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Air Memphis: Brand overview

Air Memphis began in Cairo on June 23, 1995, and was created by Egyptian investor and entrepreneur Hamdi Essa. The airline wanted to change air travel in the Middle East by offering private charters and regular flights.

Operations started on November 7, 1996, with three Fokker 50 aircraft carrying 50 passengers. Initially focusing on routes within Egypt, the airline quickly expanded to countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Sudan, and Libya. By 1998, Air Memphis began flying to Europe, starting with Greece and Italy, and added larger Boeing 737 classic jets to its fleet.

By the early 2000s, the airline operated 18 international routes, including major cities like London, Paris, and Amsterdam, with nine aircraft. Between 2004 and 2008, the years saw further growth with new routes to the Persian Gulf and destinations in Africa and South Asia. The fleet reached 16 airplanes, including wide-bodied Airbus A330s.

Starting in 2009, the airline faced financial problems due to the global economic downturn and high fuel costs. These issues worsened during the Arab Spring in 2011 and 2012, which hurt tourism and stability.

Despite efforts to reduce costs and find new investors, the airline struggled. On December 12, 2013, Air Memphis stopped operations due to too much debt. When it closed, it had eight Boeing 737s and two Airbus A330s and flew to 24 international destinations.

After operating for nearly 18 years, Air Memphis went bankrupt. This was a significant blow to private enterprise and regional connectivity in Egypt and highlighted the challenges of the airline industry.

Meaning and History

Air Memphis Logo History

1995 – 2013

Air Memphis Logo

The blue word “AIR” and the red word “MEMPHIS” are in a standard bold serif font. The classic style of the inscription speaks of the seriousness and high professionalism of the company. The logo also contains the abbreviated name of the brand: the letter “A” stylized as a triangle and “M” slanted to the left. They are positioned on top of each other and bordered on both sides by wide blue stripes. A small five-pointed star is depicted in the white negative space.

Using contrasting blue and red colors makes the logo visually brighter, contributing to its memorability. A bold serif font creates a sense of stability, potentially inspiring trust in the airline. The five-pointed star in negative space introduces an additional element of detail that can signify excellence or high quality.


What country is Air Memphis from?

Air Memphis was an airline from Egypt based in Cairo at Cairo International Airport. It mainly operated charter flights, connecting different destinations in the Middle East and beyond. The airline helped people travel from Egypt to other parts of the region and the world.