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The AgustaWestland logo is an iconic representation of the brand, renowned for its helicopter manufacturing prowess. The name “AgustaWestland” is a central feature, setting a clear identity for the logo and everything it stands for.

A key element in the design is a stylized propeller situated at the top left corner. This comprises seven blades arranged to form a structure reminiscent of a blooming flower. The blades, four of which are grey and three red, are elongated and curved triangles, reinforcing the connection to the brand’s core business.

The name is rendered in a typeface with serifs, using a duo-toned color scheme. The letters “A” and “W” are accentuated in red, while the rest of the name is set in dark blue. This color differentiation adds a layer of visual interest to the design, helping it stand out.

Positioned at the bottom, there’s a grey inscription that reads “A Finmeccanica Company.” Crafted in a sleek, sans-serif font, the phrase appears less prominent yet contributes to the overall identity of the logo.

The emblem’s meaning is interpreted through its carefully chosen visual elements. The stylized propeller symbolizes the company’s industry – aviation, specifically helicopter manufacturing. The flower-like arrangement of the blades suggests innovation and growth, core principles of the emblem. The differentiation in color and typeface used for the brand name reflects the company’s unique position in the industry. The secondary inscription signifies a sense of belonging to a larger entity, in this case, Finmeccanica.

Through its creative and strategic design, the AgustaWestland emblem effectively communicates the company’s identity and values, using symbolic representations and color differentiation.

AgustaWestland: Brand overview

Founded:2000 – 2016
Rome, Italy

AgustaWestland, established in July 2000, quickly emerged as a prominent player in the aerospace industry through a joint venture between Finmeccanica and GKN.

The merger of Agusta and Westland Helicopters created an exceptional Anglo-Italian collaboration, uniting the strengths of both nations. With Finmeccanica and GKN holding equal stakes in AgustaWestland, the company became a symbol of global aerospace and engineering cooperation, setting new standards for the industry.

In a significant move in 2004, Finmeccanica acquired GKN’s stake, gaining sole ownership of AgustaWestland.

In 2016, AgustaWestland underwent a transformative phase when it merged into Leonardo S.p.A., the rebranded entity of Finmeccanica. As a result, AgustaWestland became the helicopter division of the expanded Leonardo Helicopters brand. Although the AgustaWestland name remains a subsidiary, it no longer operates as a separate public brand.

Meaning and History

AgustaWestland Logo History

Who is Agusta Westland?

AgustaWestland has become an influential force in the aviation world, specializing in designing and manufacturing helicopters. The Anglo-Italian multinational was created in July 2000 when Finmeccanica and GKN decided to merge their helicopter subsidiaries Agusta and Westland Helicopters. The company’s structure changes occurred in 2004 when Finmeccanica acquired GKN’s stake in AgustaWestland. The move turned AgustaWestland into a subsidiary of Finmeccanica, which has since been renamed Leonardo, marking another milestone in the company’s journey.

AgustaWestland color codes

RedHex color:#f80000
RGB:248 0 0
CMYK:0 100 100 3
Pantone:PMS 172 C
Dark Midnight BlueHex color:#4c5259
RGB:76 82 89
CMYK:15 8 0 65
Pantone:PMS 7540 C
TealHex color:#0f397e
RGB:15 57 126
CMYK:88 55 0 51
Pantone:PMS 228 C