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The Air Force Falcons logo, uniting both men’s and women’s teams, is aesthetically appealing and emphasizes the absence of gender division. The succinct textual acronym in the brand’s colors symbolizes confidence in victory, stability, and the aspiration to achieve the best results.

Air Force Falcons: Brand overview

Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.
Air Force Falcons is the sports division of the United States Air Force Academy. It consists of 29 men’s and women’s teams, among them basketball (the most famous), soccer, boxing, hockey, gymnastics, track and field, tennis, etc. The division is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and has existed since 1954. The teams represent the Mountain West Conference and are members of NCAA Division I. Nathan Pine directs the divisions.

Meaning and History

Air Force Falcons Logo History

Since its inception, the combined teams’ emblem has undergone four redesigns. In the first three versions, a falcon was depicted – the symbol of the United States Air Force Academy, chosen by a general student vote in 1959. It was named after Mach 1, the first falcon presented by the academy in October 1955.

The fearsome bird is widely flapping its wings and holding lightning in its clawed feet. The beak is open as if the bird is emitting a rallying cry. From 1954 to 1962, the bird was depicted in a circle, and the 1963 and 1995 versions were without it. Some versions look very dynamic due to short and long strokes as if the falcon is drawn in flight.

In 2004, the mascot bird was removed and placed on the logo, a large acronym of the sports department – “AF.” The serif letters are arranged in a short staircase, read from top to bottom, and connect at the crossbar of “F.” They are presented in the brand’s blue and white colors.

What is Air Force Falcons?

Air Force Falcons is the sports division of the United States Air Force Academy, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and part of NCAA Division I. Its ten women’s and 17 men’s teams compete within the Mountain West Conference. The organization is also a member of other sports associations, including Atlantic Hockey, WAC, Mountain Pacific Sports Federation, and others.

1954 – 1962

Air Force Falcons Logo 1954-1962

1963 – 1994

Air Force Falcons Logo 1963-1994

1995 – 2003

Air Force Falcons Logo 1995-2003

2004 – today

Air Force Falcons Logo 2004-Present

Air Force Falcons Football

Air Force Falcons emblem

The Air Force Falcons university football team appeared in 1955 and has since participated continuously in competitions. It currently competes in the Mountain West conference. Its most successful season was in 1985. The team plays at Falcon Stadium. The athletes’ coach is Troy Calhoun.

Air Force Falcons: Interesting Facts

The Air Force Falcons are a United States Air Force Academy sports team. They’re good at many sports and play in the big leagues of college sports, NCAA Division I.

  1. Many Sports: They have teams for football, basketball, ice hockey, track and field, and more. This means academy students have many chances to play different sports.
  2. Military School: The Falcons are part of a military academy, so the students, called cadets, are also training to be officers in the Air Force or Space Force. This makes them different because they focus on school, military training, and sports.
  3. High Up Their school is in Colorado Springs, Colorado, at about 7,258 feet above the ground. This high place makes it easier for them to do well in sports that need a lot of stamina because the air is thinner there.
  4. Football: The team is proud of its success, including winning games and championships. It plays against some of the best college teams.
  5. Big Trophy: They want to win the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy every year, which is a big deal in football. It’s a competition between the Air Force, Army, and Navy academies.
  6. Ice Hockey: Their team is also great, winning championships and playing in big tournaments.
  7. Olympians: Some of the academy’s students and graduates have even competed in the Olympics in sports like track and field and boxing.
  8. Balancing Act: The cadets have to be good at many things, including studying, military training, and sports. This teaches them to manage their time well and be leaders.
  9. Cool Place for Sports: They have this awesome building called the Cadet Field House, which has an indoor track, ice hockey rink, and basketball court. It’s a great place for sports.
  10. Helping Others: Besides playing sports, the Falcons engage in community service and leadership activities, which shows that they care about more than just winning games.

The Air Force Falcons are about being great at sports, preparing to be military leaders, and doing good things for others. They stand for honor, doing your best, and helping out, which is pretty awesome.

Font and Colors

Air Force Falcons color codes

Dark Powder BlueHex color:#0033a0
RGB:0 51 160
CMYK:100 68 0 37
Pantone:PMS Dark Blue C
Spanish GrayHex color:#8f8f8c
RGB:227 212 173
CMYK:0 4 20 7
Pantone:PMS 7539 C