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The Al Jazeera logo is enchanting and vivid. It speaks to the preciousness of information and the importance of knowing the truth. The emblem represents the channel as a beacon, a valuable data source for enlightening the Arab world. The symbol is patriotic and full of dignity.

Al Jazeera: Brand overview

Founded:1 November 1996
Founder:Al Jazeera Media Network
Doha, Qatar

Al Jazeera is a Qatari television company broadcasting news and programs worldwide. Besides the Middle East, it has offices in Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America. It owns several TV channels, broadcasting in ten languages, primarily in Arabic and English.

Meaning and History

Al Jazeera Logo History

Despite broadcasting in ten languages, Al Jazeera is a patriot. This is indicated by the company’s logos. The use of Arabic calligraphy, unfamiliar to most of the planet’s inhabitants, identifies the conglomerate as Arabic. It demonstrates an interest in homeland issues, concern for its well-being, and interests. The company’s channels have repeatedly been accused of Qatari propaganda. Minor color changes that occurred in subsequent rebrandings barely touched the main image of the symbol, showing steadfast goals and an understanding of its mission.

What is Al Jazeera?

A company that owns TV channels, websites, and mobile applications through which it broadcasts news and distributes documentaries and entertainment programs since 1996—headquarters in the capital of Qatar.

1996 – 2002

Al Jazeera Logo 1996

The first emblem from the company’s inception in Arabic calligraphy is arranged in a structure resembling the flame of a fire.

The conglomerate uncovers issues of the Arab world and considers its task to showcase all opinions. Therefore, from the beginning, it repeatedly provoked criticism and attacks from Islamic states, demanding to shut down the conglomerate. In some countries, the company is blocked, and during the broadcast of its programs, even the lights were turned off so that residents could not listen to the discussion. Hence the analogy with fire. The broadcasts of the channels:

  • ignite the fire of knowledge
  • highlight pressing issues
  • offer an alternative opinion.

It can be assumed that the calligraphy is the name of the conglomerate. Al Jazeera is a patriotic name. It’s a short form of the full Arabic designation of the Arabian Peninsula. The separate word Al Jazeera means island. The image speaks of autonomy, a closed circle, as the company focuses on the issues of the Arab world.

Egyptian artist Hamdy Al-Sharif designed the logo when he participated in a contest. The creator tried to give the image the form of a tear. In the late 20th century, this symbol was popular in the East. It personified repentance, care, and concern for the future of the homeland. Therefore, the interpretation immediately appealed to the founders of the corporation.

2002 – today

Al Jazeera Logo

At the end of 2021, Al Jazeera launched online and created a free website in Arabic. This new stage was marked by minor rebranding. The main symbol changed color to a deeper-aged gold. And in some interpretations, the name in English was added to the image to highlight the presence of broadcast channels in both languages.

Font and Colors

Yellow motifs are present in every company’s symbol. They embody:

  1. Prosperity, which Al Jazeera desires for itself and the country.
  2. Sunlight is a symbol of heavenly blessing, flourishing, and rise.
  3. Gold, as a precious metal, is a prototype of value. The information that the channel carries is important.

The glyphs of the inscription are bold, with smooth, intricate bends. They tell about the wide coverage of the audience. They inform about considering the problem from different sides. The ideas of comprehensive information are constantly present on the channel. Al Jazeera correspondents always go to the hottest places to cover every point of view in the conflict.

Al Jazeera color codes

GoldenrodHex color:#d79f00
RGB:215 159 0
CMYK:0 26 100 16
Pantone:PMS 130 C