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The AeroBratsk logo features a Cyrillic inscription indicating the city where the airline is located. The letters are very bold, with minimal internal letter spaces. The spacing between them is uneven; for example, “A” and “e” are almost merged, while there is a significant gap between “B” and “r.” The brand’s name is complemented by a polygon resembling the vertical part of an aircraft’s tail fin and an elongated arc that mimics the nose of an air vessel. Both the inscription and the two geometric shapes are colored white, standing out against the dark blue rectangle background.

The logo is designed with specific choices that convey the brand identity, values, and connection to the aviation industry. The Cyrillic letters’ boldness reflects confidence and strength, showcasing the company’s robustness and commitment to providing substantial service.

The minimal internal letter spaces compact the name, emphasizing solidity and unity. In contrast, the irregular spacing between certain letters brings a touch of uniqueness, allowing the logo to stand out and be memorable. This deliberate inconsistency also creates a visual rhythm that adds dynamism to the overall design.

The polygon and elongated arc are significant elements, as they explicitly connect the logo with aviation. The polygon, representing the vertical part of a tail fin, signifies stability and control. In the context of air travel, these are qualities that passengers seek and value. On the other hand, the elongated arc symbolizes the nose of an aircraft, pointing toward the future and conveying the sense of direction, exploration, and progress that defines the aviation industry.

The color scheme of white on dark blue is aesthetically pleasing and rich in symbolism. The dark blue represents depth and trustworthiness, offering a reassuring background to the bold white elements. Blue, often associated with the sky, aligns the logo with the airline’s domain. The white color, symbolizing purity and excellence, indicates the company’s commitment to providing top-notch services.

The rectangle enclosing the elements provides a structured and defined boundary, emphasizing professionalism and integrity. It serves as a framework that holds all the components together, reinforcing the notion of unity and coherence.

A further point of interest is integrating the city’s name into the logo. By making the location part of the brand identity, the company emphasizes its local roots and connection to the community. It’s a statement of pride in its origin and a signal to the potential passengers of the specific geographic focus of the services.

AeroBratsk: Brand overview

Founder:Centre Capital
Bratsk, Russia

Founded in 1967, AeroBratsk is a regional airline headquartered in Bratsk, Russia, in Siberia’s Irkutsk Oblast. This company focuses on passenger and cargo flights and is primarily situated at Bratsk Airport.

AeroBratsk’s scheduled domestic flights connect Bratsk to various Siberian cities such as Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, and Novosibirsk, supplemented by occasional chartered services. The airline operates a fleet of turboprop aircraft, including Antonov An-24RV and Let L-410 Turbolet models, which are well-equipped for Siberian conditions.

Beyond passenger services, AeroBratsk also offers extensive air cargo transportation within the Irkutsk Oblast region. It is crucial in ensuring air connectivity to Bratsk—a remote industrial city—and its neighboring regions.

The airline is affiliated with sister airlines based in Irkutsk and Chita, which utilize the same fleet to operate similar regional routes. With around 300 employees, AeroBratsk has personnel engaged in various roles, including flight operations, maintenance, ticketing, cargo handling, and administration.

Despite its critical role, the airline’s operations have been challenged recently due to increasing costs, elevated taxes, infrastructural issues, and rising competition. Nonetheless, AeroBratsk continues to be a vital component of the regional aviation network in Eastern Siberia, particularly centered around Irkutsk.

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