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The ABX Air Logo incorporates various symbolic elements, each with its own significance, to convey a specific meaning. The trapezoid silhouette of the aircraft’s tail represents the company’s dedication to air transportation and the aviation industry.

The prominent red letter “A” with an arched crossbar serves as the initial of the company’s name and represents its identity. The color red, known for its association with energy, passion, and dynamism, reflects the nature of ABX Air’s operations and activities.

Above the letter “A,” the small aircraft icon conveys a sense of upward movement and dynamism, emphasizing the company’s focus on air transportation and its commitment to providing efficient services in the industry.

The lettering of the company’s name is executed in a clean and minimalistic sans-serif font, which conveys professionalism, reliability, and simplicity. This choice of font reinforces ABX Air’s commitment to delivering high-quality and reliable air transportation services.

ABX Air emblem symbolizes a dynamic, reliable, and professional company specializing in air transportation. The logo reflects the company’s core values of quality, professionalism, innovation, and customer focus. Through its design elements, the logo communicates ABX Air’s dedication to providing efficient and customer-centric air transportation solutions.

ABX Air: Brand overview

Founded:April 1980
Founder:Air Transport Services Group, Inc.
Wilmington Air Park, Clinton County, Ohio, U.S.

ABX Air, the former Airborne Express, is a cargo airline that calls the Wilmington Air Park, close to Wilmington, Ohio, USA, its home base. Founded in 1946 as the Airborne Flower Traffic Association, the company has been transporting goods from one destination to another for over 70 years.

The Airborne Traffic Association began as a humble flower delivery service, but over time it has grown exponentially. With the acquisition of an aircraft hanger and specialized aircraft, the company has become a major force in the transportation of cargo. Its success story is an inspiring one of ambition and hard work.

In the 1980s, Airborne Express set out on an ambitious mission to expand their services beyond the United States. After acquiring Midwest Air Charter and other airlines, the company rebranded in 1988 and rapidly grew to become the fifth-largest airline in the country.

In 1993, the airline made a savvy move that dramatically increased their balance sheet from $1.1 billion to $1.4 billion. By acquiring the Seattle-based air cargo company Pacific Air Freight, the company was able to expand its shipment network and provide critical support to major US retailers such as Amazon.

In 2003, DHL made a move that would change the face of the aviation industry when they acquired Airborne Express. Just five years later, Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) purchased the company and consolidated it with Hudson Aircraft, a subsidiary of ATSG that specialized in ACMI operations. As a result, Airborne Express was rebranded as ABX Air.

Today, ABX Air is a cargo airline that is the go-to for express delivery companies, e-commerce retailers, and the US military. With an all-cargo fleet at their disposal, they can be found soaring through the skies of the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia, delivering goods to their destination in record time.

ABX Air is committed to delivering superior customer satisfaction and is continually innovating to provide tailored supply chain solutions, such as charter and brokerage services, to a diverse set of industries. With this unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, ABX Air is ready to take flight.

Meaning and History

ABX Air Logo History

When it comes to the brand identity of the cargo airline, the key elements convey a sense of reliability, efficiency, and connectivity. Its logo, a stylized representation of the letters “ABX Air” in solid gray, manifests confidence and solidity. The strong, bold lines of the typeface are reminiscent of the company’s unwavering commitment to providing consistent and secure services.

The use of bold blue color in their brand identity reinforces feelings of trust, reliability, and strength, attributes that are paramount in the air cargo industry. It conveys the company’s mission to provide dependable and efficient air freight solutions, signifying the sky, the airline’s primary operational domain.

In the end, this cargo airline’s identity is entrenched in its reliable and robust services. From its logo to the choice of color, every aspect resonates with the essence of its operations – security, dependability, and sky-high performance. This consistency between the company’s values and its visual identity strengthens its connection with customers and positions it as a trustworthy operator in the global air cargo sector.

What is ABX Air?

ABX Air, previously known as Airborne Express, has a significant presence in the field of aviation. Situated near the City of Wilmington, Ohio, USA, this cargo airline boasts a strategic location at Wilmington Air Park, furthering its service capabilities. Originally established as Airborne Express, the airline witnessed a series of transformations, culminating in the current ABX Air brand. The story of its evolution tells a tale of adaptive business practices and consistent growth, ultimately shaping the airline into a critical player within the global air cargo industry.

1980 – 1990s

Airborne Express Logo 1980

1990s – 2003

Airborne Express Logo 1990s

2003 – 2021

ABX Air Logo 2003

2021 – today

ABX Air Logo

ABX Air Logo Color Codes:

Primary colors

  • Red: Hex code: #d61b2a; RGB: (214, 27, 42); CMYK: (0, 87, 80, 16); Pantone: PMS 1795 C
  • Black: Hex code: #363333; RGB: (54, 51, 51); CMYK: (0, 6, 6, 79); Pantone: PMS Black 7 C

Secondary color

  • Light Gray: Hex code: #d3d3d5; RGB: (211, 211, 213); CMYK: (1, 1, 0, 16); Pantone: PMS 427 C