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Aer Arann: Brand overview

Aer Arann was an Irish regional airline that operated from 1970 to 2014. The airline was headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with the majority of its operations based out of Dublin Airport.

Aer Arann’s operating fleet consisted primarily of turboprop aircraft, including the ATR 42 and ATR 72. Aer Arann’s main service areas covered various destinations in Ireland and the UK, predominantly from Dublin, Cork, and Shannon airports. Notable Aer Arann routes included routes from Dublin to destinations such as Cork, Galway, Kerry, Donegal, and Manchester.

In recent years, Aer Arann has expanded its services to include international routes with connections in France, Spain, and the Channel Islands. Aer Arann, as a significant player in the employment sector in the western region of Ireland, primarily served smaller regional airports.

To expand its network, Aer Arann entered into codeshare agreements with several airlines, including Aer Lingus. However, in 2010, Aer Arann was acquired by Stobart Air, leading to a rebranding to Aer Lingus Regional before finally ceasing operations.

At its peak, Aer Arann had a workforce of around 300 employees. The airline carried more than 800,000 passengers annually on turboprop aircraft.

Meaning and History

Aer Arann Logo History

1998 – 2003

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2004 – 2014

Aer Arann Logo

When changing the Aer Arann logo, the designers unfurled the blue arcs and shifted them to the right side to evoke a sense of progress and forward movement. The company name is written in one word but separated by two shades of blue: the word “Aer” is lighter than “Arann.” The color palette chosen is classic for aviation companies as it brings to mind the vast sky, harmony, and seriousness. The bold italic sans serif font is filled with inner energy, like airplanes hurtling across the sky.

The use of two shades of blue separates the elements of the company name and gives the logo depth. The transition from light blue to dark blue symbolizes the journey – from taking off to reaching greater heights. The bold, italicized serif font further emphasizes the brand’s dynamism, reflecting a business that is always on the move.