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Despite the airline’s brief existence, the Air Bourbon logo has become a timeless symbol in Réunion’s aviation industry. Depicting a refined bird with two elongated feathers in its tail, the image is associated with lightness, airiness, and agility. The bird also represents the fauna of the Mascarene Islands, where the carrier was based. The green bird with an orange wing is shown flying over the blue word “AIR” and the green “BOURBON,” both in a font as elegant as the style of the drawing itself.

The Refined Bird Symbolism: The choice of a bird as the central element speaks volumes about what the company represents. The slender shape with elongated tail feathers directly connects with concepts of grace and precision in flight. It echoes the values the airline aimed to offer – smooth travel, precision in service, and a sense of elegance.

Local Fauna Connection: The logo immediately linked to its home base by choosing a bird specific to the Mascarene Islands. This emphasized the carrier’s roots and made the logo particularly resonant with local people and those familiar with the region’s natural beauty.

Color Scheme: The chosen colors – green for the bird, orange for its wing, and blue for the word “AIR” – add layers of meaning. Green often symbolizes growth and harmony, orange is linked to enthusiasm and energy, and blue represents trust and reliability. Together, they create a harmonious, dynamic, visually appealing image.

Elegance in Typography: The text’s elegant font aligns perfectly with the artistic style of the bird, creating a cohesive and classy appearance. It reinforces the brand’s commitment to sophistication and quality.

Flight over Words: The bird’s position, flying over the company name, further emphasizes the theme of flight and freedom. It creates a visual hierarchy, placing the notion of unhindered flight at the forefront of the brand’s identity.

Short-lived yet Timeless: Even though the airline only operated for two years, the logo’s design has left an enduring mark. Its timeless quality arises from the perfect balance of aesthetics, symbolism, and connection to local culture.

Alignment with Aviation Values: Utilizing a bird’s image, the logo aligns itself with universal themes in aviation. This includes the obvious connection to flight and navigation, exploration, and the experience of seeing the world from new and lofty perspectives.

A Nod to Environmental Stewardship: The depiction of local fauna and the use of green in the logo subtly suggest a connection to nature and environmental consciousness, aligning with the increasing importance of ecological responsibility in modern business practices.

Memorability and Uniqueness: The originality and elegance of the logo contribute to its memorability. It stands out among typical aviation logos, giving it a distinct identity and lasting impression on those who encounter it.

Air Bourbon: Brand overview

Founded:2002 – 2004
Founder:Group Bourbon
Moroni, Comoros

Air Bourbon was an active airline based in Comoros from 2002 to 2004. The Bourbon Group, a French conglomerate with a considerable stake in the Indian Ocean region, founded this airline.

The primary operations center of Air Bourbon was in Moroni, with Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport acting as its main hub. The services offered by the airline were largely domestic, connecting the Comoros islands. However, it also operated some regional international flights.

Air Bourbon’s fleet comprised small propeller aircraft, notably the Dornier 228. It provided connections from its Comoros hub to various destinations, including Mayotte, Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Reunion Island.

During its peak operation period, Air Bourbon employed around 50 personnel. Nevertheless, the airline had to cease operations in 2004, merely two years after its inception. The causes of its downfall were primarily the insufficient infrastructure within the Comoros and the high costs associated with operations.

After Air Bourbon’s closure, the Comoros islands experienced a long period void of domestic air services.

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