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Like many other university team emblems, the Alabama Crimson Tide logo is an essential element of college sports. It symbolizes the passion, energy, and drive inherent in competition. Moreover, this symbol represents movement – not only on a physical level but also in terms of development.

Alabama Crimson Tide: Brand overview

Tuscaloosa, Alabama
The Alabama Crimson Tide is the athletic department of the University of Alabama, founded in 1820. It is under the direction of Greg Byrne. It is located in the state of Alabama. It has its own men’s soccer team, coached by Nick Saban. It was formed in 1831. It plays at its home stadium, Bryant-Denny Stadium. It is in the Western Division and competes in the Southeastern Conference.

Meaning and History

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo History

The Alabama Crimson Tide logo is a universal symbol of pride and support for all athletes playing for the University of Alabama. The designers reflected the team’s name using associative imagery. For instance, the letter “A,” although not directly related to the tide, has curving lines reminiscent of waves.

The sports program was previously known as Thin Red Line and only acquired its current name in 1907. This happened after the football players stained their white uniforms in mud, which turned red due to the high iron content in the soil. Hugh Roberts, responsible for the sports column in the Birmingham Age-Herald, compared their unrestrained play to a crimson tide.

Another essential element of the emblem was the elephant. It began to be associated with the teams after 1930 when Everett Strupper compared the tall and powerful football players of the University of Alabama to elephants. An article in the Atlanta Journal thus marked the beginning of a new mascot, which eventually appeared in several logos.

What is Alabama Crimson Tide?

Alabama Crimson Tide is the sports program of the University of Alabama. It is part of NCAA Division I (FBS) and covers various disciplines, including track and field, swimming, golf, baseball, basketball, and football. The football team is considered one of the most successful, having won numerous championship titles and awards.


1973 – 1998

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo 1973

This logo reflects both the name and the mascot of the sports department. At the center is a large dark red letter “A” with rectangular serifs. It is entwined by a long white scroll, serving as a base for the inscription “CRIMSON TIDE.” Behind the “A” stands a black-gray elephant. It tries to squeeze through the intra-letter gap, sticking one leg and its head with long sharp tusks inside.

1998 – 2004

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo 1998

The elephant’s head is depicted frontally. The animal looks menacingly from under its brow, spreading its ears to the sides and extending its trunk. The artists used several colors (black, white, and shades of gray) to highlight shadows and contours. The upward-curving tusks appear threatening, while the red pupils enhance the sense of danger. The name of the sports teams is written below. First, the red word “ALABAMA” with rectangular serifs, and beneath it, the white phrase “CRIMSON TIDE,” consisting of flattened bold letters without serifs.

2004 – 2018

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo 2004

The sports teams’ name became gray and was placed inside a dark red ring, which serves as a frame for the white circle with the letter “A” inside. A wide black stripe outlines the emblem. A font with rectangular serifs is used for the long inscription, while an individual design is used for the single “A.” This glyph is tilted to the right and has an elegant shape with curving lines.

2018 – today

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo

The raspberry “A” embodies the phrase “Crimson Tide” because its curves resemble waves. It represents the state of Alabama and expresses pride in the university teams. The glyph’s slant and decorative wavy lines give the logo an energetic appearance, emphasizing the strength and fighting spirit of the athletes. It is also noteworthy that “A” can signify “alpha” – a Greek letter associated with primacy.

Font and Colors

The 2018 Alabama Crimson Tide emblem does not contain any inscriptions. It only features the “A,” which was created using lettering and has an individual design. The color scheme of the emblem fully corresponds to the official university palette.

  • The raspberry shade symbolizes passion, drive, and the will to win.
  • The white color balances its “aggressive” counterpart, representing purity and perfection.

Alabama Crimson Tide color codes

Deep CarmineHex color:#b30838
RGB:179 8 56
CMYK:0 96 69 30
Pantone:PMS 186 C