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Tokopedia: Brand overview

Tokopedia was founded in 2009 by William Tanuwijaya together with Leontinus Edison in the bustling center of Jakarta. The duo envisioned it to be a “digital haven” where Indonesian entrepreneurs could reach a wide audience. Their platform primarily served as a bridge connecting local sellers to potential buyers, providing a digital platform for many small businesses.

Tokopedia’s prospects and potential did not go unnoticed. Major investors, including SoftBank, Alibaba, and Sequoia Capital, poured more than $2 billion into the company, fueling its growth. With these funds, Tokopedia began to diversify into a wide range of products, from electronics and fashion apparel to home goods and cosmetics.

As a testament to its monumental growth, by 2018, Tokopedia had cemented its position as one of Indonesia’s largest unicorn companies and reached a valuation of $7 billion. The platform features more than 100 million products from an extensive network of 9 million sellers.

Due to its continued growth, Tokopedia has ventured into logistics, delivering a wide range of products to every corner of Indonesia. This diversification strategy also allowed the company to absorb competitors such as Bilna, thereby expanding its reach and offerings in the market.

A major milestone in Tokopedia’s journey was its merger in 2021 with Gojek, a well-known ride-hailing company. This merger led to the creation of GoTo Group, which was quickly valued at over $18 billion.

Tokopedia is one of Indonesia’s e-commerce giants, with over 100 million monthly active users. The company’s mission remains the same: to empower small businesses and bring them to the vast market through e-commerce.

Meaning and History

Tokopedia Logo History

What is Tokopedia?

Tokopedia, an online shopping platform with over 100 million active users, is a marketplace that sells a wide range of products, including apparel, electronics, household items, and food. As part of GoTo Group, one of Indonesia’s most prominent technology companies, Tokopedia offers a convenient shopping experience for everything you need.

2009 – today

Tokopedia Logo

The Tokopedia logo is an all-text logo. It uses the name of the Indonesian commercial internet platform in bold lowercase font. The letters have fully rounded or semi-rounded edges. Some of them have narrow gaps as the line does not reach the opposite side. For example, this is observed in the letters “p,” “e,” and “a.” The letter “t” with a half-cut crossbar also looks original. Almost all glyphs have pointed ends except for the letters “o” and “e.”

The rounded shapes of the letters evoke friendly feelings, like a smiley face in text. The spaces in the letters “p,” “d,” and “a” give them a playful character, as if the letters were playing peekaboo. The letter “t” with the half-cut stripe is like a wink as if sharing a secret. This logo is full of little quirks that make it special.

Tokopedia color codes

Bice GreenHex color:#41b549
RGB:65 181 73
CMYK:64 0 60 29
Pantone:PMS 354 C