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The Air Seychelles logo is a bright and memorable symbol that reflects the beauty and uniqueness of the country where the airline is located. It highlights the company’s core focus on passenger service, delivering passengers to one of the world’s most beautiful and picturesque islands—Seychelles.

Air Seychelles: Brand overview

Air Seychelles, established in 1977 by the Seychelles government, began its journey with just one DC-3 aircraft, linking the islands within the archipelago. During the 1980s, the airline expanded its fleet with De Havilland Twin Otter and Shorts 360 planes, extending services to Mauritius, Madagascar, and more, enhancing regional connectivity.

In the 1990s, Air Seychelles broadened its horizons by introducing flights to Europe and Asia with Boeing 767 and 757 planes, marking the start of its long-haul services. The 2000s focused on modernizing the fleet with Boeing 737 and Airbus A330 planes and forming partnerships, including code-share agreements, to widen its reach.

2011 was a turning point as Etihad Airways became a significant partner by acquiring a 40% stake, prompting a comprehensive overhaul in operations and branding. By 2012, this partnership had propelled Air Seychelles to update its fleet and add new destinations like Abu Dhabi and Johannesburg.

The restructuring efforts and collaboration with Etihad Airways bore fruit in 2015, making Air Seychelles profitable for the first time in many years. Nonetheless, the airline shifted its focus towards regional flights in 2018, scaling back on long-haul routes amid growing competition.

Today, Air Seychelles plays a key role in its tourism and economic sectors, ensuring the islands remain connected with the world. Despite challenges, the airline is dedicated to flexibility, efficiency, and top-notch service as it navigates through the current landscape, aiming for sustainable growth in the future.

Meaning and History

Air Seychelles Logo History

The evolution of the Air Seychelles logos is closely tied to the brand’s development, capturing key moments in the company’s history. The designs have often included elements that showcase the unique nature and culture of the Seychelles, such as tropical birds, the sun, and ocean waves, linking the brand to the exotic island paradise. A distinctive feature in the logos is the tropicbird, also found on the Seychelles’ national crest, symbolizing the airline’s national identity and aspirations of flight, freedom, and exploration. As technology and design trends have evolved, so have the Air Seychelles logos, becoming more modern, dynamic, and recognizable. Despite these changes, the airline has remained true to its roots, aiming to represent the Seychelles in the global aviation scene proudly.

What is Air Seychelles?

Air Seychelles, the flagship carrier of the Republic of Seychelles, links this Indian Ocean archipelago, celebrated for its pristine nature and abundant beaches, with the rest of the world. Since its founding in 1977, Air Seychelles has made this tropical paradise accessible to international travelers, providing a gateway to experience its exotic allure, comfort, and top-notch service. The airline is key in promoting the Seychelles’ captivating scenery while reflecting the country’s welcoming and adventurous spirit.

1977 – 2008

Air Seychelles Logo 1977

Since starting in 1977 until 2008, Air Seychelles has reflected the nation’s pride and the stunning beauty of its islands. Inspired by the national flag, the airline’s logo skillfully used colors and symbols tied closely to Seychelles’ identity.

The red and green logo celebrated the lush landscapes and vibrant community of the Seychelles, inviting people to discover the rich Creole culture. It featured two seagulls flying over a white stripe, suggesting the open seas surrounding the islands. The white and the birds hinted at local tales of spiritual beings bringing blessings, fitting well with the motto “the flying Creole spirit.” This phrase highlighted Air Seychelles as an airline and a carrier of the island’s spirit and hospitality.

Air Seychelles’ planes symbolize a mix of Creole authenticity and the joy of flying, mirroring the duality found in the national flag. The logo’s typography varied in thickness, mimicking the flag waving in the breeze, representing constant change but maintaining a solid identity.

2008 – 2012

Air Seychelles Logo 2008

Even though the Seychelles’ flag has changed, Air Seychelles keeps its unique red-green rectangle in its logo, honoring its heritage and the island’s spirit. The colors are now brighter, better showing off the nation’s vibrancy. The birds in the logo have become more detailed, especially their eyes, giving them a more realistic look and adding a modern flair.

By focusing on more realistic and contemporary design elements and removing the previous “Creole spirit” mentioned, the logo highlights the physical beauty of the Seychelles. The clearer seagulls symbolize the journey over the sea and reflect the many coastal birds seen around the islands. Green connects to the lush landscapes of Mahé, the largest island, while the brighter red suggests the airline’s sky-high ambitions, warmth, and love for adventure.

The word “Air” in the logo is subtly designed, blending with the sky-like background, and the lighter font emphasizes the feeling of flight. This suggests Air Seychelles offers a smooth, sky-bound journey, reinforcing the airline’s goal of making flying feel as limitless as the air.

2012 – today

Air Seychelles Logo

Joining the Etihad Airways Partners alliance was a significant step for Air Seychelles, raising the bar for in-flight comfort and brand sophistication. The logo redesign mirrored these new standards, adopting a softer, leaf-shaped form over the previous sharp angles. This smoother shape isn’t just about looks; it symbolizes the airline’s smooth flights and the effortless travel experience it aims to offer. The botanical theme highlights the Seychelles’ natural beauty, with the logo’s rounded form hinting at the islands surrounded by the calm sea.

The seagulls in the logo now resemble soaring doves, a change filled with meaning. These birds, with wings spread to encompass the islands, symbolize peace and prosperity. This imagery underscores Air Seychelles’ dedication to bringing tranquility and well-being to its passengers and the communities it connects.

While the logo’s font remains the same, linking to its heritage, the colors have been updated to two shades of blue. The lighter blue stands for the sky, representing the boundless opportunities of air travel, while the darker blue reflects the ocean’s depth, mirroring the serene journey through the skies and seas that Air Seychelles’ planes undertake.


What planes do Air Seychelles use?

Air Seychelles has planes flying far, near, and within the islands. They use Airbus and Viking planes, which are chosen for being good on fuel and comfy for travelers. Here’s a quick look at what they fly:

  • Airbus A320-251N: They have two for longer trips, S7-PTI and S7-VEV. These planes have seats for business and economy-class travelers. They’re liked because they use less fuel and are quieter. S7-PTI joined the fleet on March 18, 2020, and S7-VEV on July 31, 2019.
  • Viking DHC-6-400 Twin Otter: These are for flying within Seychelles. They are perfect for short landings and takeoffs, which are great for reaching smaller islands. Air Seychelles has a few, including S7-BRD (got on July 21, 2014), S7-DNS (October 9, 2015), S7-FAR, S7-LDI, and S7-PRN. They all have 19 seats, all in the economy, for quick island hops.

Who owns the Air Seychelles?

The Seychelles government owns all of Air Seychelles, making it the country’s official airline. This shows how crucial the airline is for connecting Seychelles to the world, boosting tourism, and helping the economy grow.

Air Seychelles started flying long distances in 1983, reaching places across Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. This step helped put Seychelles on the map for global travelers and meet the needs of the islands and their people. The airline also runs special flights to different islands in Seychelles. This is important for keeping the country connected, helping tourists get around, and moving goods and people within the islands.

What is the national airline of the Seychelles?

Air Seychelles is the main airline in the Seychelles Islands, capturing the lively spirit of this beautiful place. Its main office is at the Seychelles International Airport on Mahé, the biggest island and economic center.

The airline is key in connecting the many islands of Seychelles, making it easy for residents and visitors to move around. These local flights bring the islands and their people closer.

Which airline is hm?

Air Seychelles is known by the code “HM” in the flying world. It’s the main airline of the Seychelles, located in the Africa & Middle East area. Its official name is Air Seychelles Limited, and it also goes by the code SEY for international flying activities. Plus, it uses an airline code, 061, for different work and admin tasks.

Air Seychelles is key to linking the islands of Seychelles with other places, offering flights within the islands and to far-off lands. Its home is at the Seychelles International Airport on Mahé Island. The airline helps with travel and business in Seychelles, boosts tourism, and helps the country’s economy grow. The “HM” code makes it easy for people to book flights, look up schedules, or use aviation databases to spot Air Seychelles.