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The Air Do logo is a subtle blend of modernity and classic professionalism, embodying the company’s commitment to affordable and safe air transportation. With its minimalistic design, the logo conveys efficiency and affordability, which is at the core of the brand identity. The logo echoes Air Do’s commitment to simplifying the travel experience, indicating that the company is straightforward, low-cost, and reliable.

Air Do: Brand overview

On a cold day in November 1996, a group of investors from Hokkaido launched Hokkaido International Airlines in Sapporo. They aimed to create a major airline in northern Japan connecting the entire archipelago.

By December 1998, after two years of preparation, the airline began operations. It started with a fleet of four Bombardier Dash 8Q300 aircraft, each seating 56 passengers. The first flight from Sapporo to Tokyo began a network that eventually included major Japanese cities like Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka. The goal was to improve connections between people, cultures, and economies.

In May 2003, the airline changed its name to Air Do, reflecting its growing role in regional aviation. During 2004 and 2005, Air Do began flying to international destinations like Seoul, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. It added its first jet, the Boeing 737-500, to its fleet.

The 2010s were a period of growth and modernization for Air Do, with the introduction of newer, more efficient aircraft like the Boeing 737-800 and the Embraer E-Jet family. These planes helped Air Do enhance the travel experience while focusing on environmental responsibility.

By 2020, the fleet had expanded to 25 aircraft flying to 33 domestic and nine international destinations. The main hub remained at New Chitose Airport in Sapporo, with significant bases in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka.

Over 25 years, Air Do has transported over 65 million passengers, serving the people of Hokkaido and attracting tourists to the island’s natural and cultural attractions. As a private company, Air Do has become a leading airline in Japan’s regional market, known for its reliable service.

Meaning and History

Air Do Logo History

The logo of Air Do encapsulates the airline’s story and principles. From the start, Air Do has aimed to offer accessible and safe air travel; features echoed in its straightforward and functional logo. This emblem represents the airline’s identity and illustrates its commitment to customer satisfaction and operational excellence. As Air Do evolves, its logo symbolizes its core values and ongoing effort to enhance and broaden its services to adapt to travelers’ changing needs.

What is Air Do?

Air Do, formerly known as Hokkaido International Airlines, is a well-known Japanese regional airline headquartered in the bustling city of Sapporo. The airline has found its niche in serving the Hokkaido region, known for its stunning natural beauty and vibrant culture. The need for reliable and cost-effective air transportation to and from the region has fueled the company’s growth.

1996 – today

Air Do Logo

The logo of Air Do, a Japanese airline, conveys the company’s commitment to affordable flights, safe services, and employee professionalism through its simple design. It features the company name vertically, with the left side positioned lower than the right, symbolizing the airline’s growth and high aspirations. This design reflects a positive outlook for the future.

The logo’s geometric, semi-bold font creates a strong and clear appearance. The large, black letters have a clear, angular shape that combines straight and rounded lines. This design emphasizes the airline’s focus on clean aesthetics and effective functionality, making the logo reflect Air Do’s values, visually striking, and easy to recognize.

Font and Colors

The Air Do logo features a bold, sans-serif font. The letters are all capitalized to give a feeling of strength and stability. The design is simple with a clean, geometric look.

The logo’s black color is strong and stands out well. This classic color choice means the logo can work in many places and suggests that Air Do aims for a professional and high-quality customer experience.


What is the airline code ADO?

The airline code “ADO” is the ICAO code for Air Do, a Japanese airline. It uses the IATA code “HD” and the callsign “AIR DO.” Air Do, known as Hokkaido International Airlines, mainly flies within Japan, focusing on the route from Tokyo to various cities in Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island. The airline started offering competitive travel options, aiming to boost local tourism and provide affordable flights for residents.

Air Do uses the Boeing 737 aircraft, which is suitable for short- to medium-distance flights. The airline flies between Tokyo and Sapporo, one of the world’s busiest routes. These airline codes, “ADO” and “HD,” are vital in the aviation industry. They standardize communication, improve air traffic management, and maintain safety by correctly identifying all flights. Air Do is important for connecting Hokkaido with the rest of Japan, helping the local economy and social integration.

Does Ana own Air Do?

Yes, ANA (All Nippon Airways) partly owns Air Do. ANA is a major airline in Japan with many subsidiary carriers, including Air Do. Air Do is a budget airline that operates flights between Tokyo and several cities in Hokkaido.

ANA’s ownership of Air Do helps it serve areas with a high demand for domestic flights, which its main operations might not cover as frequently. This partnership allows ANA to provide more flight choices to travelers, especially on routes to and from Hokkaido. It combines ANA’s large-scale operations with Air Do’s local knowledge and cost-effective flights, improving service for passengers heading to northern Japan.