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Air Haiti: Brand overview

Air Haiti, the national flag carrier of Haiti, operated from 1969 to 1982. The airline was based in Port-au-Prince and operated passenger flights both domestically and to some international locations.

Air Haiti’s main hub was located in Port-au-Prince and connected the city to various destinations in the Caribbean and North and South America. The airline’s modest fleet consisted of aircraft such as Boeing 737-200s and Douglas DC-6s.

The creation of Air Haiti was initiated by the Haitian government to promote tourism and trade. However, the airline faced financial and operational difficulties and had to resort to government subsidies to sustain its operations.

By the late 1970s, the airline was mired in significant debt and faced stiff competition from international carriers. Political instability and widespread corruption in Haiti compounded the airline’s problems and further undermined its sustainability.

After more than a decade of financial instability and operational problems, Air Haiti was forced to finally cease operations in 1982. In its heyday, the airline employed about 700 people and carried more than 150,000 passengers annually.

Meaning and History

Air Haiti Logo History

1969 – 1982

Air Haiti Logo

The logo is an abstract design consisting of two geometric shapes: a black triangle with a rounded corner and a burgundy polygon with a wide, long stripe running off to the right. Together, they resemble either an arrow or part of the tail of an airplane. Both interpretations symbolize movement, which is the basis of any airline’s work. Next to the drawing is the black phrase “AIR HAITI.” Its italicized bold font, slanted to the right, also looks dynamic. However, the uniform thickness of the letters gives the inscription visual stability.

The choice of logo design shows a thoughtful approach to branding. Elements in the form of an arrow or an airplane tail emphasize that the airline is focused on movement and travel. The bold italicized text “AIR HAITI” complements the dynamic imagery, reinforcing the idea of speed and efficiency. The constant thickness of the lettering creates a consistent counterpoint, evoking a sense of the reliability of the airline’s services.