestern Athletic Conference, participating in NCAA Division I FCS. The most famous teams are the football and basketball teams (both men’s and women’s).

2000 – 2012

Florida AM Rattlers Logo 2000-2012

The Florida A&M Rattlers logo depicts a very dangerous snake, reflecting the name of the sports team. Judging by the tense posture and raised head, it is about to attack the opponent. This symbolizes that the athletes are always vigilant: they will not let anyone corner them. The animal looks threatening: its open mouth shows large poisonous teeth and a fork-shaped tongue.

Artists accurately reproduced the pattern on the reptile’s body, depicting a diamond pattern and detailing even the smallest scales. The vertical pupils of the eyes and the characteristic thickening at the end of the tail also indicate that it is a rattlesnake. However, the colors do not correspond to reality, as the emblem uses yellow and green shades.

At the top is the acronym “FAMU” – the abbreviated name of the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, which owns the teams. The word forms an arch over the reptile’s head, so the letters are unevenly curved and tilted in different directions. The massive font with rectangular serifs conveys a sense of rigor and confidence. The emerald color of the inscription echoes the snake’s coloring.

2013 – today

Florida AM Rattlers Logo 2013-Present

This logo was used as a secondary from 2006 to 2012, and in 2013, it became the primary visual symbol of the Florida A&M Rattlers. Unlike the previous version, it contains only the head of the snake. This better showcases its large protruding teeth and long fork-shaped tongue. Artists changed the reptile’s coloring, making bright orange the primary color, on which black shadows and contours are clearly visible. The inside of the mouth is green, except for the fangs and tongue. Although the eye should be white, the emblem creators depicted it as completely black, leaving only a light stripe for the pupil. This gave the snake’s image a frightening mysticism.

FAMU logo

Florida AM Rattlers Logo

The Florida A&M Rattlers team has a wordmark that is sometimes combined with the snake’s head. It contains a two-level inscription, “FAMU RATTLERS,” centered. Each word is colored in different colors: the top in green, the bottom in orange. Bold letters with large rectangular serifs convey strength, confidence, and determination. This symbolizes that the university’s students are ready to compete and win.

Throughout the history of the women’s basketball team, there have been two competitions in the NCAA Division I women’s basketball tournament. The men’s team has been more active: it has participated in the first round of the NCAA Division I tournament three times and has reached the regional final of the NCAA Division II tournament the same number of times.

The football team played its debut season in 1907. The team has won the national championship among black colleges multiple times and the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference championship. Willie Simmons coaches the team.

Florida A&M Rattlers: Interesting Facts

The Florida A&M University Rattlers, from Tallahassee, Florida, are good at college sports. They play in the top college sports league and are part of the Southwestern Athletic Conference group. They’re known for being awesome in sports and helping African American athletes shine.

  1. Leadership: As a historically black university, Florida A&M excels at supporting African American athletes. Its strong sports programs have set an example for other similar colleges.
  2. Marching 100: Even though they’re not athletes, the Marching 100 band is a big part of sports at Florida A&M. They’re famous all over for their music and have played at big events like Super Bowls and presidential inaugurations.
  3. Football: The football team is good. They won the first championship for black colleges in 1978 and have sent some players to the pros.
  4. Track and Field: Their track and field team has won national titles and had athletes compete in the Olympics, showing how good they are.
  5. Baseball: The baseball team has won many games and even played in big college tournaments. Some of its players have gone on to play professional baseball.
  6. Women’s Sports: The women’s basketball, track and field, and volleyball teams have also done well, winning championships and playing in big tournaments.
  7. Great Places to Play: Florida A&M has sports facilities, like Bragg Memorial Stadium and Gaither Gymnasium, that help its athletes do their best.
  8. School and Sports: The university ensures that athletes do well in their classes, not just sports. Many of them win awards for their grades.
  9. Helping Out: The Rattlers perform extensive community service, showing that they care about more than just sports.
  10. Famous Graduates: Some former students have become big names in professional sports, such as the NFL and NBA, which shows how good Florida A&M is at sports.

So, the Florida A&M Rattlers are not just good at playing sports; they also work hard in school and help out in their community. They’re a big part of making sports better for African American athletes.

Font and Colors

Florida AM Rattlers emblem

The sports teams of FAMU use the National Champion font. It’s a geometric serif with large rectangular serifs. Despite their bulkiness, the letters look balanced, even in the bold version.

The logo is colored in the official colors of the educational institution:

  • Orange (#F4811F);
  • Green (#008344).

Designers used a saturated black color to create shadows and clear borders between elements. White is also present but in minimal amounts: it highlights the pupil and teeth of the rattlesnake.

Florida AM Rattlers symbol

Florida A&M Rattlers color codes

PumpkinHex color:#ee7624
RGB:238 118 36
CMYK:0 50 85 7
Pantone:PMS 1585 C
Cal Poly Pomona GreenHex color:#1b5633
RGB:27 86 51
CMYK:69 0 41 66
Pantone:PMS 3425 C
Raisin BlackHex color:#231f20
RGB:35 31 32
CMYK:0 11 9 36
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C