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The ABX Air logo is designed with symbols that describe its focus and values. It uses a trapezoid to show its commitment to flying and the aviation world. The red “A” stands for the company’s name and energy, showing it’s a dynamic and passionate airline. A small plane symbol above the “A” suggests progress and a forward-looking attitude. The simple font used for the company’s name emphasizes its professional, reliable approach. The logo communicates ABX Air’s dedication to quality and customer-focused air transport.

ABX Air: Brand overview

ABX Air, the former Airborne Express, is a cargo airline based at the Wilmington Air Park near Wilmington, Ohio, USA. Founded in 1946 as the Airborne Flower Traffic Association, the company has transported goods from one destination to another for over 70 years.

The Airborne Traffic Association began as a humble flower delivery service but has grown exponentially. With the acquisition of an aircraft hanger and specialized aircraft, the company has become a major force in cargo transportation. Its success story is an inspiring one of ambition and hard work.

In the 1980s, Airborne Express began an ambitious mission to expand its services beyond the United States. After acquiring Midwest Air Charter and other airlines, the company rebranded in 1988 and rapidly grew to become the fifth-largest airline in the country.

In 1993, the airline made a savvy move that dramatically increased its balance sheet from $1.1 billion to $1.4 billion. By acquiring the Seattle-based air cargo company Pacific Air Freight, the company expanded its shipment network and provided critical support to major US retailers such as Amazon.

In 2003, DHL made a move that would change the face of the aviation industry when they acquired Airborne Express. Five years later, Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) purchased the company and consolidated it with Hudson Aircraft, a subsidiary of ATSG that specialized in ACMI operations. As a result, Airborne Express was rebranded as ABX Air.

Today, ABX Air is a cargo airline that is the go-to for express delivery companies, e-commerce retailers, and the US military. With an all-cargo fleet, they can soar through the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia skies, delivering goods to their destination in record time.

ABX Air is committed to delivering superior customer satisfaction. It continually innovates to provide tailored supply chain solutions, such as charter and brokerage services, to diverse industries. With this unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, ABX Air is ready to take flight.

Meaning and History

ABX Air Logo History

ABX Air’s emblem embodies its history and commitment to excellence in the air cargo sector. With a design that conveys strength, reliability, and efficiency, the logo’s colors and style reflect the company’s dedication to secure, consistent service. This identity has evolved with the airline, reinforcing its position as a trusted name in global air freight.

What is ABX Air?

ABX Air, once known as Airborne Express, is a key cargo airline located near Wilmington, Ohio, at Wilmington Air Park. The airline has evolved a lot since it started, adapting and growing to become a major name in global air cargo.

1980 – 1990s

Airborne Express Logo 1980

During the pivotal decades of the 1980s and 1990s, ABX Air embraced a logo as bold and formidable as its services. The black inscription, made up of individual thick lines, was not just a design choice but a statement of strength and capacity, echoing the airline’s capability to transport heavy cargo across vast distances. The sheer scale and dimension of the lettering in the logo were thoughtfully chosen to mirror the heavyweight nature of the cargo operations, effectively capturing the essence of a company that plays a critical role in global logistics.

The design incorporated three underlined strokes of varying lengths beneath the company name, adding to the overall impact of the logo. These underlines were more than mere decorative elements; they symbolized the extensive network of routes ABX Air’s fleet covered, connecting different corners of the globe. The stripes could be visual metaphors for the airline’s operational reach, highlighting the vast expanse over which its cargo planes traveled.

A particularly ingenious aspect of the logo was how the ends of these lines were diagonal, giving the impression of a ship’s hull. This subtle design choice cleverly drew a parallel between air freight operations and maritime shipping, underscoring the common thread of transportation and logistics that runs through both modes. The imagery evoked by this analogy was powerful, positioning ABX Air not just as an airline but as a vital link in the larger logistics and transportation system.

The logo significantly modifies the company’s origins by utilizing its original name, Airborne Express, arranged over two levels. This was a strategic move to maintain continuity with the brand’s legacy while embracing its evolution. The dual-level placement of the brand name balanced the logo’s visual weight, ensuring that the historical essence of Airborne Express was preserved and celebrated.

1990s – 2003

Airborne Express Logo 1990s

During the 1990s to 2003, the ABX Air (previously known as Airborne Express) logo underwent a significant transformation that reflected the airline’s evolution and its adaptive strategies in the competitive cargo industry. The most notable change was the downsizing of the brand name in the logo and the transition from a monochrome to a bicolor scheme. This design modification introduced red as a dynamic new color for the first letters of each word in the brand’s name, crafting the memorable abbreviation “AirEx.”

The introduction of red revitalized the emblem, injecting it with a sense of speed and dynamism crucial in the fast-paced world of air cargo delivery. The color red is often associated with energy, movement, and urgency, qualities that are essential in the air transport industry. This strategic use of red made the logo more visually compelling and highlighted the efficiency and speed that AirEx aimed to convey to its clients.

The red elements in the logo could be likened to guiding lights or the dividing lines on a runway, symbolizing precision, direction, and safety. These lines metaphorically illustrated the takeoff trajectory, emphasizing AirEx’s readiness and capability to swiftly and safely transport cargo to its destination. This imagery reinforced the company’s commitment to operational excellence and reliability, underscoring its role as a pivotal player in the logistics and transportation sector.

2003 – 2021

ABX Air Logo 2003

The rebranding in 2003 ushered in a completely new perspective on the company’s visual identity, marking a significant evolution in its brand representation. The acquisition of DHL Airways and the subsequent name change were symbolized through a dynamic and striking design that mirrored the company’s ambitions and newly expanded operational scope. The redesign was not just a change in visual style but a reflection of the company’s strategic shift and growth aspirations.

The logo featured a prominent red “A,” standing out as a beacon that propels the company upwards. This bold use of color and shape symbolized the airline’s leap into a broader market, establishing regular flights between Europe and the USA and significantly widening its geographical reach and revenue streams. The design conveyed a sense of strength, scale, and a burning desire for growth and expansion. The unique crossbar of the “A” suggested additional pathways stemming from the main runway, indicative of the increase in routes and the number of aircraft in the fleet.

A miniature airplane figure within the logo succinctly communicated the company’s line of business. The choice of black for this model underscored the heavy-duty nature of the cargo airliners that constitute the backbone of the fleet. The imagery of the plane accelerating along the runway before soaring into the sky encapsulated the essence of ABX Air’s operations—lifting off the ground to embark on its journey across the globe.

The slightly wave-like letters in the logo suggested the turbulence and winds encountered in the aerial domain, adding a dynamic element to the design. The logo’s black and red elements interplay created a balanced and visually compelling composition. The vibrant, dynamic red spoke to the energy, movement, and speed that characterize ABX Air’s commitment to fast and efficient cargo delivery.

In contrast, black was associated with professionalism, competence, and sophistication, lending the ABX Air emblem a sense of gravitas and impressiveness. This color scheme was carefully chosen to reflect the company’s services’ dual nature—robust, reliable, agile, and swift. This reimagined visual identity in 2003 marked a pivotal moment in the company’s history, capturing its readiness to face new challenges and seize opportunities in the ever-evolving world of cargo aviation.

2021 – today

ABX Air Logo

The rebranding of ABX Air in the years following 2003 presented a shift towards a more understated visual identity, moving away from the vibrancy and expansiveness that characterized the earlier logo. The new design features three gray rectangles that mimic the silhouette of an airplane’s tail, a subtle nod to the cargo boxes that are fundamental to the airline’s operations. This imagery is strategically overlaid with a bold red letter ‘A,’ reminiscent of both a runway and the wing of an airplane, symbolizing movement and direction.

A black airplane, depicted taking off into the distance, embodies the company’s continuous journey toward achieving distant goals. This logo element directly represents ABX Air’s core business – freight air transport – and visually communicates the company’s dedication to delivering cargo efficiently across vast distances.

Adjacent to the imagery, ABX Air is spelled out in stretched, upright, and simplistic black letters. The variation in angles between the graphic and the text introduces a sense of discord in the logo’s overall perception, potentially diluting its impact. This dissonance may detract from the cohesiveness of the design, leaving the logo to fall short of making a strong impression.

Despite this, the logo’s overall design succinctly captures the essence of the company’s field of operation. It symbolizes ABX Air’s ambition to reach new heights and its commitment to continual growth within the cargo aviation sector. The logo, with its focus on the fundamental aspects of freight transportation, serves as a reminder of the airline’s role in the global supply chain, striving towards excellence and expansion in its service offerings.

Font and Colors

ABX Air uses a special style in its logo that makes it look moving. The letters are bold and lean forward as the wind pushes them. This isn’t just for looks; it tells a story of constant movement and progress. The letters change in thickness, too, which makes you think of how planes move through the air.

The font they chose for the logo is simple but strong. It’s easy to read, meaning anyone can recognize it immediately. They might have used fonts like Arial Pro Extra Bold Italic or Sublime Extra Bold Italic. The idea here is to be clear but also show some personality. This design doesn’t just look good; it lasts and stays meaningful.

The colors in the ABX Air logo aren’t random. They use light gray, red, and white for the symbol and a dark gray, almost black, for the text. Light gray makes you think of advanced technology, red shows energy and passion, and white is all about clarity and accuracy. The darker text gives a feeling of reliability and trust.


What airline code is ABX?

The airline code “ABX” represents ABX Air Inc., a company specializing in moving goods through the air. Airline codes are unique abbreviations assigned to each airline, helping airports, air traffic controllers, and logistic firms quickly recognize them. This organization aids in planning flights, managing cargo, and monitoring air traffic.

“ABX” is vital because it ensures cargo reaches its intended destination and allows for tracking shipments from start to end. It also simplifies managing tickets and cargo documents and analyzing flight data and cargo volumes.

These codes belong to a system created by international aviation organizations to ensure air travel and cargo transport operate efficiently and safely. The “ABX” code is a key component in the aviation industry, ensuring coordination and safety.

Is ABX Air still in business?

Yes, ABX Air is still doing well in the air cargo industry. It started in 1980 and has over 40 years of experience delivering things quickly. Over the years, it grew significantly and became the third-biggest express airline in the US.

ABX Air is known as one of the top companies that move cargo by air, using Boeing 767 planes. These planes show that ABX Air has been around for a while but keeps up with what’s needed today. ABX Air plays a big part in moving things worldwide, making sure stuff gets from one place to another without a hitch.

Does DHL own ABX?

DHL doesn’t own ABX Air; instead, Air Transport Services Group, Inc. (ATSG) owns it. ATSG is based in Clinton County, Ohio, USA. While DHL is a big customer of ABX Air, it’s not the owner. ABX Air and DHL work closely, with ABX Air flying many of DHL’s packages. This makes DHL an important part of what ABX Air does, but ATSG manages everything from flying cargo to other logistics services through its companies, including ABX Air.

Who owns ABX Air?

ABX Air is a cargo airline owned by Air Transport Services Group, Inc. (ATSG), a big name in air cargo services. ATSG provides services like moving cargo, leasing aircraft, and managing logistics. ABX Air is important to ATSG because it helps them offer a wide range of aviation services.

ATSG is based in Wilmington, Ohio, and is known globally for its air logistics and freight services. They bought ABX Air to get better at what they do and to be able to do more things. Thanks to ABX Air’s planes and know-how, ATSG can give its customers more flexible and effective ways to move cargo. This teamwork is key in the air cargo business, which is all about being fast, reliable, and efficient. With ATSG’s support, ABX Air can keep growing and maintaining high-quality service.