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The Allegiant Air logo embodies its spirit and values. The Allegiant signature, in blue, speaks of reliability, durability, and loyalty, which are the key qualities of the brand. The half sun that takes center stage in the logo symbolizes the energy, passion, and inspiration that drive Allegiant Air to create the best flying experience for its customers. A small yellow sun inside a larger one adds even more brightness and joy, indicating the company’s concern for small things and details.

The Allegiant Air emblem is a reminder of what is important for an airline: to provide its customers with a reliable and comfortable flight experience that is fueled by energy and passion for aviation. The brand strives to provide the best service while maintaining high-quality standards. All this makes the Allegiant Air badge bright, memorable, and recognizable and reflects the core values.

Allegiant Air: Brand overview

Founded:January 1997
Founder:Allegiant Travel Company
Summerlin, Nevada, U.S.
Allegiant Air, an ultra-low-cost carrier based in the United States, has operated since its establishment in 1997. The airline’s headquarters are in Las Vegas, Nevada. Allegiant Air provides scheduled and charter flights, majorly bridging smaller towns with popular vacation destinations such as Florida, Arizona, California, and Hawaii.

This airline operates an exclusive Airbus fleet, consisting primarily of A319 and A320 aircraft. In 2019, Allegiant Air successfully managed to transport 14 million passengers. This airline’s business model is a clear example of successful ultra-low-cost travel in the USA, focusing on supplementary revenue and avoiding additional luxuries.

A consistent profit record has aided Allegiant in maintaining its successful run, largely attributable to its unique route structure and strategic utilization of smaller, less costly airports. As of 2022, Allegiant was publicly traded on the NASDAQ, boasting an approximately $2.5 billion market capitalization.

Allegiant Air is home to over 4,000 employees and stands as the ninth-largest airline in the USA in terms of passengers carried. The airline’s budget-friendly strategy includes foregoing connections, in-flight meals, and pre-allocated seating.

Key operational bases for Allegiant Air include cities like Las Vegas, Orlando Sanford, Los Angeles, Tampa, and Phoenix-Mesa. It finds its main competitors in Spirit, Frontier, Sun Country, and Southwest Airlines, all contenders in the US budget travel market.

Meaning and History

Allegiant Air Logo History

1998 – 2003

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2003 – 2010

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2010 – today

Allegiant Air Logo

Allegiant Air color codes

Medium Electric BlueHex color:#01579a
RGB:1 87 154
CMYK:99 44 0 40
Pantone:PMS 7686 C
Orange PeelHex color:#ff9800
RGB:255 152 0
CMYK:0 40 100 0
Pantone:PMS 1375 C
JonquilHex color:#fbce21
RGB:251 206 33
CMYK:0 18 87 2
Pantone:PMS 115 C