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Indian Gifts Portal: Brand overview

Founded in Mumbai by Tarun Joshi in 2016, Indian Gifts Portal (IGP) has become a specialized e-commerce site offering customized and thoughtfully designed gifts for Indian customers. Offering a wide range of gifts – from flowers and cakes to personalized products and gourmet foods – the brand has built strong relationships with local vendors to ensure a diverse range of products.

Over the years, IGP realized the potential of catering to the huge Indian community living abroad. This realization led to the company expanding its services to UAE in 2017 and Singapore in 2018. Over time, IGP has expanded its range of gifts and improved its delivery mechanisms.

In 2018 and 2019, marking an important milestone in the company’s growth, IGP began partnering with established brands such as Interflora and Masqa Gifts to expand its product catalog. In 2020, in an effort to enter the corporate market, IGP launched “IGP for Business”, targeting the corporate gifts sector.

To expand its market presence and diversify its product portfolio, the company raised $1 million in funding in 2021. Today, IGP, as one of India’s leading gift portals, proudly delivers its customized gifts across India and to over 100 countries worldwide. With over a million satisfied customers, the brand sees its future in consolidating its status as India’s leading e-commerce gift platform by constantly expanding its product horizons and delivery reach.

Meaning and History

Indian Gifts Portal Logo History

What is Indian Gifts Portal?

Indian Gifts Portal (IGP), founded in 1999, has become a platform for those who want to delight their loved ones with unique and long-lasting gifts. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, IGP offers a wide range of options including flowers, gift cards and customized items to celebrate special occasions and spread joy.

Before 2015

Indian Gifts Portal Logo before 2015

2015 – 2023

Indian Gifts Portal Logo 2015

2023 – today

Indian Gifts Portal Logo

Instead of a long name, this online store for handmade gifts, flowers, and souvenirs uses an acronym in its logo. This choice saves space and shows the company’s practical approach to creating its visual identity. The text is large and fully rounded: there are no angles or straight lines in the letters, only soft and sloping shapes. This gives the sign a business-like appearance. In addition, the lower part of the letter “g” (loop) is curved in such a way that it forms a friendly smile. The font is lowercase, very bold, and simple in style. All glyphs are colored in a festive shade – red.

The logo resembles a big joyful greeting. The red color brings thoughts of holidays and celebrations, and the rounded letters seem to embrace the eyes. The curve of the letter “g” is not just cute; it’s as if it’s really happy to see you. The store itself is a friendly place to find gifts that will make others smile, too.

Indian Gifts Portal color codes

SanguineHex color:#c2404e
RGB:194 64 78
CMYK:0 67 60 24
Pantone:PMS 710 C