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The Air Partner PLC logo represents the company’s long history and special role in aviation. It shows how the company has grown, always focusing on introducing new, top-quality air charter services. This logo signifies Air Partner’s promise to offer outstanding services that make a mark.

Air Partner PLC: Brand overview

Air Partner PLC, established in London in 1961, started by organizing charter flights for businesses and wealthy individuals. Over time, it grew to include aircraft leasing and aviation consulting, becoming a top player in the UK’s aviation services market.

In the 1970s, the company expanded its services, offering aircraft leasing and consultancy. The 1980s saw Air Partner’s international growth, with offices opening in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East and cargo charter services starting.

The 1990s marked the company’s global expansion, with more international offices and a wider client base. It also went public, listing on the London Stock Exchange.

During the 2000s, Air Partner began arranging charter flights for government and military clients and expanded its consulting services to help clients save on aviation costs.

The 2010s were about growth through acquisitions and expanding its market presence in Europe, America, and Midda, where it provides comprehensive aviation services.

Celebrating 60 years in 2021, Air Partner reinforced its position as a global aviation services leader, focusing on innovation, sustainability, and customer service.

Today, Air Partner is a renowned aviation services provider, offering solutions for corporate, private, and government clients worldwide. With a global office network and partnerships, it efficiently organizes charter flights and offers consulting during the pandemic. Air Partner is optimistic about the future of the pandemic, prioritizing innovation, client focus, and sustainable development.

Meaning and History

Air Partner PLC Logo History

The company specializes in tailor-made air charter solutions. It evolves with the aviation industry to cater to various customer requirements. Over time, the company’s logos have evolved, symbolizing Air Partner’s development and forward-thinking approach. These logos highlight key milestones in the company’s history, illustrating its principles, the diversity of its offerings, and its global presence. They showcase Air Partner’s adaptability, commitment to excellence, and reliability in the aviation sector.

What is Air Partner PLC?

Air Partner PLC is a leading global company known for creating custom aviation solutions for clients valuing flexibility, comfort, and privacy. It has become a trusted partner for individuals, businesses, governments, and humanitarian missions. With a wide range of services, including charter flights, aircraft leasing, cargo transport, and aviation consulting, Air Partner PLC meets the sophisticated needs of today’s travelers and logistics with great skill and care.

Before 2020

Air Partner PLC Logo before 2020

Before 2020, the Air Partner PLC logo wasn’t just a symbol; it reflected the airline’s history, goals, and promises to its passengers. The logo’s minimalist design aimed to convey calmness, efficiency, and professionalism, mirroring the company’s values.

The word “Air” in the logo was designed to feel light and free, suggesting the sky’s vastness and the joy of flying. It was as if the letters were made of air, inviting people to embark on new adventures.

The “Partner” part of the logo, written in bold with serifs, suggested strength and reliability. The mix of classic and modern fonts showed respect for tradition while being open to innovation. This balance highlighted Air Partner PLC’s focus on being trustworthy and adaptable.

The logo’s black color added a touch of elegance and sophistication, symbolizing the airline’s strength and commitment to safety and excellent service. This color choice made the brand feel premium, assuring customers of Air Partner PLC’s focus on quality and safety.

2020 – today

Air Partner PLC Logo

The Air Partner PLC logo presents an abstract motif that ingeniously blends the company’s initials. Its main feature is a geometric shape that subtly crafts the letter “A” through an extended strip and a diminutive triangle, conjuring the silhouette of a “P.” This creative fusion renders the logo both unique and deeply symbolic.

The design evokes an upward-facing arrow, intentionally referencing the aviation solutions Air Partner PLC delivers. This emblem signifies progress and an ascendant direction, echoing the firm’s ambitions and realm of operation. It is a visual allusion to flight and the company’s pursuit of airborne excellence.

Adjacent to this symbol, the “AIR PARTNER” inscription appears on a miniature scale, ensuring the symbol’s prominence. The chosen font for the company’s name distinguishes itself with rectangular serifs adorning each letter’s top left, enhancing the logo’s distinctiveness. These serifs impart a contemporary and refined appearance, harmonizing with the logo’s abstract essence.

This meticulous arrangement of the Air Partner PLC logo, from its abstract iconography to its custom typography, transcends simple branding to mirror the corporation’s identity and principles. It encapsulates Air Partner PLC’s standing in the aviation sector as a beacon of progressive thinking, innovation, and excellence in service. Through its symbolic depth and visual charm, the logo effectively conveys the brand’s ethos and offerings, securing a memorable and significant position in the aviation service industry’s competitive sphere.


Who owns Air Partners?

Air Partner is now part of Wheels Up, meaning it’s fully owned. Wheels Up is a big deal in private flights and is known for making private flights easier and more varied for more people.

When Wheels Up bought Air Partner, they could offer more services, like charter flights and emergency planning, using what Air Partner is good at. This helps them give their customers a wider range of flying options.

Being with Wheels Up gives Air Partner access to better resources, tech, and more customers, which strengthens Air Partner’s ability to offer personalized and reliable flying services.

Who bought Air Partner?

Wheels Up, a big name in private flights, bought Air Partner in April 2022. This was a big deal because it brought together two companies to offer even better flying services.

Air Partner started as Air London and changed its name in 1999. It’s known for top-notch flying services, like private and commercial jet and emergency services. Its good reputation made it a great choice for Wheels Up to buy, as Wheels Up wants to grow worldwide.

By adding Air Partner, Wheels Up can offer more services like charter flights and freight services. They want to give customers more options, whether a private flight or a big project. This merger puts Air Partner’s strong presence in Europe and Wheels Up’s big business in the U.S., aiming to be a world leader in private flights.

Who are Air Partner competitors?

Air Partner has been around for over 50 years, chartering planes. It’s up against many companies, each doing its own thing in private flying:

  • Lilium is working on electric planes that take off and land straight up and down. They want to change city and regional travel with these green, efficient planes, looking to the future with eco-friendly ideas.
  • JetSmarter, now with Vista Global, changed how we think about private jet charters. They used tech to let people easily book seats on private jets, appealing to those who like modern, flexible travel.
  • Davinci Jets focuses on custom, high-end flying experiences. They give clients what they want, making them a go-to for luxury travel.
  • BlackJet tried to make flying private easier by letting people book seats on jets through an app similar to ride-sharing. They faced some bumps along the way and aren’t around anymore, but they were part of the mix for a while.

Each competitor targets a different slice of private flying, whether it’s being eco-friendly, using tech, offering luxury, or sharing.

Where is Air Partner based?

Air Partner is in the UK, near Gatwick Airport, which is a big deal for flights in and out of the country. Founded by Tony Mack in 1961, it’s now a big name in flying, renting out planes, and making flying safer and more secure.

Being near Gatwick helps Air Partner reach many places easily, making it a key spot for its business. It helps many people and companies worldwide, offering private jet hires, big plane rentals, cargo flights, and advice on flying safely and securely.