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The AliExpress logo is subtle and slightly fabulous. The emblem directs the customer’s thoughts to untold riches and beautiful things, which can be obtained by quick delivery wherever the customer wishes.

AliExpress: Brand overview

Founded: 2010
Founder: Alibaba Group

AliExpress is a global trading platform for purchasing goods from China, serving 61 million users worldwide. Information about products is available in Russian, Arabic, and several European languages, with an English version offered for buyers from other countries. The site hosts around 180 million lots, with an annual turnover of $3.2 billion. The company is owned by Alibaba Group.

AliExpress actively develops its community by creating loyalty programs and offering discounts and special deals for its customers. The platform also pays attention to providing quality service, including support in different languages and buyer protection, making it an attractive place for shopping worldwide.

Meaning and History

AliExpress Logo History

All platform emblems follow a uniform style. The logos feature words but employ a variety of additional methods: playing with colors and transforming characters. Such solutions raise audience awareness of the site’s scope of activity and evoke pleasant associations related to shopping, acquisitions, and wealth.

What is AliExpress?

AliExpress is a popular online store, ranking 32nd among the most visited websites in the world. The platform offers products from 225,000 sellers from China (since 2010) and Turkey (since 2018). The company’s headquarters is located in Hangzhou and consists of a mini-city with offices, gyms, and cafes for 40,000 employees. Up to 35 million buyers visit the site monthly.

AliExpress constantly innovates and develops its services, offering new opportunities for sellers and buyers. For example, the company provides a mobile app for user convenience, improved search and filtering tools for products, and organizes large-scale sales and promotions, making purchases even more profitable and attractive for its customers.

2010 – 2015

AliExpress Logo 2010

The famous store’s logo consists of an inscription visually divided into two parts using color:

  • Ali – an orange word associated with the tale of Alibaba. The platform’s founder, Ma Yun, came up with the idea after visiting the United States, where he learned about the internet. At that time, there were no Chinese websites. Ma Yun decided to rectify this and open up China’s riches to the world, like in the fairy tale. He and his associates named their company Alibaba. The site responsible for international sales also received part of this name.
  • Express – the red part of the word symbolizes express mail delivery. This part of the logo indicates the method of receiving goods, transportation, and couriers. For buyers from other countries, products are delivered through the international postal service.

The letter E in the word is stylized as a shopping cart, emphasizing the site’s area of activity. The logo’s letters are sharp and executed in bold font, symbolizing enrichment and acquisitions.

2015 – today

AliExpress Logo

The logo was updated in 2015, retaining the technique of dividing the word with different colors. However, the shopping cart stylization was removed. Instead, a capital letter E was used, focusing on speeding up delivery. A weak point in the process was the prolonged delivery of goods to buyers. The solution to this problem was the opening of the logistics company Cainiao and the creation of warehouses in other countries.

The logo’s letters became thinner and taller, reflecting the implementation of a seller verification system and the exclusion of unscrupulous participants. This improved the platform’s quality, strengthened buyer trust, and increased profit for all parties.

The dot above the “i” turned into a star, symbolizing the realization of dreams and reminiscent of the treasures from the fairy tale associated with the company’s name.

Font and Colors

The logo predominantly features two bright colors: red and orange. These warm shades evoke positive emotions in consumers.

  • Orange – associated with the sun and appetizing fruits, indicating the excellent products whose purchase will bring joy.
  • Red – symbolizes speed and benefit. The platform presents goods at attractive prices and with prompt delivery.

The font is elegant and round, reminiscent of the style of Riveruta Medium. It reflects the convenience of using the site. The letter R is executed without a straight glyph inside the circle and resembles a magnifying glass, helping to examine the goods on the platform carefully.

The logo reflects AliExpress’s commitment to international cooperation and integration, as the red and orange colors together create a sense of harmony and collaboration between different cultures. This demonstrates the company’s ambitious plans to expand its influence on the global market and its desire to meet the needs of millions of customers worldwide.


AliExpress color codes

Carrot Orange Hex color: #f7971c
RGB: 247 151 28
CMYK: 0 39 89 3
Pantone: PMS 1495 C
Lust Hex color: #e53225
RGB: 229 50 37
CMYK: 0 78 84 10
Pantone: PMS Bright Red C