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Aerogem Aviation: Brand overview

Aerogem Aviation, a cargo airline from Ghana, operated from 2000 to 2012. The company was headquartered in Accra, with major operations centered at Kotoka International Airport in Ghana and Sharjah International Airport in the United Arab Emirates.

With an international footprint, Aerogem operated a cargo charter service using predominantly Boeing 707 freighter aircraft on wet lease. Its flights spanned several continents and covered various cities in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

The airline was originally called Aerogem Cargo when it started operations in 2000 with just one Boeing 707 airplane. However, in 2004, the company decided to rebrand to Aerogem Aviation to better represent its expanded range of services.

The airline primarily operated worldwide cargo charters, serving corporate clients and freight forwarders. During its heyday, the company had about 50 employees.

However, financial difficulties led Aerogem Aviation to cease operations in 2012 after 12 years of operation. The cessation of operations was part of wider issues affecting Ghana’s aviation sector, such as fuel costs and airport charges.

Meaning and History

Aerogem Aviation Logo History

2000 – today

Aerogem Aviation Logo

The creators of the Aerogem Aviation logo depicted the company’s name but shortened it considerably and broke it into parts. At the bottom – the white word “aero” is typed in lowercase font sans-serif. To make the white letters visible on the light background, the designers outlined them with thin black lines. In the upper part, there is a large orange letter “G,” slightly slanted to the left. It is crossed by a white diagonal stripe, dividing the letter into four parts. An orange triangle is drawn just above it. Judging by its location, we can assume that this triangle formed an elongated hole in the letter “G.”

The use of a thin black outline around the white letters improves legibility and allows for a clean, minimalist design. The orange letter “G” and the triangle draw attention and create a sense of dynamism. The white diagonal stripe complicates the logo, making it more eye-catching yet simple.