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AeroSur: Brand overview

Founded in Bolivia, AeroSur was a significant airline in the aviation industry from 1992 to 2012. The Bolivian airline operated domestic and international passenger transportation, primarily on the South American continent.

The airline’s main base was El Alto International Airport, located near La Paz, Bolivia. This strategic base played a key role in the organization of passenger routes, which were served mainly by Boeing 737-300 and 747-400 aircraft.

AeroSur’s range of destinations was very broad, covering various cities in Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Colombia. Internationally, the airline specialized in connecting La Paz with important airports in neighboring countries, providing crucial regional air links.

AeroSur was owned by BARC Group, a Bolivia-based investment company with significant interests in the mining industry. However, despite its strong backing, the airline faced stiff competition from carriers such as LAN Airlines, which eventually led to its bankruptcy in 2012 and the cessation of two years of operations.

AeroSur was a significant employer during its heyday, employing more than 1,000 people in the mid-2000s, with annual passenger traffic of around 750,000. The airline’s operations played an important role in the development of tourism and travel in Bolivia during its period of operation.

Meaning and History

AeroSur Logo History

1992 – 2012

AeroSur Logo

The designers used a turquoise gradient to emphasize the AeroSur name. Additional depth is achieved by the sharp and dark contours of the letters at the top, while the lower contours are blurred. The refined, flowing font evokes a sense of lightness and flight. The text is complemented by a separate letter, “A,” placed inside a silver circle resembling a soap bubble. Instead of a straight diagonal, the letter “A” depicts a purple bird: wings, tail, and head with beak are formed with a few careless strokes.

The use of a bubble-shaped circle around the letter “A” symbolizes the company’s desire to rise above the ordinary and provide a unique travel experience. The choice of the purple bird gives the logo artistic creativity and demonstrates the airline’s commitment to originality and elegance. The changing gradient and the blurred lower part of the letters are intended to convey the dynamism and fluidity inherent in air travel.