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Air Caledonie: Brand overview

Founded in 1954, Air Caledonie is based in Nouméa and flies to New Caledonia. Its flights are mainly within New Caledonia, but it is also present on several international routes in the South Pacific region.

Air Caledonie is majority-owned by the government of New Caledonia, with the remaining shares distributed among private shareholders. The airline’s fleet of ATR 42 and ATR 72 turboprop aircraft is well suited for short-haul flights, commonly referred to as island-hopping.

Air Caledonie serves about 15 domestic airports in New Caledonia, including islands such as Lifou, Marais, and Ouwea. The airline also operates international flights from its base in Nouméa to destinations such as Port Vila, Nadi, and Auckland.

Air Caledonie employs about 200 staff and serves more than 300,000 passengers annually. The airline plays a key role in improving mobility and connecting the disparate islands of New Caledonia.

Throughout its long history, Air Caledonie has maintained an impressive safety record. The airline continues to serve this remote South Pacific territory of France and is modernizing its turboprop fleet.

Meaning and History

Air Caledonie Logo History

1968 – today

Air Caledonie Logo

The main symbol of Air Caledonie is a brown totemic design made up of many layers. This design represents the cultural heritage of New Caledonia and links the airline to its homeland. The symmetrical arrangement of stripes and complex geometric shapes is set against the sun, which appears three-dimensional due to the yellow-orange gradient. At the bottom, the phrase “air calédonie” is written in brown lowercase letters. Below this text is a pointed arch separating the phrase “NOS RACINES ONT DES AILES.”

The phrase “NOS RACINES ONT DES AILES,” which translates to “Our roots have wings,” emphasizes the airline’s emphasis on cultural identity and freedom of air travel. The choice of totemic pattern and sun reinforces the idea of the origin and vitality of the New Caledonian community. The brown color used for the totemic pattern and text symbolizes earthiness and stability, which is highly valued in the aviation industry.