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The Air Atlanta Icelandic logo represents the airline’s promise to deliver top-notch service, fresh thinking, and attention to customer needs. It’s a symbol that speaks to both stability and being up-to-date. This logo reassures all passengers, whether experienced or new to flying that they’ve made the right choice. It embodies trust and ambition, which is crucial for an airline in a field where trust counts for so much.

Air Atlanta Icelandic: Brand overview

Since its founding in 1986, Air Atlanta Icelandic has continuously connected the Icelandic city of Kopavogur to southern Europe, the enchanting Caribbean, and vibrant Africa with charter and ACMI flights. The airline, which began as a subsidiary of Flugleiðir Icelandic, has today become a leader in the aviation sector, synonymous with reliability and efficiency.

In 1990, Air Atlanta Cargo was established as a separate division dedicated exclusively to cargo operations with a fleet of Boeing 747-200F freighters.

In 1996, the airline made a bold strategic move to target expansion in the United States and acquired Florida-based World Airways. This key acquisition enabled the operation of wide-body aircraft and allowed the airline to grow its fleet to more than 40 aircraft, a significant development for the airline.

Today, Air Atlanta Icelandic is a leading charter and ACMI airline with a broad global reach. With an impressive fleet of more than 30 aircraft, including state-of-the-art Boeing 747-400, 747-8F, 767-300ER, and 777-200F models, the airline has an unwavering commitment to the skies and beyond.

Meaning and History

Air Atlanta Icelandic Logo History

The logos of Air Atlanta Icelandic trace the company’s growth from a regional operator to a major international player. They show how the airline’s identity has matured alongside its expanding services. Initially, the logos were influenced by Iceland’s rugged nature, reflecting the airline’s beginnings. Over time, as the airline began to cover more ground, the logos changed to show that it was an ambitious, global enterprise.

Today, the logo is straightforward and modern, showing Air Atlanta Icelandic’s focus on making air travel simpler for everyone. The emblem’s clean lines and bold colors tell a story of the airline’s drive and careful attention to detail. It’s more than just a logo; it’s a sign of the airline’s promise to keep passengers safe, reflecting its long-standing commitment to connecting people worldwide.

What is Air Atlanta Icelandic?

Air Atlanta Icelandic, based in Kopavogur, Iceland, is an airline known for its charter and ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, Insurance) services. Since its inception, it has served a wide range of customers, from those requiring passenger transportation to those requiring specialized cargo transportation. The company has become a significant player in the aviation industry. The company initially started its operations with a single airplane and, over time, has expanded its fleet to include a variety of aircraft models to meet different flight requirements.

Before 2000

Air Atlanta Icelandic Logo before 2000

Before 2000, Air Atlanta Icelandic’s first logo beautifully captured the spirit of flight and the airline’s dedication to connecting the world. The logo, designed to resemble the side profile of an airplane, was a deliberate choice to embody the essence of aviation and the airline’s role in it. The name “Air Atlanta” was written in a larger font, showing confidence and a strong foundation, emphasizing the airline as a trustworthy connector in the skies.

The clever combination of the letters A and L in the logo represented the airline’s mission to link the Icelandic town of Kopavogur with the globe, highlighting its importance in making Iceland a key hub for international flights. The word “Icelandic” was slanted in the logo, suggesting the aerodynamics of flight and adding a dynamic feel, symbolizing speed and the excitement of air travel. The varying sizes and thicknesses of the letters reflected the airline’s capacity to transport everything from small packages to large cargo.

Three horizontal stripes, colored in patriotic red and blue, represented the airline’s main focuses: flying, plane leasing, and maintenance. These stripes weren’t just decorative; they stood for Air Atlanta Icelandic’s wide range of services and its comprehensive role in aviation.

A thin line below the name suggested the earth, making the logo appear to be flying high in the sky, showcasing the airline’s ambition to soar beyond the ordinary. This design conveyed the beauty of flight and the endless possibilities of aviation. The original logo perfectly represented Air Atlanta Icelandic’s identity, global connectivity, and foundational role in aviation with its meaningful design.

2000 – 2005

Air Atlanta Icelandic Logo 2000

Air Atlanta updated its logo with new leadership and more destinations to match these big changes. The new logo is bigger and tighter, showing off the growth of the airline’s fleet and its many new partnerships. This update was carefully planned to show Air Atlanta’s advancement and wider operations.

The new logo features a big ‘A’ designed to look like a flying plane, with the top resembling a plane’s tail and the middle bar ending in wing-like curves. There’s also a blue shape in the design, looking like an airplane window, adding to the aviation theme.

The large ‘A’ reflects the wide-body jets in Air Atlanta’s fleet, which can seat 7-10 passengers across. This change means the airline can now carry more passengers, symbolizing the ‘A’ size in the logo.

The logo also has a three-layered name design that echoes the ‘A’s shape, keeping the look unified. Plus, it keeps the airline’s old symbol of three parallel stripes, linking to the Icelandic flag and showing its pride in its roots. This detail highlights Air Atlanta’s role in representing Iceland worldwide.

2005 – today

Air Atlanta Icelandic Logo

The emblem of Air Atlanta Icelandic is a powerful symbol representing the airline’s identity. It has two main parts: a unique icon and a two-level name design, carefully made to show the airline’s principles and values.

At the logo’s center is an oval split diagonally into two colors. The top is beige-gold, showing the airline’s high standards and commitment to quality service. The bottom is dark navy blue, reflecting the vast skies and seas Air Atlanta Icelandic flies over. A curved stripe resembling a wave and an orbit connects these two parts, showing the airline’s wide reach and smooth connections worldwide.

An important part of the emblem is a wide, white line running through the middle of the oval. This line shows the airline’s clear direction and unique path in the aviation world.

The logo’s clean and smooth text shows Air Atlanta Icelandic’s professionalism. The “L” looks like a skateboard ramp, adding a creative touch and showing the airline’s innovative and forward-looking nature.

The smaller font on the bottom makes the name easy to read and highlights the airline’s attention to detail. This way of writing the name helps make the brand more visible and recognized globally.

Font and Colors

The Air Atlanta Icelandic logo sports a simple sans-serif font that gives off a professional vibe. The text is in all caps, which adds a touch of seriousness, fitting for an airline. It’s clear and easy to read, with generous spacing between the letters.

The logo’s symbol is an oval, split into two colors. The top is beige-gold, suggesting quality and warmth, while the bottom is navy blue, hinting at the airline’s depth of experience and professionalism.

A distinct white line runs through the oval’s center, breaking up the two colors and adding a modern look to the design. This line could symbolize the airline’s journey—straightforward and determined. The colors and design give the logo a reliable and seasoned look, aligning with what passengers might look for in an airline.


Where is Air Atlanta Icelandic based?

Air Atlanta Icelandic is an airline specializing in charter flights and leasing planes to other airlines, complete with crew, maintenance, and insurance. It’s headquartered in Kópavogur, Iceland’s second-largest area, right next to the capital, Reykjavík. This spot is perfect because it’s in the middle of the Atlantic, making trips between North America and Europe easier.

The airline is a big deal in the aviation world because it helps other airlines grow by leasing their planes without the huge cost of buying more aircraft. Being based in Kópavogur means Air Atlanta Icelandic uses Iceland’s top-notch aviation setup, which is known for its safety and reliability.

Air Atlanta Icelandic makes the most of Iceland’s location for flying over continents smoothly. Iceland has a strong reputation in aviation, thanks to great air traffic control, modern airports, and good aviation laws. This helps the airline work globally, reaching customers far and wide.

How much do Air Atlanta Icelandic pilots make?

Captains at Air Atlanta Icelandic can make a good amount of money, with their yearly pay ranging from $141,000 to $263,000. This includes their regular salary plus extra earnings like bonuses and overtime, depending on how much they work and how well they do their job.

The average pay for Captains is about $188,000 a year, but this can change based on their experience, how many flights they fly, and other details about their work. This shows that Air Atlanta Icelandic pays well, especially for Captains, because they need a lot of skill and experience. Captains get paid so much because they have a very important job. They fly big planes and are in charge of keeping everyone safe during the flight.

Where is Air Atlanta from?

Air Atlanta was an airline that operated in the United States and was headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It started in 1984 but only lasted until 1987. The airline mainly flew from William B. Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the U.S. This airport was a key location because it’s a major center for travelers and business.

The airline had official codes for identification: “CC” for IATA, “CRB” for ICAO, and “AIRLAN” for its callsign. These codes helped organize flights and talk to other parts of the aviation world. Even though Air Atlanta was around for a short time, it played a part in the competitive airline industry of the mid-1980s. Choosing Atlanta as its home base was smart because the city is a big deal for domestic and international flights.

Which airline code is CC?

The airline code “CC” is used by Air Atlanta Icelandic. Each airline gets a unique code from aviation authorities for booking flights, planning trips, and handling luggage. “CC” specifically identifies Air Atlanta Icelandic among airlines worldwide. This airline is known for leasing aircraft with crew and maintenance (ACMI) and offering charter flights. It works with various clients like other airlines, governments, and private groups. These codes help ensure flights run smoothly and everyone involved, from airports to air traffic controllers, can work together well.