THG Logo


The Hut Group emblem looks minimalist because it contains only three black letters. The designers behind the THG logo did not experiment with bright colors to match the wordmark with the online store. The lack of frills shows a serious approach to business.

THG: Brand overview

Founder:Matthew Moulding, John Gallemore
Manchester Airport, Manchester, England

THG is the acronym of a large British e-commerce company. It is used for its products, and in official documents, you can see the full name, The Hut Group. The firm currently operates about a hundred internationally branded retail Websites and is headquartered at the Manchester Airport in England.

These resources offer consumers branded products from the manufacturer. A feature of the company is also the simplicity of its corporate identity. The visual identity is based on clear, simple lines, monochrome design, and the absence of any extras.

Meaning and History

THG Logo History

The brand has a long history in which there were periods of success and moments of decline. Despite the events taking place, the company logo has not been updated. This means only one thing – THG treasures its heritage and well-deserved authority in the digital market. A few years ago, the firm was even one of the most valuable private enterprises and belonged to the category of those rare startups with a turnover of more than a billion dollars.

When creating a corporate logo, the designer’s main task was to reflect the status and a certain elitism. The Hut Group was starting to develop at that time, but its creators were confident in their success and wanted the future emblem to convey their mood. As a result, a strict classic logo was created, which was not too flashy but very expressive. The main emphasis was on the name of the company.

The idea for THG came from two British entrepreneurs – John Gallemore and Matthew Moulding (who is the CEO of today’s The Hut Group). In 2004, thanks to their efforts, a new brand working in retail was created. The chosen specialization completely defined the visual identity. The logo of the majority of companies working in this area was designed in a minimalistic style. THG was no exception.

Monochrome coloring was chosen for the design, including white and black and the letters from the abbreviated version of the name. There are several reasons for this choice. But the main one is the compatibility of the icon with almost any image and background, which is very important for the field of e-commerce. Black straight letters on a white background remain relevant regardless of changes in brand design trends.

In addition, the simple, concise icon is versatile, which emphasizes another feature of the company. The Hut Group is a brand with a wide reach. Its activities were mainly spread outside the UK, so a logo that was understandable to people from different countries was needed for identification. This idea was realized through the choice of universal colors and standard font.

Font and Colors

THG Symbol

Today THG uses the same logo, which was created in 2004. It is a strict and, at the same time, stylish emblem, which has a strong semantic load:

  • stability of performance;
  • reliability;
  • high brand status;
  • professionalism;
  • craftsmanship.

All this manifests itself in the choice of refined black color. In consumer psychology, it is always associated with elite brand products, which do not need bright colors to represent them. An expressive name in a traditional, stylish font is enough. The Hut Group logo fully meets these characteristics. The black and white color scheme emphasizes timelessness and fashion, and the font creates an impression of power and trust.

The name includes only three letters (an abbreviated version). For their design, a font was chosen that is similar to the Quinoa Text style. But, the letter G is a bit out of this concept. It is more masculine and massive, which emphasizes the brand’s confidence. The letters have straight cuts without serifs, which symbolizes the timeless classic.

THG color codes

Eerie BlackHex color:#1d1d19
RGB:29 29 25
CMYK:0 0 14 89
Pantone:PMS 419 C