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The Air Do logo is a subtle blend of modernity and classic professionalism, embodying the company’s commitment to affordable and safe air transportation. With its minimalistic design, the logo conveys efficiency and affordability, which is at the core of the brand identity. The logo echoes Air Do’s commitment to simplifying the travel experience, indicating that the company is straightforward, low-cost, yet totally reliable.

Air Do: Brand overview

Air Do was born in 1996 as a joint venture between Hokkaido Electric Power Co. and All Nippon Airways. Originally called Hokkaido International Airlines, the airline’s main objective was to promote tourism in Hokkaido by offering passengers a unique opportunity to see the region from the air.

Air Do began operating its first flights in December 1998 with two Boeing 737-400 aircraft, connecting Sapporo, Tokyo, and Osaka. The airline’s journey has been far from smooth, with many obstacles ranging from skyrocketing fuel prices to the catastrophic aftermath of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, which led to a significant drop in passenger demand.

In 2006, Hokkaido International Airlines rebranded to Air Do, which means “Let’s Do It” in English.

Since its early days, Air Do has had an exciting journey, constantly expanding its fleet with modern aircraft such as the Boeing 767 and Embraer E170. This has allowed the airline to spread its wings to more than ten major cities in Japan, fostering new connections and bridging distances like never before.

Meaning and History

Air Do Logo History

What is Air Do?

Air Do, formerly known as Hokkaido International Airlines, is a well-known Japanese regional airline headquartered in the bustling city of Sapporo. The airline has found its niche in serving the Hokkaido region, known for its stunning natural beauty and vibrant culture. The need for reliable and cost-effective air transportation to and from the region has fueled the company’s growth.

1996 – today

Air Do Logo

Air Do’s flat and minimalist logo conveys the affordability of the Japanese airline’s flights, the safety of its services, and the business-like approach of its employees to their professional duties. The logo features the airline’s name vertically, with the left side of the lettering lower than the right. This symbolizes the ascent of the airline, aiming to achieve boundless heights and an optimistic attitude. The text is typed in geometric bold font. The letters are large, black, and blocky, with an optimal balance of straight and rounded lines.

The vertical positioning of the name creates a dynamic visual representation, reflecting the idea of ascension or growth. The choice of a bold geometric font suggests a stable and reliable image, reinforcing the idea of safety and professionalism. Black often symbolizes elegance and formality, in keeping with the business-oriented approach that Air Do seeks to convey.

Air Do color codes

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