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Air Force Falcons Logo
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Air Force Falcons is a sports division of the United States Air Force Academy. It consists of 29 male and female teams, including basketball (the most famous among them), football, boxing, hockey, gymnastics, athletics, tennis, etc. The branch is located in the city of Springs, Colorado, and has existed since 1954. The teams represent the Mountain West Conference and are members of the NCAA Division I. The departments are led by Nathan Pine.

Meaning and History

Air Force Falcons Logo History
Evolution of the Air Force Falcons Logo

Since its inception, the logo of the united teams has evolved through four redesigns. The first three versions depict a falcon – the United States Air Force Academy’s symbol, chosen by a common student vote in 1959. It is named after Mach 1, the first falcon introduced by the academy in October 1955.

The terrible bird flaps its wings widely and holds lightning in its clawed paws. The beak is open as if a bird were making a conscription scream. From 1954 to 1962, the bird is depicted in a circle, in versions of 1963 and 1995 without it. Some versions look very dynamic due to the short and long strokes like a falcon is drawn in flight.

In 2004, the mascot bird was removed and placed on the logo of the large abbreviation of the sports department – “AF.” letters with Serif are located in a short flight of stairs and are read from top to bottom and connected at crossbar level “F.” Presented in signature blue and white colors.

1954 – 1962

Air Force Falcons Logo 1954-1962

1963 – 1994

Air Force Falcons Logo 1963-1994

1995 – 2003

Air Force Falcons Logo 1995-2003

2004 – today

Air Force Falcons Logo 2004-Present

Air Force Falcons Football

Air Force Falcons emblem

The Air Force Falcons University football team appeared in 1955 and has not stopped competing since then. She is currently participating in the Mountain West Conference. Her most successful season is 1985. Plays at the Falcon Stadium. The trainer of athletes is Troy Calhoun.