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The aeroLogic logo reflects the company’s commitment to efficient, reliable, and timely service. The logo indicates that the company is focused on providing high-quality services without unnecessary complications.

The emblem effectively combines modernity and accessibility. It tells the story of a company that values technological advancement but is committed to user-friendly interface and customer satisfaction. The AeroLogic logo accomplishes the dual purpose of reflecting the brand’s sophisticated ethics while appealing to many customers.

AeroLogic: Brand overview

AeroLogic is a German cargo airline founded on September 12, 2007, as a joint venture between DHL Express and Lufthansa Cargo. Both companies are leaders in their fields and hold an equal 50% stake in AeroLogic. This partnership combines their resources and expertise in logistics and air transport.

AeroLogic was established to meet the growing need for efficient and reliable freight services between Europe and Asia. It started operations on June 29, 2009, with eight new Boeing 777F aircraft. These planes were among the largest and most advanced cargo aircraft, designed to handle significant freight volumes on major trade routes. The airline initially connected its main hubs in Frankfurt and Leipzig/Halle in Germany with key Asian cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore.

Over the 2010s, AeroLogic expanded its destinations to include cities in Asia such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Seoul and added routes to the Middle East, including Dubai and Bahrain. The airline added more flights on these key routes to meet increased demand, enhancing its service flexibility for freight customers.

AeroLogic offers charter services, allowing customers to book planes for specific cargo needs or projects. This capability, combined with the strong networks of its parent companies, has made AeroLogic a popular choice for various industries needing reliable cargo transport.

In 2016, the airline was honored with the German Mobility Award for its significant contribution to sustainable logistics. In the same year, the airline introduced the AeroFence system. This revolutionary invention, a first in the air cargo industry, allows cargo to be secured in flight and has since proven revolutionary.

The 2020s brought new challenges, particularly with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting all global aviation. However, AeroLogic’s focus on cargo flights positioned it well for continued operations. The airline was crucial in transporting essential medical supplies and other critical goods during the pandemic, highlighting its capacity to handle sensitive and urgent shipments.

Looking ahead, AeroLogic plans to grow and adapt to changes in global trade and the rise of e-commerce. The airline is investing in advanced technologies and optimizing its network to improve its services and expand its reach. AeroLogic aims to strengthen its position as a leading provider of specialized freight solutions.

Meaning and History

AeroLogic Logo History

What is AeroLogic?

Based in Schkuditz near Leipzig, AeroLogic has firmly established its place in Germany’s air cargo transportation industry. Known for its efficient operations, it ensures smooth cargo transportation and has built a strong reputation in the aviation industry. The airline’s journey started with the idea of providing reliable, prompt, and efficient air cargo transportation. Over the years, it has grown steadily, expanding its network and improving the quality of its services.

2007 – today

AeroLogic Logo

The AeroLogic logo has a light-colored text base. It consists of parts of the company name, visually separated by color. The left part is colored a rich gray, while the right part is a warm, rich yellow. The lettering is large and italicized, with a harmonious combination of rounded shapes and angles. The font is lowercase, except for the first letters of each word. The glyphs are large, smooth, and flowing.

The logo’s contrasting colors effectively differentiate the two parts of the company name, adding visual interest. Using italics and large letters gives the logo a dynamic and modern feel. The harmonious combination of rounded and angular shapes contributes to the overall aesthetics of the logo, making it modern and accessible. Capitalizing only the first letters of each word gives the logo an informal feel, making it easier to understand.


Who is the owner of AeroLogic?

AeroLogic is owned equally by Deutsche Post AG and Deutsche Lufthansa AG. Each company owns a 50% share through its subsidiaries, DHL Express and Lufthansa Cargo. DHL Express is a global logistics industry leader known for its fast and reliable delivery services. Lufthansa Cargo specializes in air freight and is noted for its extensive network and efficient cargo handling. These companies combine their expertise and resources to enable AeroLogic to provide strong international cargo services, mainly connecting Europe and Asia.

What is the address of AeroLogic GmbH?

AeroLogic GmbH’s headquarters is at Josef-von-Copertino-Straße 2, 04435 Schkeuditz, Germany. This site is the main center for the airline’s operations and management. The company is registered at the Amtsgericht-Registergericht Leipzig with the commercial register number HRB 23498, and its VAT identification number is DE814928246. Josef Moser and Katharina Prost, the managing directors of AeroLogic, The location in Schkeuditz is advantageous because it places AeroLogic near important logistics and transportation networks and the Leipzig/Halle Airport, which helps enhance its efficiency and connectivity.

What is the fleet of AeroLogic Airlines?

AeroLogic Airlines has a 22 Boeing 777F aircraft fleet, highly regarded for carrying large loads efficiently over long distances. This makes them ideal for international cargo flights connecting major trading routes worldwide.

The airline is noted for its dynamic and effective business approach, led by a skilled team of cargo experts. It is managed by Josef Moser, who has been with AeroLogic since January 2008, and Katharina Prost, who joined in October 2022. Together, they guide the company’s growth and maintain its high standards of operation, helping AeroLogic stay competitive in the global air freight industry.

Does DHL use AeroLogic?

Yes, DHL uses AeroLogic. AeroLogic GmbH is a German cargo airline created through a joint venture between DHL and Lufthansa Cargo. The airline provides international and long-haul cargo services, essential for DHL’s global logistics and delivery operations. AeroLogic operates from its main hubs at Leipzig/Halle Airport and Frankfurt Airport. These locations are key for DHL to move cargo across Europe and beyond. The partnership with AeroLogic helps DHL increase its cargo capacity and extend its global delivery capabilities, utilizing AeroLogic’s fleet and operational strengths to manage and execute freight services effectively.