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The “devilish” embodiment of the sports department’s symbol at Duke University, founded in 1936, creates complex visual associations. The letter D, executed in gothic style and matching the team’s color, links the Duke Blue Devils logo with the history of the name in honor of the mountain infantrymen.

Duke Blue Devils: Brand overview

Durham, North Carolina, U.S.
Twenty-seven university teams of the Duke Blue Devils represent Duke University in North Carolina in NCAA Division I (FBS) and participate in the Atlantic Coast Conference. When the institution existed as Trinity College, they were called variously: Methodists, Blue and White, Trinity Eleven. In the 1922-23 academic year, the chief editors of Trinity Chronicle gave the sports department the nickname Blue Devils. It originates from the French expression “Les Diables Bleus,” referring to the Chasseurs Alpins mountain troops during World War I.

Meaning and History

Duke Blue Devils Logo History

Most logos of the Duke Blue Devils featured an image of a demon. Only the latest version contains an abstract representation of the letter “D.” In 1936, an emblem appeared with an anthropomorphized devil. He looked like a respectable man with a triangular beard and twirled mustaches. The horns looked like part of a headgear.

In 1948, artists depicted the devil at full height, with a long tail and a trident. The style was close to cartoon animation. In 1955, the main character lost its charisma and resembled a clumsy creature with large ears. Then, in 1966, the sports department adopted a logo with a white and blue head. In 1971, it was replaced by a demon in a cloak against a backdrop of fire. The final version of the emblem was approved in 1978: the letter “D” consisting of two polygons.

What is Duke Blue Devils?

The Duke Blue Devils is an intercollegiate program represented by 27 teams from Duke University. Located in Durham, North Carolina, they are members of the Atlantic Coast Conference and compete at the NCAA Division I level. The name originates from the French phrase “les Diables Bleus,” which referred to the Chasseurs Alpins during World War II.

1936 – 1947

Duke Blue Devils Logo 1936-1947

1948 – 1954

Duke Blue Devils Logo 1948-1954

1955 – 1965

Duke Blue Devils Logo 1955-1965

1966 – 1970

Duke Blue Devils Logo 1966-1970

1971 – 1977

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1978 – today

Duke Blue Devils Logo 1978-Present

Duke Blue Devils Basketball

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The men’s basketball team became famous for its athletic achievements. It has reached the “Final Four” sixteen times and won the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship five times under the direction of Coach Mike Krzyzewski. The women’s team has also performed well. In 2011, the female basketball players won seven Atlantic Coast Conference championships and took a prestigious third place.

Duke Blue Devils Football

Duke Blue Devils symbol

A successful period in the history of the football team came at the end of the 1980s. Coach Steve Spurrier led the players to victory in three consecutive seasons. Now, the players are coached by David Cutcliffe. Under his guidance, they have won seven ACC football championships.

Duke Blue Devils Soccer

Duke Blue Devils sing

Duke University began sponsoring a women’s team in 1988. Since then, it has participated 23 times in the NCAA Division I Women’s Soccer Championship and has won prizes three times. The men’s team appeared much earlier – in 1935. It became known for winning the NCAA tournament in 1986. At that time, it was led by John Kerr Jr., who still holds the position of coach.

Duke Blue Devils Hockey

Duke Blue Devils Hockey Logo

The Duke University hockey program is part of NCAA Division I. The women’s team debuted in 1971. Today, it competes in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Duke Blue Devils: Interesting Facts

The Duke Blue Devils are a sports team from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. They’re well-known and have done a lot of great things.

  1. Where Their Name Comes From: The “Blue Devils” name was inspired by a brave French military group from World War I called “Les Diables Bleus.” Duke picked this name in the 1920s for their sports teams.
  2. Basketball Superstars: Duke’s basketball team is amazing. They’ve won many championships. Mike Krzyzewski, their coach from over 40 years until 2021, helped make the team awesome. Their fans, called the Cameron Crazies, are super enthusiastic.
  3. Their Basketball Home: They play in Cameron Indoor Stadium, which opened in 1940. It’s famous for being loud and making it tough for visiting teams.
  4. Women’s Basketball: Duke’s basketball team is also good. They’ve been to the Final Four several times and have some of the best players.
  5. Lacrosse: Duke’s men’s and women’s lacrosse teams are among the best. The men’s team has won many championships, and many players have represented the USA in international games.
  6. Olympians: Duke has had athletes compete in the Olympics and win basketball, swimming, and fencing medals.
  7. Smart Athletes: Duke is known for being tough academically, but their athletes also do well in school. Some even win scholarships because they’re smart and good at sports.
  8. Helping Out: Duke athletes do a lot of community service, showing it’s important to help others, not just win games.

So, the Duke Blue Devils are not just about winning; they’re about teamwork, doing well in school, and helping out in the community.

Font and Colors

Duke Blue Devils color codes

Air Force BlueHex color:#003087
RGB:0 48 135
CMYK:100 64 0 47
Pantone:PMS 661 C