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Adobe Logo

Adobe Logo
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Adobe is a world-famous company that promotes information technology and software development. Also, she is the copyright holder of the PDF and TIFF formats. Her work started in 1982 when John Warnock and Charles Geschke decided to open their own business. Adobe Systems Incorporated is headquartered in San Jose, California.

Meaning and History

Adobe Logo History
Evolution of the Adobe Logo

The company logo was proposed by the wife of the co-founder of Marva Warnock. It was immediately accepted and used as an individual symbolism until 1993. Throughout its existence, Adobe had two emblems and the same number of fixed variations. That is, from the moment the logo appeared, it changed only three times.

1982 – 1990

Adobe Logo 1982-1990

The debut version contains a graphically transformed company name. This is a dark gray rectangle with a white “Adobe” lettering in the upper case. The letters look superimposed on each other, so “E” stands out from under “B,” “O” stands out from under “D,” and “A” overlaps the leg of the second character. Moreover, the first letter in the word is made in the form of an open triangle at the bottom, which creates the impression of openness.

Under the name, formed from the name of the California stream flowing between Mountain View and Palo Alto, the phrase “Systems Incorporated” is located. All letters in it are uppercase, the same size.

1990 – 1993

Adobe Logo 1990-1993

The basis of this logo was its predecessor, which went through a small adjustment. As a result, the bottom inscription “Systems Incorporated” disappeared, and the word “Adobe” turned black on a white background.

1993 – 2014

Adobe Logo 1993-2014

In 1993, the company emblem received a completely new interpretation: now it is the initial letter “A” on a red background. The style of writing, form, color – everything is preserved to the smallest detail to remind users as much as possible of the debut version. This step was taken in connection with the introduction of software called Adobe Creative Cloud, which was in red and white colors.

Later, the same version was used to designate other innovative products: Photoshop (in 2013), Adobe Acrobat, and Adobe Dreamweaver (in 2015). Now it is relevant and operates in parallel with the later version.

2014 – 2020

Adobe Logo 2014-2020

The logo, presented by Acid House and John Warnock, was created for the official site. He almost completely repeats the predecessor with the difference that the word “Adobe” is located separately from the graphic sign.

2020 – present

Adobe Logo 2020-present

After the intervention of The Acid House studio, the logo of the editorial program received minimal adjustments. They are associated primarily with color. The bottom word “Adobe” has turned from black to red, and the background of the upper rectangle, in the negative space of which the curly “A” appears. The font chosen for the decal is preserved – it’s still Adobe Clean Bold Condensed.

Font and Color of the Emblem

Adobe Emblem

It was developed by the wife of the founder (Marva Warnock) and approved in the year of the emergence of the information technology company. At first, the logo contained the company’s full name – “Adobe Systems Incorporated” with a visual emphasis on the first word. Then only “Adobe” remained from it, and then – only a large letter “A.” Each adjustment is an evolution of the logo to simplify for better visual perception and convenient transmission on different media.

Also, branded programs have their designation. Adobe Illustrator is an orange abbreviation with a large “A” and a small “i.” Adobe Flash is a two-letter image of the uppercase “F” and lowercase “f.” Adobe Photoshop is an emblem from the uppercase “P” and the miniature “s.” In one of the main options, the mirror image “d” and “b” are also beaten.

Adobe Symbol

From 1982 to 1993, the words on the logo were made in graphic type – that is, they were drawn. But then the approach changed: the text version became paramount, where much attention was paid to the font. In the initial version, the product name is written in extended bold letters. Then they became thinner, wider, and squat. The designers also increased the distance between the characters and diagonally cut off the lower part of the legs “d” and “b.”

The palette of emblems is also divided into two periods: before and after 1993. At first, the background was dark gray and white, and the letters themselves were painted in white and black. Then they added red, which is still used in combination with white.