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Air Djibouti Logo holds a true reflection of the nation’s identity and heritage. The centerpiece of this unique emblem is the spiral-horned antelope, the country’s national animal. It’s stationed in the core of a vibrant red rectangle, further enhanced by a surrounding white circle. The undulating horns of the antelope intriguingly breach the circular boundary, symbolizing an expansive and boundary-less perspective.

The creature gazes towards the right, seemingly gazing into the distance, perhaps symbolizing the airline’s commitment to always looking ahead and striving for progress. Below this geometrical assembly, one can spot the textual components of the logo. The airline’s name, written in bold italic type, occupies the top row, asserting its presence.

Beneath the company name is the phrase “Red Sea Airlines,” standing for the airline’s operational region. Even though the phrase contains more words, it is visually less imposing, making the logo balanced and clean. From the phrase, two slim lines extend in opposite directions, offering a frame for the text and unifying the entire design.

This emblem by the airline company articulates a sense of national pride with the depiction of the national animal. Its gaze and the breaking of the circle by its horns might symbolize forward-thinking and limitless opportunities, reflecting the brand’s ambition. The typography and layout employed in the logo contribute to its balanced and captivating visual appeal.

Air Djibouti: Brand overview

Founded:April 1963
Founder:B. Astraud

Air Djibouti, the Republic of Djibouti’s national airline, has illuminated the skies with its distinguished service since 1963.

Initially established as the Compagnie Territoriale de Transports Aeriens (CTTA), the airline, although small, has embarked on a journey of transformation from its humble beginnings to the present day.

Emerging as a major player in the aviation sector, Air Djibouti clinched the title of the largest airline in the Horn of Africa by the 1980s. Catering to a vast network of destinations, the airline offered passenger and cargo services connecting Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, cementing its position as an essential cornerstone of the region’s air connectivity.

However, the airline encountered turbulent times in 2002 when financial obstacles forced it to halt operations. Yet, just like a phoenix’s awe-inspiring resurrection, Air Djibouti found new life in 2015. With the government’s backing and the injection of funds from private investors, the airline made a triumphant return.

Today, Air Djibouti is reaching new altitudes, proudly presenting a range of domestic and international flights serviced by its state-of-the-art fleet, which includes Boeing 737s.

Meaning and History

Air Djibouti Logo History

The brand identity of Air Djibouti is deeply rooted in its national heritage. The company is not just an airline; it’s a symbol of Djibouti’s aspiration to connect with the world and an embodiment of the nation’s hospitable spirit. As the flag carrier, it carries an inherent responsibility to represent the country in the global sphere.

Air Djibouti’s branding is consistent with its status as a flag carrier. Its logo, a stylized representation of a Djiboutian dhow sailing on the Red Sea, embodies the nation’s maritime culture and heritage. This emblem serves as a powerful visual narrative, linking the nation’s past with its present and future. The brand ethos of Air Djibouti is committed to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.

What is Air Djibouti?

Air Djibouti, also known as Red Sea Airlines, proudly represents itself as the flag carrier of Djibouti. Established in the heart of Djibouti, the company has a rich history that mirrors the evolution and growth of the nation’s aviation industry. The airline emerged in response to the need for more comprehensive and reliable air transport services in Djibouti, a country strategically situated at the junction of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Over time, the carrier has grown in scope and reach, expanding its routes to offer more connections and serving as an important gateway for travelers and commerce to and from the region.

Air Djibouti color codes

RedHex color:#fb100c
RGB:251 16 12
CMYK:0 94 95 2
Pantone:PMS 172 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C