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ACDelco: Brand overview

Since 1916, ACDelco has had a significant presence in the automotive sector. Originally established as United Motors Corporation, the parent company for several automotive parts manufacturers, it quickly expanded to include Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company (DELCO). In 1918, General Motors (GM) realized the value of the brand and acquired United Motors Corporation, making DELCO a specialized division of GM. To this day, ACDelco is a leading supplier of high-quality automotive parts.

In 1974, GM merged the AC Spark Plug aftermarket division with United Delco to form AC-Delco. This combined company promoted a number of products under the AC and Delco brands and, over the years, became a recognizable household name. After two decades of success, the company dropped the hyphen and became ACDelco, becoming the reputable and respected automotive parts supplier it is today.

ACDelco is preferred by car owners who need reliable and durable automotive parts. It offers a wide range of high-quality components, from spark plugs and batteries to brakes and filters. All these parts are designed to last for a long time. With an impeccable reputation, ACDelco is a trusted supplier of all the automotive parts you need.

In 1916, United Motors Corporation was formed, which was an important event in the history of the automobile industry.

In 1918, General Motors made an important maneuver by acquiring United Motors Corporation, solidifying its status as one of the dominant automobile companies in the world.

In 1920, DELCO was incorporated into General Motors as a fully integrated division, ushering in a period of innovation and progress.

In 1974, the merger of AC Spark Plug and United Delco resulted in the formation of AC-Delco, a company specializing in aftermarket services, which led to significant changes in the automotive sector.

In 1995, AC-Delco rebranded and became ACDelco with the removal of the hyphen, ushering in a new phase of automotive parts and accessories.

Meaning and History

ACDelco Logo History

What is ACDelco?

ACDelco, a brand with a history of over four and a half decades, is a trusted source of genuine General Motors auto parts. It guarantees the quality that only genuine GM parts can provide, integrating original factory components to maintain maximum reliability and performance. Since its founding in 1974, ACDelco has been at the forefront of the auto parts industry. Located in Warren, Michigan, ACDelco is committed to providing customers with high-quality parts they can rely on.

1995 – today

ACDelco Logo

The ACDelco logo has a hidden power that reveals itself through its shapes and colors. The blue letters with triangular cutouts and the sharp red stripe running underneath them do more than just draw attention to the brand name. They are associated with speed, an important quality for an auto parts manufacturer. The bold italic font in the emblem serves the same purpose. It is a graphic representation of dynamism, growth, and rapid forward motion.

The emblem resembles a camouflaged race car. The blue letters look like they’re ready to break away, and the red stripe resembles a racing stripe on a car, making you think that this brand is about speed and getting back on the road fast. The slanted letters look as if they are aiming for the future and always looking forward.

ACDelco Logo Color Codes:

  • Lapis Lazuli blue: Hex #0161AA; RGB 1, 97, 170; CMYK 99, 43, 0, 33; Pantone 2945C
  • Imperial Red: Hex #E2393E; RGB 226, 57, 62; CMYK 0, 75, 73, 11; Pantone 1788C