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Air Greenland: Brand overview

Air Greenland, Greenland’s flagship carrier, has been a vital link between Greenland’s isolated communities for more than six decades. Founded in 1960 as Grønlandsfly, the airline initially operated seaplane charter flights, playing an important role in Greenland’s development.

Recognizing the growing demand for air travel, Air Greenland made significant strides in the 1970s by introducing aircraft.

In the 1980s, Air Greenland revolutionized air service to remote communities by incorporating helicopters into its fleet.

In addition to domestic routes, Air Greenland operates international flights linking Greenland with neighboring countries such as Iceland and Denmark. By expanding its operations in the 2000s, the airline has opened up opportunities for travelers to explore Greenland’s wonders and cultural exchanges.

From a humble airline that started with seaplanes, Air Greenland has evolved into a prominent player in the air transportation market. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and community engagement, the airline continues to serve as a vital link connecting people and cultures in a rapidly changing world.

Meaning and History

Air Greenland Logo History

What is Air Greenland?

Air Greenland, formerly known as Grønlandsfly, is Greenland’s flagship carrier. Also known as Greenlandair, it operates a substantial fleet of 28 aircraft. These helicopters serve passengers from smaller towns, directing them to the domestic network of airports. The airline flies to heliports in remote areas.

2002 – today

Air Greenland Logo

The base of the Air Greenland logo is a large dark red trapezoid with one sharp corner. On the right side is the “ice flower,” a symbol made up of 26 white dots of varying sizes. These mini-circles are arranged in such a way that they form a figure resembling a downward-pointing arrow or jellyfish. The flower with ice spikes indicates that the airline is adapted to work in difficult Arctic conditions, as it operates flights between populated areas in Greenland. The brand name is written in lowercase white letters with curved ends, creating a serif-like pattern.

The dark red trapezoid gives a sense of strength and stability, emphasizing the airline’s adaptability to harsh conditions. The white dots symbolize ice and are a contrasting element that increases the visibility of the logo. The arrangement of the dots in the shape of an arrow or jellyfish gives the logo an element of direction and movement, subtly alluding to the airline’s experience in Arctic navigation.

Air Greenland color codes

Safety Red Hex color: #c10a27
RGB: 193 10 39
CMYK: 0 95 80 24
Pantone: PMS 185 C