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Despite the football club existing only in the television series “Ted Lasso,” it is perceived as realistic. This is facilitated by the anthem, uniform, motto, and logo of AFC Richmond. The visual identity of the athletes is so well thought out that viewers do not even think that it is not real.

AFC Richmond: Brand overview

AFC Richmond is the name of a sports club featured in the television series and inspired by real teams. According to the plot, it is managed by coach Ted Lasso, who actually has no experience in American football but confidently took on the coaching job, creating the basis for comedic situations. The attention to detail is very convincing, so fans are surprised when they learn that these are fictional athletes. The club is based in the London area of Richmond upon Thames and plays at the Crystal Palace F.C. stadium. According to legend, it has been performed since 1897. Currently, the team is owned by Rebecca Welton (51%) and Richmond Fans (49%).

Meaning and History

AFC Richmond Logo History

All the plotlines of the television series, as well as the characters that form the main storyline, are connected with the fictitious football club and its coach to create an interesting and memorable background for the development of the narrative. The details of the team are so well thought out that viewers have no suspicion that it is not real. Authenticity (with history, logo, colors, uniform, stadium, anthem, name, and mascot) supports the atmosphere necessary for the club’s maximum realism. Thus, the athletes’ nickname is The Greyhounds because their emblem depicts a dog of this breed – fast, agile, purposeful.

What is AFC Richmond?

AFC Richmond is a fictional American football team from the television series “Ted Lasso.” According to the fictional story, it has existed since 1897 – from its debut on the field. It is managed by coach Ted Lasso, around whom various comedic situations occur. The club is based in London and plays at Crystal Palace F.C. After being promoted (in 2021), it competes in the English Premier League. Its owners are Rebecca Welton and Richmond Fans.

1897 – today

AFC Richmond Logo

The key element of the AFC Richmond logo is a greyhound dog. It is positioned in the center, occupying one-third of the space. The animal is poised in a tense posture as if watching the surroundings and preparing to attack. The head is turned to the left, the mouth slightly open, and the ears slightly raised. The dog’s legs are thin and long, and the tail is lowered. The greyhound stands on a golden ribbon with split ends, on which the name of the football club is written.

The font is characterized by alternating thick and thin lines, adding an official business style to the text. The letters have small serifs. In the acronym AFC, a bold dot is placed after each character. Above the club’s mascot, the date of its inception is indicated: the number 18 is located in the top left corner, and 97 is on the right. As a background, a classic shield is used, narrowed at the bottom and outlined by a red stripe, which harmoniously looks on the dark blue color.

Font and Colors

AFC Richmond Emblem

For the only inscription in the logo, a capital font with small serifs is used. Although they are small, due to the difference in the width of the lines that make up the letters, it seems as if the serifs are large. Such an effect resonates well with the “deceptive” genre of the television series and the fictional characters, including an entire team.

AFC Richmond Symbol

The official colors of the AFC Richmond club are blue, red, white, and yellow: blue shirts decorated with a red stripe, yellow socks, and white shorts. They all migrated to the team’s emblem: a blue shield with a red frame, a yellow ribbon, and a white dog.