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AeroBratsk: Brand overview

AeroBratsk, established in 1967 as part of Aeroflot, is based in Bratsk, a city in Russia’s Irkutsk Region. Its creation originally supported the economic growth of a rapidly developing industrial area by enhancing transportation links throughout the country.

From the beginning, AeroBratsk used a fleet of sturdy Soviet aircraft, including the An-2, An-24, and An-26, ideal for Siberia’s severe conditions. These planes reliably transported passengers and cargo.

The airline expanded in the 1970s and 1980s by upgrading to larger, modern Soviet aircraft like the Tu-134 and Tu-154. This allowed AeroBratsk to reach farther destinations and improve passenger comfort. During this time, the airline began charter and cargo flights to support the booming local forestry and mining industries.

The 1990s brought challenges with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The subsequent economic turmoil and market reforms decreased the demand for flights. AeroBratsk adapted by restructuring its operations, retiring older planes, and finding ways to cut costs and enhance efficiency.

Throughout the 2000s, despite continuous financial challenges and rising competition, AeroBratsk faced issues such as outdated infrastructure and limited investment opportunities, hampered its progress.

Recently, AeroBratsk has taken significant steps toward modernization by introducing new regional jets like the Sukhoi Superjet 100 and Antonov An-148. These newer models replaced the outdated fleet and revitalized the airline’s service quality. AeroBratsk invested in infrastructure improvements and staff training and explored new business avenues like tourism and partnerships with other regional carriers.

AeroBratsk continues to serve as a crucial air service provider in Eastern Siberia and beyond, with additional bases in Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk. The airline offers regular passenger flights and specialized charter and cargo services.

Looking forward, AeroBratsk is focused on strengthening its position in the expanding Russian aviation market by investing in modern aircraft and improving customer service to ensure long-term growth and success.

Meaning and History

AeroBratsk Logo History

1967 – today

AeroBratsk Logo

The Cyrillic lettering “AeroBratsk” indicates the city where this airline is based. The letters are very bold, with minimal spacing between them. The distance between the letters is uneven: if “A” and “e” almost merge, the gap between “B” and “p” is quite large. The brand name is supplemented with a polygon reminiscent of the vertical part of the tail feather of an airplane and an elongated arc in a shape reminiscent of the nose of an airplane. The inscription and the two geometric figures are colored white and stand out against the background of a dark blue rectangle.

The uneven distance between the letters gives the logo a unique visual rhythm. The white color on the dark blue background creates a sharp contrast, contributing to better visibility and memorability. The geometric shapes subtly hint at aspects of aviation, giving the logo thematic integrity without being too obvious.