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The Lazada logo is not just part of a marketing campaign. It is also an expression of love, and it is about the store’s love for its customers and the feelings that customers have concerning the purchased goods. A delicate orange-pink gradient shows the intensity of emotions, and the inscription next to the heart looks friendly thanks to the rounded letters.

Lazada: Brand overview

Founded: March 27, 2012
Founder: Maximilian Bittner
Downtown Core, Singapore
Lazada is an international online store that sells products worldwide. It is most popular in Southeast Asia. The marketplace was created with the support of Rocket Internet and with the direct participation of Maximilian Bittner, Raphael Strauch, Stefan Bruun, and Mads Faurholt. The year of its appearance is 2012. It belongs to the largest representative of e-commerce – Alibaba Group. The head office is located in Singapore (Downtown Core).

Meaning and History

Lazada Logo History

Lazada websites were launched in the spring of 2012 to sell goods from the company’s warehouses. A year later, another business model of commercial relations appeared, in which retailers were able to sell their products by sending them to customers directly. The web resource has become a virtual store for them. He simultaneously created and launched mobile applications adapted for iOS and Android systems to do this. In this way, the brand gained wide recognition, and at the end of 2014, it accounted for almost 65 percent of sales.

The transition to the Alibaba group occurred in 2016 when it decided to implement an international expansion plan and took a majority stake in Lazada. This was also preceded by the rapid growth of a young Internet platform, which achieved huge profits in all six markets of Southeast Asia by the beginning of the same year. As part of an experienced virtual commerce representative, her success multiplied. For example, in 2018, the e-shop introduced the Lazmall service, which encourages purchases of products from genuine brands. He also introduced the instant delivery service and the return of goods within 15 days after purchase.

All this is directly reflected in the company’s visual identity, which is striving to become the leader in the e-commerce market. Its “heart in a box” is well known to over 50 million active customers. By 2019, it has become the leading virtual marketplace in Southeast Asia. Before her success, she changed her logo twice; she has three of them for 2022. In style, they are completely different, but in terms of ideological content, they are the same because they convey the same message: shopping for everyone with love and without effort.

What is Lazada?

Lazada is an international Internet corporation that owns virtual commerce websites in several countries worldwide. The priority region of its service in Southeast Asia. The company has been operating since 2012, when Maximilian Bittner, Raphael Strauch, Stefan Bruun, and Mads Faurholt were founded. Alibaba Group has owned it since 2016.

2012 – 2014

Lazada Logo 2012

The original logo for the commercial web conglomerate was a harmonious mix of text and graphics. In the word “Lazada,” designed in italics, the designers depicted a shopping cart. Unlike the surrounding blue inscription, it was painted yellow, so it stood out clearly against a contrasting background. The trolley on wheels was located sideways. It was marked with the letter “z” in white – like the neighboring characters, lowercase, sans-serif. According to the spelling, the exception was “L” because it came first and was in the upper case. Above the shopping basket were hypothetical “purchases” in the form of miniature rectangles in dark pink, blue, and green.

2014 – 2019

Lazada Logo 2014

After gaining a foothold in the Southeast Asia market, Lazada redesigned the emblem. To do this, she permanently removed the shopping cart and focused on the name of the web shopping service. To add visual originality to the logo, the authors made all letters capitalized and stylized three “A.” A triangular element on a long leg resembling a slingshot appeared to the left of these glyphs. The rest of the signs were even, thin, with clearly defined corners.

2019 – today

Lazada Logo

The current logo is a symbiosis of the heart (a sign of special location, love for customers) and the capital “L” (the first letter of the name of the online store). That is why the updated logo was popularly nicknamed “Heartgram.” But before becoming official, it was used in promotional videos. This happened in 2018. After a while, the Lazada trademark decided to transfer the marketing symbol to the status of a corporate logo. The work was entrusted to the Singapore studio Superunion. The result is a massive letter “L” tilted down, forming a three-dimensional heart.

Font and Colors

Lazada Symbol

The modern logo looks like two rectangles connected. Visually, they are divided into two fragments highlighted in color. The line of their demarcation forms a downward angle. Due to the rounded recess, the inside has the shape of a boomerang. To the right of the graphic sign is the name of the Asian e-commerce representative. It is made in the same design as the debut emblem.

The current version of the logo uses Moskau Grotesk Medium, designed by graphic artist Björn Gogalla and first introduced by Letter Edit. The text is in italic type in the first logo, similar to SoftMaker’s Montreal Serial Medium. In the second logo, the typeface is individual, created according to the original concept. Now the corporate palette is bright and memorable. This is a combination of orange and pink with a slight gradient from light to dark tones.

Lazada color codes

Navy Blue Hex color: #000083
RGB: 0 0 131
CMYK: 100 100 0 49
Pantone: PMS 2738 C
Chrome Yellow Hex color: #fca800
RGB: 252 168 0
CMYK: 0 33 100 1
Pantone: PMS 137 C
Spanish Orange Hex color: #ed6600
RGB: 237 102 0
CMYK: 0 57 100 7
Pantone: PMS Bright Orange C
Hot Magenta Hex color: #fd0fd0
RGB: 253 15 208
CMYK: 0 94 18 1
Pantone: PMS 807 C
Amaranth Hex color: #f1184e
RGB: 241 24 78
CMYK: 0 90 68 5
Pantone: PMS 1787 C