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The AirTran Airways logo is an emblem that captures the brand’s essence. The logo’s symbolism lies in the image of a blue aircraft, which symbolizes the ease and speed of movement, the desire for continuous development, and new heights. The red trail left behind by the aircraft means the energy and strength that are inherent in this airline.

The AirTran inscription on the logo, written in two different fonts and colors, demonstrates the uniqueness and personality of the brand. The red dot above the “i” adds brightness and attention to detail, which reflects the company’s concern for its customers.

AirTran Airways’ values are related to providing passengers with a fast, reliable, and safe flight. The company strives for continuous improvement of its services and a modern approach to its activities. The AirTran Airways emblem reflects these values and serves as a symbol of the brand and a sign of the high quality and reliability that the company prides itself on.

AirTran Airways: Brand overview

Founded: 1992 – 2014
Founder: Southwest Airlines Co.
Orlando, Florida, U.S.

Meaning and History

AirTran Airways Logo History

AirTran Airways color codes

Medium Persian Blue Hex color: #0168af
RGB: 1 104 175
CMYK: 99 41 0 31
Pantone: PMS 7684 C
Neon Red Hex color: #fd0318
RGB: 255 3 24
CMYK: 0 99 91 1
Pantone: PMS Bright Red C