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The Aeropelican Air Services logo has an elegantly drawn pelican head and the inscription “Aeropelican.” The artists have portrayed the bird with a few curved lines in two shades: taupe and dark blue. This color combination exudes nobility and instills trust in the airline. This illustration is not just a drawing but a stylized letter “A.” Following this letter, the rest of the glyphs are displayed in a standard manner, structured with an even font and contrasting stroke thickness.

The design of the logo is an intelligent fusion of artistry and symbolism, reflecting the core values and identity of the airline.

The portrayal of the pelican head is not merely a decorative element; it holds a deep symbolic meaning. The pelican, a bird known for its grace and ability to soar effortlessly across vast distances, represents the airline’s commitment to smooth and efficient travel. The bird’s image denotes the freedom of flight, elegance, and the boundless possibilities of air travel.

The choice of colors in the logo plays a crucial role in its visual appeal. The combination of taupe and dark blue is both calming and sophisticated. Taupe is a shade that often conveys reliability and neutrality, while dark blue is associated with wisdom, confidence, and stability. Together, they create a color palette that aligns with the airline’s aim to offer a dependable and reputable service.

The stylized “A” seamlessly integrating with the pelican’s head is a masterstroke in design. This fusion adds visual interest and emphasizes the company’s name. It’s a subtle way of branding that is both clever and aesthetically pleasing.

The selection of font for the inscription “Aeropelican” is well-considered. The even and contrasting strokes are simple yet bold, making the name easily recognizable and readable. The standard appearance of the glyphs contrasts with the artistic depiction of the pelican, creating a balanced visual composition that is both creative and professional.

The logo’s overall design conveys a sense of assurance, elegance, and innovation. The logo communicates the airline’s dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction using minimalistic art and thoughtful typography. The graceful curves and chosen hues reflect an inviting and sophisticated image, assuring passengers of a refined and serene flying experience.

Aeropelican Air Services: Brand overview

Founded:23 October 1968 – 23 December 2013
Founder:Hilder family
Canberra, ACT, Australia

Aeropelican Air Services, a regional airline grounded in Canberra, Australia, was operational from 1968 till 2013. The initiative of the Hilder family, the airline primarily serviced New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

Equipped with small propeller aircraft such as the Cessna 402s and Embraer 110 Bandeirantes, Aeropelican offered flights to various locations, including Sydney, Merimbula, Cooma, and Moruya, from its main bases in Sydney and Canberra. Besides scheduled regional routes, the airline also extended charter flight services.

Aeropelican, at the zenith of its operations, had a team of over 200 individuals and served approximately 140,000 passengers annually. The airline played a significant role in connecting the Australian Capital Territory with regional points in New South Wales, thus serving as a crucial link in the regional air network.

Another noteworthy contribution of Aeropelican was its air service for the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme, illustrating its impact beyond mere transportation. Despite these contributions, the airline had to cease operations in December 2013 due to mounting financial challenges and rising costs, ending its 45-year journey. The airline made its final flight in October 2013 before formally surrendering its certification and wrapping up operations.

Meaning and History

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