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The Air Florida logo is a visual manifesto of the company’s core values: dynamism, upward mobility, and innovation. The emblem embodies the excitement and movement inherent in air travel. It is a beacon of trust and quality service in the aviation sector, promising efficiency and excitement to all who interact with the brand.

Air Florida: Brand overview

In 1971, Eli Timoner’s dream was born – Air Florida, a regional airline dedicated to connecting Florida and the Caribbean. The airline became a pitiful competitor to established giants like Eastern, Delta, and National, remaining in the shadows while steadily carving out a niche for itself.

As the 1970s drew to a close, Air Florida captured the industry’s attention with explosive growth. The opening of international routes to destinations such as London and Frankfurt and the expansion of its fleet to include larger Boeing 737 airplanes established the company as a leading airline for economy passengers seeking affordable fares and flexible schedules.

Under Ted Griffin’s skillful leadership, Air Florida has reached significant heights, posted unprecedented profits, and become one of the fastest-growing airlines in the country. Griffin’s emphasis on impeccable customer service and strategic investments in technology and marketing put the airline on a trajectory of unprecedented success.

In 1982, however, Air Florida’s meteoric rise was abruptly interrupted when Flight 90 tragically crashed into a bridge in Washington, D.C., shortly after takeoff, killing 78 of the 79 people on board. This catastrophic incident caused severe damage to the company’s reputation and financial position, from which Air Florida never fully recovered.

By 1984, Air Florida was forced to retire from aviation, filing for bankruptcy and ceasing operations.

Meaning and History

Air Florida Logo History

What is Air Florida?

Air Florida was an American low-cost airline that carved a niche for itself in the world of aviation from 1971 until its closure in 1984. The airline began its journey by providing affordable and convenient air transportation to individuals looking to explore the Sunshine State and beyond.

During its tenure, the airline grew rapidly, adding various domestic and international destinations to its roster.

1971 – 1984

Air Florida Logo

The multicolored waves on the Air Florida logo symbolize jet propulsion and takeoff. Their design conveys a sense of dynamism: the ends are sharply curved, and the middle is expanded. The upper element is single and colored in a cobalt blue hue. The lower segment in green color is part of the composition, in which the base resembles an incomplete circle, representing the lowercase letter “a.” The left part of the emblem shows the capital letter “F,” the fragments of which are horizontal arc-shaped stripes. The abstract icon of the airline is an abbreviation presented in a complex form.

The complexity and dynamism of the emblem evoke a sense of movement and progressiveness. The color scheme could signify the airline’s connection to the sky and earth, perhaps echoing the natural beauty of Florida. The clever inclusion of the letters “a” and “F” in the design not only abbreviates the airline’s name but also offers the viewer a visual puzzle to interpret.

Air Florida color codes

Islamic GreenHex color:#199d04
RGB:25 157 4
CMYK:84 0 97 38
Pantone:PMS 354 C
BlueHex color:#0826fd
RGB:8 38 253
CMYK:97 85 0 1
Pantone:PMS Blue 072 C