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Alabama Crimson Tide Logo

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo
Alabama Crimson Tide Logo PNG

Alabama Crimson Tide is a sports department of the University of Alabama, founded in 1820. Headed by Greg Byrne and is based in Alabama. The university has its own men’s American football team, coached by Nick Saban. It was founded in 1831. The team performs at the Bryant-Denny Stadium home stadium. Included in the Western division and competing in the Southeastern Conference.

Meaning and History

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo History
Evolution of the Alabama Crimson Tide Logo

The logo of the university team depicts a red elephant. This image appeared with the light hand of journalist Everett Strupper, who wrote in one of the articles about the match: “Hold on! Elephants are coming!” Since then, they began to be called elephants – powerful, ruthless, decisive in their appearances in the sports arena.

1952 – 1958

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo 1952-1958

Over the years, the university American football team has had several logos. The debut dates back to 1952. It depicts a massive dark raspberry elephant with a beige blanket, on which there is an anagram of the university – “A.”

1974 – 2000

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo 1974-2000

In 1974, the animal’s image was revised: now it is a more realistic elephant – both in drawing and color. He steps over the crossbar of a single letter “A” with serifs denoting the university’s name. At the bottom of the light curly ribbon posted the inscription “Crimson Tide.”

2001 – 2003

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo 2001-2003

From 2001 to 2003, inclusive, a massive gray elephant with a formidable expression appeared on the emblem. He stands in an awesome pose and is depicted in full view. The main emphasis is on powerful tusks, a threat to rivals, and the red inscription “Alabama.”

2004 – today

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo 2004-Present

The modern version of the Alabama logo is a curly letter “A” in a circle with the team’s name. Company colors – white, dark raspberry, gray, and black.