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Albany Great Danes Logo

Albany Great Danes Logo
Albany Great Danes Logo PNG

Albany Great Danes is a division of sports teams owned by the University at Albany and headed by Mark Benson. The department was founded in 1962 and is located in Albany, New York, and is part of the American East Conference. The teams play in NCAA Division I and include eight menโ€™s and ten womenโ€™s teams: baseball, basketball, hockey, football, athletics, and others.

Meaning and History

Albany Great Danes Logo History
Evolution of the Albany Great Danes Logo

The original logo of the athletes shows a large โ€œAโ€ for the name of the city. Instead of the crossbar, the inscription โ€œAlbanyโ€ is used, which is located between two purple lines. They go beyond the letter and divide it into two parts.

In 2001, the emblem was updated with a Danish dog on it. It perfectly underlines the nickname of university teams. First of all, because it reflects a binding to the โ€œDanish spirit,โ€ readiness for a rapid jerk and the manifestation of incredible power, because this breed of dog is strong, resilient, enduring.

To the right of the dog, which froze in a waiting position, is the name of the sports department, written in large letters in two tiers. The current logo was adopted in 2008. It has the same structure as the brand symbolism of 1993, but in a more refined form: a curved arched bar and a more compact โ€œA.โ€

1993 – 2003

Albany Great Danes Logo 1993-2003

2001 – 2007

Albany Great Danes Logo 2001-2007

2008 – present

Albany Great Danes Logo 2008-Present

Albany Great Danes Football

Albany Great Danes emblem

The university football team was founded in 1973. It plays in the first division of the NCAA Football Championship. In 2013, after 14 years at the Northeast Conference, she made her debut at the CAA.

Albany Great Danes Basketball

Albany Great Danes symbol

The menโ€™s team is part of Conference America East. The head coach is Will Brown. She plays home games at SEFCU Arena. Her latest sporting achievement was her performance at CIT in 2016 and 2017.