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The Affirm logo does not look traditional and boring, as the emblems of other financial technology companies do. It emphasizes the accessibility of the BNPL service, which serves as an alternative to conventional credit cards and simplifies the purchase of any goods. The color palette evokes associations with reliability, trust, and stability.

Affirm: Brand overview

In 2012, in Silicon Valley, a place known for its innovative spirit, Affirm was born. This fintech company, co-founded by Max Levchin, who also helped start PayPal and create the CAPTCHA test, introduced a simple yet powerful idea: “Buy now, pay later” (BNPL). This service allows people to buy and pay for things immediately over time without hidden fees or complicated interest rates. Affirm partners with Cross River Bank to make this happen, offering a transparent way for consumers to manage their purchases. From the start, Affirm formed strategic partnerships that helped it grow. In 2013, it teamed up with One Kings Lane, an online store for home goods and furniture, which was just the beginning of many collaborations with leading retailers. By 2014, thanks to a $45 million investment led by Spark Capital, Affirm expanded its team and improved its platform.

Affirm’s growth continued over the years, significantly expanding its reach in 2016 through a partnership with Shopify. This made its BNPL service available to a wide range of online sellers. A big leap came in 2019 when Affirm’s services became available at Walmart stores nationwide, marking a significant milestone.

In January 2021, Affirm went public on the Nasdaq, which provided more capital for growth and highlighted its significant impact on the financial technology sector.

Today, Affirm is a major player in the BNPL market, working with hundreds of brands, stores, and e-commerce platforms to offer flexible payment options. It continues to focus on making financial services more accessible, transparent, and friendly for consumers. Affirm isn’t just a company; it’s part of a movement changing how people think about and use financial services.

Meaning and History

Affirm Logo History

Affirm collaborates with many merchants, so its logo can often be seen alongside the emblems of other brands. Considering this, the designers had to create a universal word mark that looks good in any visual context. Initially, it was entirely blue and contained glyphs of non-standard shapes. In 2018, Mackey Saturday redesigned the inscription and added an arch, symbolizing overcoming obstacles to the goal. The new black color and legible font were necessary because the logo must easily adapt to third-party sites. In developing this design, Mackey was guided by his vast experience in branding, as he was once the head of Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv and invented famous emblems for Oculus and Instagram.

What is Affirm?

Affirm is a financial technology company from California that allows consumers to pay for goods in installments. It divides the total amount into convenient monthly payments, the size of which is known in advance. This intuitively understandable system does not imply unforeseen expenses and hidden commissions. The service was founded in 2012 by four businessmen: Alex Rampell, Jeffrey Kaditz, Nathan Gettings, and Max Levchin. Its credit partner is Cross River Bank.

2012 – 2018

Affirm Logo 2012

The bright blue inscription “Affirm” is executed in a geometric sans-serif font. Almost every letter has its unique feature.

  1. “A” consists of two lines: diagonal (left) and vertical (right). They form a sharp angle with a rounded top. It is assumed that “A” is in uppercase, but it matches the size of lowercase glyphs and does not have the usual crossbar.
  2. The combination “ff” forms an indivisible structure connected by a common horizontal stroke.
  3. The upper part of “r” has a diagonal cut, creating a sense of dynamism.
  4. The “m” on the left side lacks a vertical projection: the letter consists of two symmetrical arches.

2018 – today

Affirm Logo

On November 13, 2018, Affirm introduced its updated logo, created by Mackey Saturday. The designer changed the shape of the inscription so that it remains legible even in a small size. At the beginning of the word, there is not an abstract geometric figure made of two stripes but a regular lowercase “a.” There is no longer the usual round dot above the “i.” The two “ff” are still connected, but their tops are elongated and smoothly bent. The diagonal cut at the end of “r” has become less pronounced, and an “m” has acquired a vertical projection.

Although Mackey made the brand name black, he retained the signature blue, coloring a new element – a long arch. The arch starts above the letter “i,” curves around “rm,” and smoothly descends downward. It symbolizes leaping over obstacles that hinder achieving a goal. Similarly, customers of the financial technology company can instantly get the desired product, no matter how expensive, and pay for it in parts.

Font and Colors

Affirm Emblem

Typographer Mackey Saturday developed a custom set of glyphs for the Affirm logo. He used a bold sans-serif font as the basis, roughly similar to Xyngia Demi Bold by ROHH. All letters are specially converted to lowercase to make the inscription evoke a sense of simplicity and trust.

The color palette creates a semantic balance. On one hand, black makes the emblem universal and allows it to be placed on any light background. On the other hand, blue maintains brand recognition and attracts consumer attention.

Affirm Symbol


Does PayPal own Affirm?

PayPal doesn’t own Affirm. Affirm is its own company, traded on the Nasdaq with the symbol AFRM. Max Levchin, who helped start PayPal, also founded Affirm. However, they are two different companies. PayPal handles payments and various financial services. On the other hand, Affirm lets people buy things and pay for them later.

What is the Affirm payment?

Affirm payment is a simple Buy Now, Pay Later option that lets you buy things easily and clearly, without the hidden fees you often find with traditional loans. Here’s why people like using Affirm:

  • Transparency: Affirm tells you all the costs upfront, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.
  • Convenience: Checking out is fast and simple at any store that takes Affirm.

This makes buying on credit simple and hassle-free, without the usual headaches of loans.

Is Affirm in California?

Affirm is a tech company based in California, with its main office in San Francisco. It offers Buy Now, Pay Later services all over the U.S., making it easier for people to shop and pay over time.

What is Affirm UK?

Affirm is mainly active in the United States, offering Buy Now, Pay Later services. It lets customers buy things and pay over time with flexible plans, usually without hidden fees. Affirm aims to be a clearer and easier option than traditional credit.