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The Air Mauritius logo represents its status as the national carrier of Mauritius, highlighting the island’s hospitality and tropical charm. It underscores the airline’s dedication to promoting Mauritius as a top destination and enhancing global connections that support tourism and international trade. The logo portrays Air Mauritius as a link between Mauritius and the world, boosting the island’s global presence. It reflects the airline’s commitment to outstanding service and its goal to provide a distinct Mauritian experience as soon as passengers board.

Air Mauritius: Brand overview

In the 1960s, local business leaders and government officials in Mauritius started dreaming about starting their airline. They saw it as a way to grow the island’s economy and culture. This led to the creation of a national airline, Air Mauritius, which would connect Mauritius with the rest of the world.

Air Mauritius was established on June 14, 1967. The first Prime Minister of independent Mauritius, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, along with Sir Gaetan Duval and other key businessmen, were the founders. They invested about 7 million Mauritian rupees or about USD 630,000, and most shares were privately owned.

It took five years of planning, hiring, and getting the right certifications before Air Mauritius started flying on August 15, 1972. The airline started with two small 49-seat Piper PA-31 Navajo turboprops flying within Mauritius, connecting different island parts.

The airline quickly grew. By November 1972, Air Mauritius had its first jet, a Boeing 707-320B. This allowed the airline to fly to mainland Africa and later to Asia. In 1973, it began flying internationally to Nairobi, Bombay, and Singapore. In the 1980s, it expanded to European cities like Rome, Frankfurt, and Paris with the newer Boeing 767-200.

In 1998, the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport opened, becoming the main hub for Air Mauritius. In the 2000s, the airline updated its fleet with Airbus A319/320s for medium routes and A340/A330s for long routes, adding destinations like Australia, China, Malaysia, and Turkey.

Air Mauritius often faces financial problems due to high fuel costs, strong competition, and economic crises. These challenges led to a major restructuring in 2021-2022, with the help of a new group of investors that included private companies and the Mauritian government.

Air Mauritius has 10 Airbus planes and flies to 22 destinations across four continents from Mauritius. For over 50 years, the airline has been crucial in growing Mauritius’s aviation and tourism, connecting the island with the world. This legacy continues as Air Mauritius aims for excellence and connectivity in the future.

Meaning and History

Air Mauritius Logo History

What is Air Mauritius?

The national airline of Mauritius was founded in 1967 and headquartered in Port Louis. As Mauritius’s flagship carrier, it operates domestic and international flights, connecting the island to Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. The airline’s fleet includes over 15 aircraft, serving over 30 destinations. Known for its high level of service, Air Mauritius offers passengers comfortable cabins and a variety of onboard entertainment. The company is also involved in eco-friendly projects and is a member of the Airline Partners Africa alliance, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable aviation.

1972 – 1985

Air Mauritius Logo 1972

From its founding in 1972 until 1985, Air Mauritius used a paper bird as its logo. This symbol, chosen for its lightness, reflects the idea of a smooth, graceful flight, directly linking to the airline’s mission of providing effortless air travel. The white color of the paper bird resembles the actual color of paper typically used for such crafts and matches the main shade of the airline’s planes. White symbolizes purity and safety, reflecting the airline’s commitment to high service standards.

The logo features bold red letters that convey strength and confidence. Red is associated with energy and stability, underlining the airline’s reliability. This vibrant color draws attention to the brand while reinforcing the safety and comfort Air Mauritius offers its passengers.

1985 – 2008

Air Mauritius Logo 1985

Over time, as the brand grew and extended its reach, its emblem evolved significantly. What started as a simple, white bird has become vibrant, depicted in a deep red close to burgundy. This change symbolizes the company’s dynamic progress, commitment to innovation, and continuous effort to provide its clients with new and exciting experiences.

The redesigned bird invites travelers to see the world differently—through the height of its flight. This perspective offers unique experiences, allowing travelers to discover unseen beauties and broaden their horizons. It represents a physical journey from one place to another and an internal journey of gaining new insights and expanding personal boundaries.

2008 – today

Air Mauritius Logo

In 2008, the airline’s logo was completely redesigned, adopting a modern and attractive style that signaled a new era for the brand. The redesign was significant, transforming the old paper bird into a realistic and graceful seagull. This new symbol captures the airline’s planes’ smooth and light flight characteristics.

The seagull in the logo is crafted with elegant lines and shapes, conveying weightlessness and elegance, mirrored in the airline’s service, from cabin design to passenger experience. The image of the seagull suggests that flying with the airline is enjoyable and effortless.

The text in the logo combines sharp and rounded lines, giving the brand a distinctive style that distinguishes it from other carriers. This design reflects the airline’s commitment to timeliness, efficient scheduling, and the comfort and convenience of the space onboard.

The carefully designed logo embodies the airline’s philosophy of delivering impeccable service, ensuring a comfortable and safe flight that meets all aspects of passenger satisfaction. This makes the airline ideal for those who value quality, reliability, and comfort during their travels, focusing on fulfilling passenger expectations.

Font and Colors

The Air Mauritius logo features a modern, clean sans-serif font customized to be unique to the brand. With specific modifications, it resembles fonts like Quub Bold Italic or Vipnagorgialla Semi Bold Italic.

The boldness of the font ensures simplicity and excellent visibility, making the logo legible from afar and when scaled down. Uniform spacing between the letters provides good separation and readability.

The logo’s raspberry color creates a vibrant and memorable image associated with uniqueness and high-quality service. This unusual color choice in the airline industry reflects Mauritius’s cultural richness and exotic appeal.

The Air Mauritius logo is easy to read and evokes a sense of professionalism and warmth, which are aligned with the island’s hospitality. The traditional arrangement of the logo elements enhances brand recognition and memorability.


What is the bird in the Air Mauritius logo?

The bird featured in the Air Mauritius logo is the “paille-en-queue,” known for its distinctive long tail feathers. This tropical species in the Indian Ocean region is especially iconic to Mauritius and is a cherished symbol of the island’s unique natural heritage. The paille-en-queue is a beautiful bird and a skilled fish-eater, often seen soaring over the ocean.

In the Air Mauritius logo, this bird is represented as a stylized silhouette, capturing the essence of its elegant and graceful form. The depiction reflects the airline’s national pride and represents aviation’s freedom and exploration. The choice of this bird for the logo reflects the airline’s connection to the island’s environment and its commitment to embodying the spirit of Mauritius in its operations.

What is the meaning of Air Mauritius?

Air Mauritius is more than an airline. It represents the spirit and goals of Mauritius, linking the island to the global community. Founded in 1967, it has grown from a small operation into a major force in international aviation, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. The airline symbolizes Mauritius’ pride and progress, demonstrating the island’s dedication to growth and global connections.

Air Mauritius is key to the island’s economy by promoting tourism. The airline connects Mauritius with major cities in Europe, Asia, and Africa, helping to boost business, trade, and cultural exchanges and increasing Mauritius’s visibility worldwide. Air Mauritius has won many international awards, highlighting its commitment to quality and customer service. These awards show the airline’s ongoing efforts to improve its operations and enhance the travel experience for its passengers.

What is Air Mauritius known for?

Air Mauritius is known for its high-quality service on the ground and during flights. It has a 4-star rating from SKYTRAX, which shows its commitment to top-notch service. The airline ensures that all parts of the travel experience are excellent.

Air Mauritius has also won several international awards that recognize its service to passengers. It has received distinctions at the World Travel Awards, where it has been named a leading airline. These awards show that Air Mauritius is a strong competitor in the aviation market and focuses on making passengers happy.

The airline continues to work on improving how it operates and the experience it offers passengers. Air Mauritius is a leader in the airline industry for its high standards. This reputation helps it draw and keep a broad customer base, making the most of Mauritius’s special place in the tourism market.

What star is Air Mauritius?

Air Mauritius, the national airline of Mauritius, has earned a 4-star rating from Skytrax. This rating means the airline meets high service standards on their planes and airports.

A 4-star rating shows that an airline provides quality service, making flying with them a good experience. Air Mauritius shines in several areas:

  • The planes are modern and comfortable, with plenty of space for passengers to relax.
  • The cabin crew is friendly and professional, ready to help passengers with whatever they need.
  • The food on board gives passengers a taste of Mauritian culture and cuisine.
  • The entertainment system engages passengers with various movies, music, and games.

This 4-star rating confirms Air Mauritius’s commitment to providing excellent service. Passengers can trust they will have a pleasant and smooth experience when flying with the airline.