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Air Bourbon: Brand overview

Air Bourbon was active in Comoros from 2002 to 2004. The airline was founded by the Bourbon Group, a French conglomerate with a significant stake in the Indian Ocean region.

Air Bourbon’s main operational center was located in Moroni, with Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport serving as the main hub. The airline operated mainly domestic flights to the Comoros Islands. However, the airline also operated some regional international flights.

Air Bourbon’s fleet consisted of small propeller aircraft, notably the Dornier 228. From its hub in Comoros, the airline flew to various destinations, including Mayotte, Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Reunion Island.

At its peak, Air Bourbon employed about 50 people. However, in 2004, just two years after its creation, the airline was forced to cease operations. The reasons for the airline’s closure were primarily due to the lack of infrastructure in Comoros and the high cost of maintaining it.

With the closure of Air Bourbon, Comoros lost domestic air service for a long time.

Meaning and History

Air Bourbon Logo History

2002 – 2004

Air Bourbon Logo

Air Bourbon is only two years old, but its logo has long been a symbol of the aviation industry in Reunion. The image of a graceful bird with two long tail feathers is associated with lightness, airiness, and agility. The bird is also a representative of the fauna of the Mascarene Islands, where the airline was based. A green bird with an orange wing flies above the blue word “AIR” and the green “BOURBON.” The lettering font is as elegant as the style of the picture itself.

The choice of a bird native to the Mascarene Islands serves as an evocative local touch aimed at establishing a closer connection with residents or travelers familiar with the area. The color scheme, which includes green, orange, and blue, symbolizes vitality, adventure, and reliability – qualities that passengers often look for in an airline. Despite its short lifespan, the thoughtfulness of the Air Bourbon logo design demonstrates careful attention to branding and local identity.