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The Air India Express logo is simple and easy to remember. Its symbolism embodies the speed, accuracy, and reliability in the company’s work. The Air India inscription, made in bold letters, emphasizes the affiliation with the parent airline. The word Express, being the largest element, emphasizes the focus on efficiency and speed of transportation.

The check mark or curved line that crosses the word Express symbolizes efficiency and professionalism in completing tasks. The line can also be interpreted as an image of a runway, emphasizing the importance of making flights on time.

The pink color of the logo can be associated with confidence, optimism, and energy, which reflects the company’s values. Air India Express is focused on quality of service, safety, and passenger comfort, making it one of India’s leading low-cost airlines.

Air India Express: Brand overview

Founded: 29 April 2005
Founder: Air India Limited
Kochi, Kozhikode, Kerala, India

Meaning and History

Air India Express Logo History

Air India Express color codes

Amaranth Hex color: #e51b47
RGB: 229 27 71
CMYK: 0 88 69 10
Pantone: PMS 192 C