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Although the Akron Zips have a letter logo, it encodes the image of an animal. It’s a kangaroo – the mascot of the university faculty to which the emblem belongs. Designers have condensed it into a single symbol. It’s filled with dynamism and internal energy for a rapid leap forward, as it takes the form of lightning.

Akron Zips: Brand overview

Akron, Ohio, U.S.
Akron Zips is a unified sports organization of the University of Akron (founded in 1870), headed by Larry Williams. The organization includes 20 women’s and men’s teams, including the two most famous: football and one basketball. The division is located in Akron, Ohio, and is a member of NCAA Division I FBS. The teams compete in three conferences: the Mid-American Conference, the ASUN Conference, and the Great America Rifle Conference.

Meaning and History

Akron Zips Logo History

The company’s logo has undergone several transformations – from a yellow “A” to a white “Z.” Initially, it was a single symbol composed of the city’s and university’s names. Then, they added a kangaroo named Zippy – a powerful, strong, and enduring animal. In the first version, the kangaroo is depicted in motion, and in the second – static, as only the upper part of its body is used. In the 2002-2007 logo, the name “Akron Zips” is superimposed over the animal. In 2008, the inscription was removed, leaving a slightly slanted letter “A,” where the crossbar represents the kangaroo’s back.

In the modern version, the letter “Z” has appeared. It originates from the word “zippers” – the zippers on shoes made for the university team by the local company BF Goodrich. This nickname has existed among athletes since 1925. It was proposed by a student, Margaret Hamlin. And in 1950, the head of the sports department, Kenneth Cochrane, shortened it to “Zippy.”

What is Akron Zips?

Akron Zips is a sports division from the state of Ohio associated with the University of Akron. It is represented in several conferences, including NCAA (Division I) and MAC (East Division), and is also part of FBS. The university’s program includes 17 student teams.

1986 – 2001

Akron Zips Logo 1986-2001

2002 – 2007

Akron Zips Logo 2002-2007

2008 – 2013

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2014 – today

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Akron Zips Football

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The university’s football team played its first season in 1891. It competes in the Mid-American Conference as a member of the Eastern Division. The head coach is Tom Arth. The team won the MAC championship in 2005. Its main rival is Kent State University.

Akron Zips Basketball

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The men’s basketball team, Akron Zips, won its first match in Division I in 2006. Two years later, it participated in the final of the MAC tournament. Since 2010, it has played in the MAC Tournament championship for the fourth consecutive year. The women’s team of the same name first participated in the NCAA competitions in 2014.

Akron Zips Soccer

Akron Zips sing

According to NSCAA polls, the university’s soccer team regularly ranks among the top ten men’s teams. It has topped the tournament tables in 2005, 2009, 2010, and 2016. It won its first national championship in 2010. The team is currently coached by Jared Embick.

Akron Zips: Interesting Facts

The Akron Zips are a sports team from the University of Akron in Akron, Ohio. They’re pretty awesome at many sports and compete in the big leagues, NCAA Division I.

  1. Name and Mascot: Their name, “Zips,” comes from “zippers,” which were rubber shoes made by a company in Akron long ago. They picked this name in 1927, and their mascot is a Zippy kangaroo. Zippy is special because she’s one of the few girl mascots.
  2. Soccer Stars: Their men’s soccer team is super good. They even won the national championship in 2010, a first for the school.
  3. Track and Field: They’re also known for being great at track and field, especially in pole vaulting. They’ve had some athletes who won national championships.
  4. Football Stadium: They play football in a big, modern stadium that opened in 2009. It can hold over 30,000 fans and replace the old stadium where they used to play.
  5. Basketball: The men’s and women’s basketball teams are strong, often competing for championships. The men’s team has been to the big NCAA tournament several times.
  6. Smart Coaching: Caleb Porter, who coached the men’s soccer team to their 2010 championship, is known for his smart coaching style. He did so well that he went on to coach professional teams.
  7. Mascot Win: Zippy won a big mascot competition in 2007, proving how much spirit the Akron Zips have.
  8. Winning Big: The Zips have won many championships in their conference, which shows that they’re good at sports.
  9. Super Fans: The “Roo Crew” is their fan club, and they’re loud and supportive, making it tough for other teams to play against the Zips.

The Akron Zips are all about playing hard, winning, and having fun in sports while doing great things off the field.

Font and Colors

Akron Zips color codes

Maastricht BlueHex color:#041e42
RGB:4 30 66
CMYK:94 55 0 74
Pantone:PMS 2768 C
Light TaupeHex color:#a89968
RGB:168 153 104
CMYK:0 9 38 34
Pantone:PMS 4515 C