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The Aerosvit Airlines logo featured a sun image, symbolizing energy, wisdom, and eternity before the company’s bankruptcy. The yellow circle’s background was a blue polygon of three connected triangles. The dot over the “i” in “AeroSvit” was replaced with an elongated triangle, representing rapid movement. Beneath the brand name, the “UKRAINIAN AIRLINES” inscription was printed in small but uppercase letters. Both lines were italicized, with the top bold and the bottom thin.

The logo design of this airline displayed an intricate blend of shapes, colors, and typography that communicated the company’s identity and aspirations. Here’s a detailed look at the various components of the logo and their significance:

The Sun Symbol: Central to the logo was a yellow sun, serving as a universal sign of warmth, life, and positivity. This image encapsulated the airline’s goal to provide an energetic, optimistic travel experience and reflected the carrier’s focus on customer satisfaction.

Blue Polygon of Triangles: A blue polygon of three connected triangles surrounded the sun. This unique geometric shape symbolizes stability, strength, and unity. In the airline context, it reinforced an image of reliability and cohesion, assuring passengers of safe and dependable service.

Elongated Triangle over ‘i’: The replacement of the dot over the “i” with an elongated triangle was a subtle yet powerful design choice. This shape signified swiftness and forward momentum, mirroring the airline’s commitment to efficiency and continuous growth.

Italicized Typography: The choice of italicized lettering in the brand name and the description “UKRAINIAN AIRLINES” provided a sense of motion and elegance to the overall design. It emphasized the airline’s dedication to offering a sleek and modern travel experience.

Contrasting Font Weight: Utilizing a bold font at the top and a thin one at the bottom created visual interest and hierarchy within the text. It helped guide the eye and underscored the importance of the company’s name.

Color Choices: The combination of yellow and blue was not accidental. Yellow symbolized joy, happiness, and intellect, while blue represented trust, loyalty, and confidence. Together, these colors created a balanced and harmonious palette that resonated with the national colors of Ukraine.

Alignment with Ukrainian Identity: The logo forged a strong connection with its national roots by incorporating elements reminiscent of Ukrainian cultural motifs and using the country’s colors. This instilled pride and emphasized the airline’s status as a key player in Ukrainian aviation.

Aerosvit Airlines: Brand overview

Founded:25 March 1994 – February 2013
Founder:Privat Group
Boryspil International Airport, Kyiv, Ukraine

Aerosvit Airlines, established in 1994, was once a significant player in Ukraine’s aviation sector. Based in Kyiv, the airline functioned extensively from its primary hub, Boryspil International Airport.

Aerosvit’s network was not confined to the country; it stretched beyond its borders, offering comprehensive services to destinations across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North America. The airline’s fleet, which comprised Airbus A320, A330, and A340 jets, flew passengers to over 40 international destinations during its peak years. Key destinations included prominent global cities such as New York, Toronto, Bangkok, Delhi, and Moscow.

Until its operations ceased in 2013, Aerosvit held the title of Ukraine’s largest carrier. However, a slew of financial complications, including mounting debt and unpaid leases, forced Aerosvit into declaring bankruptcy by the end of 2013.

Ownership of the airline was in the hands of Ukrainian investment firms and private shareholders, one of the notable names being Igor Kolomoyskyi. At its closure, Aerosvit managed a fleet of 21 aircraft and employed around 1,200 staff members.

Despite efforts to restructure and reestablish operations, all attempts proved futile, leading to the inevitable liquidation of the airline. Subsequently, Dniproavia, another airline based in Ukraine, acquired some of its assets.

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