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Air Paradise International: Brand overview

In 2001, Benjamin Ardikasumantri, an Indonesian entrepreneur and Australian partner, saw an opportunity to start a budget airline in Bali to make air travel more affordable and boost tourism. They focused on routes from Denpasar to Australia, South Korea, and Japan.

Air Paradise International was established on March 14, 2002, in Denpasar. The ownership was split, with Benjamin holding 51%, the Australian Paradise Group at 34%, and other Indonesian investors owning the remaining 15%. They started with an initial $10 million investment.

The airline set up its main hub at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar. It started operations with two leased Boeing 737-300s. By November 22, 2002, the airline launched its first flight from Denpasar to Sydney. By early 2003, the fleet expanded to six planes, adding routes to Melbourne, Perth, Seoul, and Tokyo.

By mid-2005, Air Paradise International operated eight international routes with 60 weekly flights. However, the company faced financial strain due to rising fuel costs and natural disasters, which led to operational challenges.

Efforts to find additional investors and restructure debts were unsuccessful. By the end of 2005, some airports refused service due to unpaid fees. On December 26, 2005, Indonesian aviation authorities revoked the airline’s license for safety concerns. This led to the final flight of Air Paradise International. At closure, the airline had six aircraft, and about 400 employees were out of work.

The end of Air Paradise International affected tourism in Bali, though other airlines soon took over its routes. Founder Benjamin Ardikasumantri had to acknowledge the defeat of his venture due to overwhelming debt. The story of Air Paradise International serves as a reminder of the challenges in the aviation industry.

Meaning and History

Air Paradise International Logo History

What is Air Paradise International?

It is an Indonesian charter airline based on the island of Bali, specializing in providing premium air travel for tourists seeking luxurious and exclusive travel experiences. The company operates a fleet of modern aircraft, including business jets and turboprop planes, equipped with elegant interiors and top-class amenities to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment for passengers.

2002 – 2005

Air Paradise International Logo

The logo of an airline from the Indonesian province of Bali depicts a colorful tropical bird or at least fragments of it. A graceful blue tail with two long feathers curling downward wraps around the word “AIR” and separates it from the word “PARADISE,” below which is the word “INTERNATIONAL.” Just above is an orange wing with a red outline resembling a flame. The extensions at the ends of the letters look like fanciful serifs, giving the inscription dynamism.

The choice of a tropical bird in a discrete form indicates the sense of exoticism and adventure that the airline wants to convey. The graceful blue tail around the word “AIR” gives the design a natural and fluid feel, evoking a sense of freedom and escape. The whimsical serifs give the logo a unique and lively look, fitting for an airline representing a tropical destination like Bali.