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ACES Colombia: Brand overview

ACES Colombia, officially known as Aerolineas Centrales de Colombia, was established in 1971 under the leadership of Herman Efromovich. It was known for pioneering national and international air transportation services in Colombia.

The ACES operating fleet consisted mainly of Boeing 727 and 737 jets and Fokker F-28s. ACES Colombia’s main hub was located at El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá, which allowed it to serve a number of domestic and international routes. International destinations included Miami, Aruba, and Panama City.

By 2003, however, ACES was facing serious financial difficulties, which led to the suspension of its operations after filing for bankruptcy protection. At the height of its success, ACES boasted a robust fleet of more than a dozen airplanes that carried approximately 1 million passengers annually.

Over the years, ACES played a critical role in the development of air transportation and communications in Colombia, for which it was widely recognized. The company was also one of the leaders in introducing new services to the Colombian aviation market, such as in-flight catering and entertainment.

After the company ceased operations, Avianca and a number of other Colombian air carriers acquired some of ACES’ assets. Despite numerous attempts to revive ACES after 2003, all were unsuccessful, and ACES Colombia remained a dormant company in the aviation industry.

Meaning and History

ACES Colombia Logo History

1971 – 2003

ACES Colombia Logo

The designers used negative space to represent the first letter “a” in the word “aces.” On the left, this letter is inscribed in an orange circle, while on the right, it almost blends into the white background, highlighted only by two short gray bars. Similar pale shadows are present on the letters “c,” “e,” and “s,” but in this case the glyphs are colored orange. The circle should be perceived as the sun – a symbol of prosperity, luck, and vitality. The letters tilted to the right evoke a sense of swift flight. At the bottom is the company name in Spanish: “AEROLINEAS CENTRALES DE COLOMBIA S.A..”

The use of negative space adds sophistication to the design, allowing it to stand out while keeping it simple. The orange sun-shaped circle carries a positive connotation and emphasizes the brand’s origin, reflecting Colombia’s sunny climate. The letters slanted to the right give the logo a dynamic feel and emphasize the idea of fast and efficient service provided by the airline.

ACES Colombia Logo Color Codes:

  • Orange: Hex Code: #EB7F00; RGB: (235, 127, 0); CMYK: (0, 46, 100, 8)
  • Grey: Hex Code: #B3B3B3; RGB: (179, 179, 179); CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 30)
  • White:n Hex Code: #FFFFFF; RGB: (255, 255, 255); CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 0)
  • Navy Blue: Hex: #002a5c; RGB: 0, 42, 92; CMYK: 100, 89, 35, 30; Pantone: PMS 648 C