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The logo of Air Choice One embodies the airline’s dedication to providing a comfortable travel experience for its passengers. Its simple yet effective design enhances brand recognition and distinguishes the airline in a crowded market. The logo subtly suggests speed and precision, qualities that Air Choice One aims to reflect in its services.

Air Choice One: Brand Overview

Air Choice One originated from Multi-Aero Corporation, established in 1979 in St. Louis, Missouri. Initially, Multi-Aero provided aircraft maintenance services and later expanded into aviation leasing and charter services throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

By 2007, the company received an airline operator certificate and decided to venture into the commercial passenger market as Air Choice One. After years of preparation, Air Choice One commenced operations on June 1, 2010, with a flight from St. Louis to Atlanta.

The airline started with two 19-seater Cessna 208B Grand Caravan turboprop aircraft, primarily serving regional routes from its base in St. Louis. Air Choice One added the larger 19-seater Beechcraft 1900D and Jetstream 32 aircraft to its fleet as it grew to serve an expanding network.

By 2018, Air Choice One operated 15 aircraft, conducting about 70 daily flights across 40 regular routes, mainly in the Midwest and Southeast U.S. The airline’s main hub was St. Louis Lambert, with additional bases in cities such as Chicago and Pittsburgh.

The early 2020s presented significant challenges for the airline. The COVID-19 pandemic and decreased business activity led to financial difficulties. In April 2022, without financial backers, Air Choice One had to announce the cessation of all operations and initiate bankruptcy proceedings.

On May 7, 2022, the airline performed its final flight and ceased all commercial activities, dispersing its 15 aircraft fleet and losing approximately 350 jobs. After operating independently for about 12 years, Air Choice One could not withstand the financial difficulties from strong competition and the impact of the pandemic.

The closure of Air Choice One reduced air service connectivity in the Midwest and Southeast U.S., where the airline had a substantial route network. This situation illustrates small regional carriers’ challenges in the competitive aviation industry.

Meaning and History

Air Choice One Logo History

The Air Choice One logo reflects the company’s unique history and strategic role in the American aviation industry. As a commuter airline focused on connecting small towns with major hub airports, the logo’s design elements emphasize its commitment to accessibility and efficiency. The branding links the company’s past efforts to improve regional transport with its current mission to provide convenient travel solutions. The emblem represents Air Choice One’s legacy and crucial role in connecting diverse communities.

What is Air Choice One?

Multi-Aero, Inc., operating as Air Choice One, has significantly impacted the American aviation industry as a key commuter airline. Located in Concord, Missouri, in the Greater St. Louis area, it functioned as part of Southern Airways Corporation and contributed substantially to regional air transportation development. Air Choice One established itself by linking small towns with major transportation hubs, providing passengers with efficient travel options.

1979 – 2022

Air Choice One Logo

The logo of Air Choice One features a droplet shape that represents speed, purposefulness, energy, and motion. This droplet is oriented to the right, giving the impression that it is moving from one plane to another. Its design includes a broad and rounded left side, while the right side is narrow and pointed, emphasizing a sense of forward momentum. The droplet shape is horizontally elongated and extends beneath all three parts of the airline’s name. The words are spaced far enough apart to ensure they stand out distinctly. The first two segments of the name are colored in black, while the rightmost segment is in blue. Almost all the letters are in lowercase, except for the initial letters ‘A,’ ‘C,’ and ‘O’s, which are capitalized to draw attention and enhance readability. This design choice helps convey the airline’s dynamic and accessible service approach.

Font and Colors

The “Air Choice One” logo uses a sans-serif font for a clean, modern look. The text is straightforward without serifs, enhancing its contemporary appearance. The capital letters “A” and “C” in “Air Choice” are noticeably larger than the lowercase letters, drawing attention to the airline’s name. The word “One” is highlighted in blue, symbolizing unity or completeness.

Each letter is evenly spaced, and the uniform thickness of the characters conveys reliability and professionalism. The font lacks additional embellishments or complexities, aligning with a streamlined, efficient image.

The logo features dark gray for “Air Choice” and bright blue for “One” and an elongated elliptical shape beneath the text. The gray color suggests a sense of balance and neutrality, while the blue is associated with depth, stability, and reliabilityā€”attributes valued in the aviation industry. The elongated ellipse adds a sense of motion or trajectory, fitting for an airline’s visual style, and its placement under the text hints at a horizon line, a common element in aviation-related imagery.


What happened to Air Choice One?

Air Choice One, a regional airline based in the U.S., ceased operations in 2022 after facing various challenges, especially from the COVID-19 pandemic. The airline started 1979 as Multi-Aero Corporation in St. Louis, Missouri, focusing on aircraft maintenance. It later expanded into aviation leasing and charter services and, by 2007, received an airline operator certificate. This allowed the company to become Air Choice One and begin commercial passenger flights.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic drastically reduced air travel demand, leading to financial struggles for Air Choice One. Despite attempts to keep the business going, the airline could not overcome its financial difficulties and did not find investors. In April 2022, it announced it would stop operating and start bankruptcy proceedings. The final flight occurred on May 7, 2022, ending operations and losing about 350 jobs. The closure of Air Choice One affected air service in the regions it served, showing the challenges small regional airlines face during economic downturns and crises like the pandemic.

Who owns Air Choice One?

On March 28, 2022, Southern Airways Corporation, the parent company of Southern Airways Express, purchased Air Choice One. This acquisition allowed Southern Airways to grow by adding Air Choice One to its group of companies. Initially, the plan was to separate operating certificates for both airlines.

This approach helped Southern Airways Corporation strengthen its position in the market by expanding its network and the services it can offer. By initially maintaining separate certificates, the company could use the distinct advantages and focus areas of Air Choice One and Southern Airways Express. Purchasing Air Choice One was a major step for Southern Airways Corporation, showing its commitment to grow in the U.S. aviation market.