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The Indiana Hoosiers logo from the University of Bloomington reflects the name that stands for the state’s people. The laconic emblem, repeating the university’s identity, is presented in the form of a monogram resembling a trident of intertwined first letters of the name, demonstrating adherence to traditions.

Indiana Hoosiers: Brand overview

Founded: 1976
Bloomington, Indiana, U.S.
Indiana Hoosiers are the sports program of Indiana University Bloomington. Its teams participate in twenty-four NCAA Division I sports and have been part of the Big Ten Conference since 1899. The official colors of the university are cream and dark crimson. There is no mascot as such: at least the nickname Hoosiers is not associated with it. This word has long been used to refer to the inhabitants of Indiana, both Aboriginal and modern.

Meaning and History

Indiana Hoosiers Logo History

The monogram served as the prototype for the current Indiana Hoosiers emblem has been the hallmark of Indiana University Bloomington for over a century. Its earliest version is presented in Arbutus 1898 under Athletics. The drawing is signed with the name Claude McDonald Hamilton. He is a university alumnus, editor of Arbutus, and a member of the IU football team. True, it is not known whether he created the monogram himself or copied it from another source.

What is Indiana Hoosiers?

Indiana Hoosiers is an athletic department that brings together 24 student teams from Indiana University Bloomington. They are part of the NCAA, competing at the Division I level, and are members of the Big Ten Conference. They have won 24 National Collegiate Athletic Association championships, one AIAW championship, and numerous individual victories.

1976 – 1981

Indiana Hoosiers Logo 1976-1981

The emblem, which was approved in 1976, looks like a trident. It is composed of the letters “I” and “U” with large rectangular serifs. The “I” at the bottom intersects with the “U,” dividing it into two equal fragments.

1982 – 2001

Indiana Hoosiers Logo 1982-2001

In the early 1980s, the artists delineated the letters by adding wide black lines. As a result, they managed to make the image three-dimensional, but because of this, the monogram ceased to look like a single symbol.

2002 – today

Indiana Hoosiers Logo 2002-Present

Another redesign was associated with a change in the color scheme of Indiana University Bloomington. For a long time, it included simple shades of white and red, but in 2002 the university returned to cream and raspberry tones. After that, the educational institution management turned to the designer Michael-Osborne to modernize the logo according to their instructions. A little later, the drawing was finalized by Paul Kagiwada – he made the monogram simpler, giving it a clear and cleaner look.

Indiana Hoosiers Basketball Logo

Indiana Hoosiers Basketball Logo

Indiana Hoosiers became famous for its basketball program, which in 2018 was recognized as the second most important in the United States. In the 1975-1976 season, the men’s team took first place in the NCAA Men’s Division I Tournament. Also, she won 66 victories in the NCAA Tournament and 22 in the Big Ten Conference Championships. The success of the women’s team is impressive: the basketball players managed to win the Women’s National Invitation Tournament and the Big Ten Tournament.

Indiana Hoosiers Baseball Logo

Indiana Hoosiers Baseball Logo

The baseball team has competed in eight NCAA Tournaments, including a one-time College World Series appearance. At the same time, she became the winner of seven regular championships.

Indiana Hoosiers Football Logo

Indiana Hoosiers Football Logo

The Indiana Hoosiers football team appeared in 1884. During its existence, it won the Big Ten Championship twice: in 1945 and 1967. Also, the players took part in the 1968 Rose Bowl and other similar games.

Indiana Hoosiers Soccer Logo

Indiana Hoosiers Soccer Logo

This is one of the greatest programs in the history of intercollegiate sports competition. It was launched in 1973 and, during this time, has managed to beat competitors in many football matches. The men’s team has received 52 All-America awards, 11 Big Ten tournaments and 8 NCAA Division I Men’s Soccer Tournaments.

Indiana Hoosiers Hockey Logo

Indiana Hoosiers Hockey Logo

The hockey team Indiana Hoosiers has been participating in the Central States Collegiate Hockey League (Division I) since 2010. She performed well in the GMHL, MCHL, and Big Ten Hockey League championships. Her home games take place at the Frank Southern arena.

Font and Colors

Indiana Hoosiers Emblem

Indiana University Bloomington and Indiana Hoosiers have the same brand names. Sports teams have borrowed the emblem from their university, without changing anything in it. Over the decades, developers experimented several times with the width and color of the lines, but the basic structure remained the same: in the center were the connected letters “I” and “U.”

This commitment to tradition means that students and staff at the institution believed the logo to be flawless. There are no additional elements because the university does not have a mascot that could be depicted next to the monogram.

Indiana Hoosiers color codes

Crimson Red Hex color: #990000
RGB: 153 0 0
CMYK: 0 100 100 40
Pantone: PMS 7626 C