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The Air Austral logo reflects professionalism and comfort, which are key traits for an airline. It reassures all passengers they’re safe, helping build trust and loyalty. This logo makes Air Austral stand out globally among many airlines.

Air Austral: Brand overview

Founded in 1974 as Réunion Air Services, Air Austral has been gracefully traversing the airspace for over 45 years. Starting from Roland Garros Airport in Réunion, the airline has always provided reliable transportation to the islanders. Equipped with a fleet of state-of-the-art aircraft, Air Austral continues its legacy of providing excellent flying conditions.

In 1986, Réunion Air Services underwent a major rebranding and was transformed into Air Réunion. In 1990, a merger with Air Madagascar took place, creating the airline known today as Air Austral. The reorganized airline quickly gained a strong foothold in the region, offering flights to many interesting destinations across the Indian Ocean.

With the advent of the 21st century, Air Austral has risen to new heights, marking a remarkable growth phase. The airline spread its wings wide, adding five new aircraft to its fleet and opening routes across Asia, Africa, and Europe.

By 2013, the airline expanded its reach to destinations such as Chennai, Bangalore, and Sydney in India and Australia, respectively. The company began operating nonstop direct flights from Europe to Reunion for the first time, effectively opening up a new market.

Meaning and History

Air Austral Logo History

Air Austral’s logos chart the airline’s transformation from a local service to an international player. These logos have evolved, capturing the changing ambitions and spirit of the airline.

At first, the logos drew inspiration from Réunion, where Air Austral began. This place, rich in culture and Indian Ocean scenery, influenced the early designs. As the airline expanded, its symbols also grew to show a wider international scope while maintaining the airline’s dedication to quality service.

The current logos are sharp and lively, highlighting Air Austral’s core values. They promise memorable journeys, safety, and consistent service. Each logo tells part of Air Austral’s story, illustrating its role in connecting the Indian Ocean area with the broader world.

What is Air Austral?

Based at Roland Garros Airport on Reunion Island, French airline Air Austral has been an integral part of the aviation world since its inception. From humble beginnings, it has grown and evolved, setting high standards in air transportation while maintaining its unique character. Born out of a desire to connect Reunion Island to the world, the company started with a small fleet and, through an unwavering commitment to customer service and safety, has expanded its reach beyond the Indian Ocean.

1990 – 2014

Air Austral Logo 1990

From 1990 to 2014, Air Austral’s logo perfectly mixed aviation tradition with the beauty of the Indian Ocean’s landscapes. Its rectangular design, reminiscent of the pilot and flight attendant uniform patches, connected the past with contemporary aviation symbols. With its light blue and white colors, the logo looked sleek and not bulky at all, suggesting smoothness and speed.

The light blue and white colors create calm and safety, hinting at Air Austral’s promise of enjoyable flights. The white stripes represent the flight paths over the Indian Ocean, highlighting the airline’s routes and its home base on Réunion Island. This shows the airline’s commitment to connecting places and strong ties to its home region.

The logo cleverly incorporates two ‘A’s to resemble the shape of an airplane, symbolizing the airline’s ambition and focus on aviation. This ascending airplane image speaks to Air Austral’s goals of growth and exploring new horizons. The bold typography used for the airline’s name also projects confidence and reliability, underscoring Air Austral’s dedication to excellent service and stability for its passengers.

2014 – today

Air Austral Logo

Air Austral’s new logo has a modern and friendly look. The logo’s rounded letter edges suggest safety and comfort, which are important for an airline. The name is clear and bold in the middle at the bottom, making it easy to see and recognize.

The letters are big and strong, with round ends to look more inviting and less harsh. At the top is a special symbol of two ‘A’s put together to make a classic and stylish shape, like an old royal seal.

The ‘A’s in the symbol changes color from a strong blue at the bottom to a soft blue at the top. These blues stand for the airline’s promise to be trustworthy and hopeful for the future, aiming to show that flying with them means safety and looking ahead to good things.

Font and Colors

The Air Austral logo is simple and modern. It uses a plain sans-serif font to spell out “AIR AUSTRA.” The letters are big, clear, and evenly spaced, making the name easy to read and giving it a solid and dependable feel.

The emblem uses two shades of blue, fading from light at the top to dark at the bottom. The light blue means the sky and shows how the airline cares for its customers, while the dark blue might represent the ocean, linking back to the airline’s home in the Indian Ocean region. The color gradient makes the logo look lively and modern, suggesting that Air Austral is innovative and progressive.


Who owns the Air Austral?

Air Austral is an airline from Réunion with a unique mix of owners, including private and public investors. The main owner is Run Air, a private company that holds 55% of the airline’s shares. This shows how important private money is to Air Austral, especially with Run Air planning to invest €30 million in helping the airline improve its finances and operations.

Another big part of Air Austral is owned by Sematra, a company that’s part public and private, owning 44%. Sematra has a long history with Air Austral, even once owning 99% of it. This change to a mix of different types of owners is aimed at making Air Austral stronger by getting the best of both worlds: innovation from the private sector and steady support from the public sector. For Air Austral, having Run Air and Sematra as owners means it gets financial help and support to grow and improve.

Which country is Air Austral from?

Air Austral, based at Roland Garros Airport in Réunion, is a French airline that connects the island, a remote French territory in the Indian Ocean, with various parts of the world. It flies to important destinations like cities in France, South Africa, Thailand, and other places in the Indian Ocean area. This service is vital for travelers and businesses, keeping Réunion connected with these important areas.

In addition to its long-distance flights, Air Austral also offers flights to other islands in the Indian Ocean. This enhances travel choices for tourists and benefits the local economy. By promoting trade and tourism, the airline is key to the development of Réunion and the Indian Ocean region.

What airline code is UU?

The airline code “UU” belongs to Air Austral, a major airline from France. This code is recognized worldwide and helps people and companies in the travel business easily identify Air Austral. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) gives each airline a two-letter code to simplify things for travelers, travel agents, and airports everywhere.

Air Austral also has a number code, 760, which it uses for other reasons. The airline’s main office is on the island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean, but since Réunion is a part of France, Air Austral is considered a European airline.

The code “UU” is handy when you’re booking flights or need to check your bags. It keeps things running smoothly by ensuring everyone uses the same name for the airline in systems and paperwork. Thanks to “UU,” Air Austral connects Réunion with places worldwide, making it important for travel and trade in that area.

Does Air Austral fly to India?

Air Austral offers flights to Chennai, India, from Réunion and other locations, making it simpler for travelers to explore this dynamic city. Chennai, known historically as Madras, is a large city in Tamil Nadu, a southern state. The city blends historical and modern elements, featuring colonial architecture alongside traditional Tamil designs. Choosing Air Austral for your trip to Chennai means you’re also well-placed to discover other parts of India.