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The sports division of AIC Yellow Jackets, whose logo reflects the mascot – an “angry wasp,” aims to intimidate the opponent immediately. The color palette corresponds to the name and is memorable and recognizable thanks to the black and yellow stripes characteristic of this insect.

AIC Yellow Jackets: Brand overview

Springfield, Massachusetts, U.S.
AIC Yellow Jackets is the sports division of the private liberal arts college – “American International College,” which appeared in 1885 and is located in Springfield, Massachusetts. This sports division includes 22 men’s and women’s teams in various sports, including basketball, hockey, soccer, track and field, volleyball, and many others. They compete in NCAA Division II and are members of the Northeast-10 Atlantic Hockey conferences.

Meaning and History

AIC Yellow Jackets Logo History

Since 2001, the team’s emblem has depicted Rex, the mascot of American International College. The insect is running and looks menacing, threateningly approaching opponents. The stinger is made distinct, large, and expressive. This is another element of intimidating opponents. The wasp is drawn with very muscular arms (in white gloves) and legs (in white boots). On the black shirt is the acronym of the college’s name – “AIC.”

In 2009, the logo was revised. Rex’s stinger was elongated. The distance between the black stripes was made larger. The “fluffy” effect was removed. The wasp’s antennas changed shape, making them much shorter and sharper. The choice of colors used in the AIC Yellow Jackets logo fully corresponds to the wasp theme – a combination of black, white, and yellow. The latter is represented by Pantone 1235 and Hex FFCC33 shades.

What is AIC Yellow Jackets?

AIC Yellow Jackets is the collective name for the sports teams of American International College, located in Springfield, Massachusetts. They are members of the Northeast-10 conference and compete in NCAA Division II, except for the hockey team, which plays in Division I.

2001 – 2008

AIC Yellow Jackets Logo 2001-2008

2009 – today

AIC Yellow Jackets Logo 2009-Present

AIC Yellow Jackets Hockey

AIC Yellow Jackets emblem

The men’s hockey team is a member of Atlantic Hockey and plays at the MassMutual Center in Springfield, Massachusetts. It had its first season in 1948-1949. The team is coached by Eric Lang (as of 2019). It has a separate logo featuring a wasp with a hockey stick.

AIC Yellow Jackets Football

AIC Yellow Jackets symbol

The football team appeared at American International College in the 1933-1934 academic season. It has achieved significant success in NCAA performances in 2008 and 2013.

Font and Colors

AIC Yellow Jackets color codes

Meat BrownHex color:#f2af36
RGB:242 175 54
CMYK:0 28 78 5
Pantone:PMS 3955 C
Eerie BlackHex color:#1a1919
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C