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Air Bourbon: Brand overview

In 2002, local entrepreneurs and businessmen from the Comoros founded Air Bourbon in Moroni, the capital city of these Indian Ocean islands. They aimed to improve connections between the islands and nearby areas.

By early 2003, the airline had added two Bombardier Dash 8 turboprop planes, each capable of carrying 37 passengers. After securing the required certifications, Air Bourbon launched its first flight on April 15, 2003, linking Moroni, Anjouan, and Mohéli. This marked the start of its planned route network.

The airline soon began regular flights across the Comoros and initiated international flights to Mayotte and Tanzania. These services marked important steps for Air Bourbon, showing its potential to connect the region.

However, financial struggles due to high operating costs and inexperienced management emerged in 2003. By early 2004, political unrest in the region compounded these problems.

The government suspended Air Bourbon’s operations in May 2004 over safety concerns. Despite attempts to secure new investment, the airline could not continue. On August 28, 2004, Air Bourbon ceased operations and was liquidated.

During its brief operation, Air Bourbon managed to enhance regional travel. Financial difficulties, management challenges, and political instability led to its closure despite the efforts. After the airline shut down, its assets, including the two Dash 8 aircraft, were distributed among other regional carriers. This story highlights aviation’s critical role and challenges in island nations like the Comoros.

Meaning and History

Air Bourbon Logo History

2002 – 2004

Air Bourbon Logo

Air Bourbon is only two years old, but its logo has long been a symbol of the aviation industry in Reunion. The image of a graceful bird with two long tail feathers is associated with lightness, airiness, and agility. The bird represents the fauna of the Mascarene Islands, where the airline was based. A green bird with an orange wing flies above the blue word “AIR” and the green “BOURBON.” The lettering font is as elegant as the style of the picture itself.

The choice of a bird native to the Mascarene Islands serves as an evocative local touch to establish a closer connection with residents or travelers familiar with the area. The color scheme, which includes green, orange, and blue, symbolizes vitality, adventure, and reliability – qualities that passengers often look for in an airline. Despite its short lifespan, the thoughtfulness of the Air Bourbon logo design demonstrates careful attention to branding and local identity.