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Aerogem Aviation: Brand overview

Aerogem Aviation was founded in January 2000 by investors from Ghana and the UAE. The company provides high-quality charter flights for VIPs, business leaders, and notable travelers in Africa and the Middle East.

Initially, Aerogem operated with a few aircraft, including the Bombardier Learjet 45 and Hawker 800XP. These were chosen for their comfort, range, and flexibility, aligning well with the company’s goals to offer tailored flight services.

Throughout the 2000s, Aerogem built a reputation for reliable and luxurious services. The fleet expanded with the addition of the Bombardier Challenger 604 and the Gulfstream G550, enhancing travel experiences with greater capabilities.

Aerogem upgraded its infrastructure by building modern hangars and service centers in Accra and Dubai to support the expanded fleet.

In the 2010s, the company broadened its offerings by entering aircraft management and maintenance. Aerogem established strategic partnerships with global flight networks, luxury travel agencies, and major corporations, extending its reach.

Moreover, Aerogem introduced specialized services such as air ambulance, cargo charters, and group travel, which attracted a broader customer base.

Aerogem Aviation operates from Ghana and the UAE, serving elite clients worldwide with a modern and diverse fleet. The company is well-positioned to serve the growing private aviation markets locally and internationally.

Meaning and History

Aerogem Aviation Logo History

2000 – today

Aerogem Aviation Logo

The creators of the Aerogem Aviation logo depicted the company’s name but shortened it considerably and broke it into parts. At the bottom, the white word “aero” is typed in a lowercase sans-serif font. To make the white letters visible on the light background, the designers outlined them with thin black lines. The upper part has a large orange letter “G,” slightly slanted to the left. It is crossed by a white diagonal stripe, dividing the letter into four parts. An orange triangle is drawn just above it. By its location, we can assume this triangle formed an elongated hole in the letter “G.”

The thin black outline around the white letters improves legibility and creates a clean, minimalist design. The orange letter “G” and the triangle draw attention and create a sense of dynamism. The white diagonal stripe complicates the logo, making it more eye-catching yet simple.


Where is Aerogem aviation company located?

Aerogem Aviation’s main office is in the Gemini Airlines Building at the Old Cargo Village, Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana. This place is the central point for all its activities. The company runs flights worldwide, specializing in cargo that doesn’t follow a regular schedule. It operates mainly from Kotoka International Airport in Accra and Sharjah International Airport in the United Arab Emirates. These locations help Aerogem manage and run its flights effectively, serving customers across various continents.