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In 2005, Dubai-based, the brainchild of Syrian visionary Ronaldo Muchawar and his like-minded e-commerce entrepreneurs, was born. As waves of digital technology swept across the Middle East and North Africa, quickly carved out a niche for itself and established itself as the main e-commerce giant in the region. The platform serves consumers using its proprietary retail model and is expanding its digital capabilities to attract third-party sellers.’s rapid ascent in the online marketplace has not gone unnoticed. It has caught the attention of global investors, receiving financial backing from the likes of Tiger Global Management, Naspers, Standard Chartered Bank, and others.

In March 2017, global e-commerce giant Amazon acquired for an impressive sum of $580 million. This acquisition was not just a company purchase but Amazon’s entry into the thriving markets of the Middle East.

In the years that followed, the brand began to fade away. As of 2019,’s UAE operations were taken over by The wave of rebranding continued, with the company’s Saudi Arabia division becoming in 2020 and the Egyptian division becoming Amazon. e.g., in 2021. This transition marked the culmination of the era, bringing it fully into the Amazon family.

In its heyday, was the point of contact for more than 45 million customers across the Middle East. It pioneered e-commerce in a territory where digital marketplaces were just emerging. The integration with Amazon symbolized the end of an era and marked the beginning of a new chapter in which’s legacy would be enhanced by Amazon’s technological prowess, vast resources, and scale.

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Founded in 2005 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, quickly became the most prominent e-commerce platform in the Arab region. In 2017, after 12 years of successful operations, it was acquired by Inc. for US$580 million, marking the beginning of a significant transformation. On May 1, 2019, UAE changed to, and on June 17, 2020, KSA was rebranded to become Finally, on September 1, 2021, the metamorphosis ended with the rebranding of Egypt to, marking the official abolition of the brand.

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The Arabic online shopping site that was acquired by Amazon and renamed had a text-based logo. It featured solid glyphs in a block style but with flowing lines. No letters were angular; they all had curves, including the domain name typed in small characters. The font was soft, extra-wide, sky-blue in color, sans serifs. The lettering was on a single line and consisted of two parts. The first part was larger than the second, as it contained the name of the Internet platform. The text was typed in lowercase letters.

The logo turned out to be very calm, like looking at the sky on a sunny day. Soft lines and curves create the feeling that you are floating on a cloud. And the lowercase letters are like a friendly wave from a neighbor, not too loud, just saying, “Hi, welcome, we’re cool here.” Even the two different text sizes make it easy to see what’s what. color codes

Dodger BlueHex color:#008aff
RGB:0 138 255
CMYK:100 46 0 0
Pantone:PMS 285 C