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The Columbia Lions logo reflects the commitment to the history of Columbia University and its royal past. The fearsome face of a blue lion, intended to intimidate opponents, embodies the nobility, wisdom, and strength characteristic of the athletes of this educational institution.

Columbia Lions: Brand overview

New York, New York, U.S.
The Columbia Lions are the sports division belonging to Columbia University. It comprises about thirty men’s and women’s teams. All of them compete in the NCAA at the Division I level and are members of the Ivy League. Only the football players compete in FCS. The name Lions and the lion mascot are a tribute to the university’s royal past. After all, it was established on the base of King’s College by a special charter from British monarch George II in 1754.

Meaning and History

Columbia Lions Logo History

On all emblems of the Columbia Lions, a lion is depicted. However, artists experimented with styles, so the animal looks different everywhere. For example, the 1936-1956 emblem looks like a caricature: a fierce predator with a helmet on its head runs on its hind legs, holding a football. The 1957-1970 version is close to the heraldic style. It contains a traditional emblem embodying generosity, wisdom, and strength.

Columbia Lions Emblem

From 1971-1996, the logo used a monochrome silhouette outlined with a semi-transparent blue contour. Then, designers abandoned minimalism and presented a new version – with many more details. They featured a crouching lion, surrounded it with a tail ring, and depicted a distant city in the background.

What is Columbia Lions?

The Columbia Lions are the sports division of Columbia University, comprising 31 teams. It is located in New York and participates in NCAA competitions at the Division I level. The organization is named in honor of the university’s royal past.

1936 – 1956

Columbia Lions Logo 1936-1956

1957 – 1970

Columbia Lions Logo 1957-1970

1971 – 1996

Columbia Lions Logo 1971-1996

1997 – 2004

Columbia Lions Logo 1997-2004


Columbia Lions Logo 2005

2006 – today

Columbia Lions Logo 2006-Present

In 2005, the Columbia Lions logo was simplified: only the animal with fangs and claws remained. However, this version did not last long – another redesign occurred the following year. Artists retained the lion’s head along with its lush mane and predatory snarl. Above, they added the raised inscription “Columbia,” complementing the letters with rectangular serifs.

Font and Colors

Columbia Lions color codes

Dark Midnight BlueHex color:#003865
RGB:0 56 101
CMYK:100 45 0 60
Pantone:PMS 2955 C
Pale CeruleanHex color:#9bcbeb
RGB:155 203 235
CMYK:34 14 0 8
Pantone:PMS 2905 C